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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from John Kinchen to Abner Nash
Kinchen, John, ca. 1745-1794
June 01, 1780
Volume 14, Page 828

-------------------- page 828 --------------------

Tar Hill, 1st June, 1780.

His Excellency, Abner Nash, Esquire, &c., Governor of North Carolina.

Dear Sir:

Yours I had the pleasure to receive. I most sincerely wish it was in my power to purchase for you the horses you want, but I do not recollect of one (and I know of almost every valuable horse in the county) that would suit you. Indeed, I know it is next to an impossibility to purchase in the neighbourhood of Hillsbr. an elegant carriage horse, and any other than such a one I would not send you.

Nothing is yet done with the remainder of the land, nor cannot be till after the next Orange Court, which will be on the 4th Monday in August next, one of the Commissioners having resigned before any seizure of confiscated land was made, and you know the other two cannot act by themselves. The way you propose to get this Business settled will, in my opinion, be the most effectual method, and you may rest assured of my giving you the earliest information of any proceedings which may happen after the appointment of another Commissioner in regard to these lands. It is my real wish and inclination to serve you, Sir, to the utmost of my power, and I would again attempt to lay off your part, but I am certain I should meet with the same obstacles as before.

I am, with very great regard,
Your most obedt. Servt.,