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Letter from Richard Caswell to Abner Nash
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
June 01, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 828-829


Dobbs, 1st June, 1780.

Dear Sir:

Major Mitchell has this moment hd. me a letter from B. Gen. Caswell, inclosing intelligence similar, he says, to that which the Genl. forwards to your Excellency by him. In our present

-------------------- page 829 --------------------
situation it is difficult for me to determine what to do; there is not a single waggon or Team in this part of the Country, not a Soldier yet arrived here, nor has Col. Long sent on a Firelock. If the Enemy push, they will be at Campbleton before I can possibly get there, unless I go alone. I have this day rec'd information that the Maryland line crossed Roanoke three days ago at Taylor's, & intend to proceed by Hillsboro. Give me leave to suggest to your Excellency the propriety of sending immediately to the Commanding Officer, requiring him to turn down the Country if provisions can be supplied him in his Route towards Campbleton, & at the same time orders to Genls. Butler & Rutherford to raise what men they possibly can. I would also beg leave to suggest to your Excellency that Smithfield, in my Idea, might be a place more convenient at present for your Excellency to receive information of the Enemies' movements, & to give your orders regarding the Army. The security of the public stores at Cross Creek is an object to be attended to. I shall send an express to Genl. Caswell, if I can get one, this night, & will write to Col. Rowan regarding the Stores. I have this day written to Col. Long to send on all the waggons & military implements he possibly can, & also to Gen. Eaton to send on his Drafts by the shortest routes to Campbleton. Genl. Gregory, I am afraid, will be Tardy unless your Excellency give him a spur.

I have the Honor to be, Sir,
Your Excellency's most obedient & very humble Servt.,