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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Griffith Rutherford to Horatio Gates
Rutherford, Griffith, ca. 1721 - 1805
May 28, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 825-826

[Gates' Papers, Vol. 17.]

Richmond, 28th May, 1780.

Dear Sir:

Our advices from Clinton are that Sir Harry, with his fleet and army, has formed the blockade; his approaches are made within a few feet of the Grand Canal or wet ditch. A flying camp under Cornwallis, consisting of 1,500 light troops, scour the country from Cooper to Santee rivers, a space of 40 Miles, with fully that sweep elsewhere. The favourable circumstances are that his army, tho' numerous, are very sickly; the soil will not admit of saping, his lines very extensive, and six thousand N. Carolina militia in

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motion, with the Maryland line now at Petersburg. It is also reported that a fleet of our allies with troops were spoke with in Lat. 40 & Longitude 25, destined assuredly for Chs. Town.

The important question of finance agitated the minds of either party. Nothing conclusive has been done.

May you, with good Lady and Son, be very happy in your agreeable retreat.

I am, with every sentiment of respect,
My dear Sir,
Your most obedient, Hbl. serv.,