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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from John Williams to Abner Nash
Williams, John, 1731-1799
June 01, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 829-830


Wilmington, 1st June, 1780.

Dr. Sir:

The disagreeable intelligence of the surrender of the garrison of Charles Town I make no doubt you have had confirmed before this. The articles of capitulation I send you inclosed. Various are the reports of the movements of the British army, tho' nothing that is to be relied on. All agree in this, that General Cornwallis

-------------------- page 830 --------------------
has moved towards Camden with about 4,000 Troops, whether in pursuit of Genl. Caswell, who it is said has taken post at the high hills of Santee, or with a design to possess themselves of our Stores, &c., at Camden, is uncertain; perhaps he has both in view.

Col. Armand, Marquis De La Rourie, is now at this place with his legion, only waiting to be informed where the Remains of our scattered Army collects, when he purposes with all Expedition to join them. He comes with the most Honourable Testimonials from Congress & Genl. Washington, with Instructions to Incorporate with his Troops the remains of Count Pulaski's Legion, part of which have already joined him, some of whose times are near expiring, but will re-enlist if they can get their pay, which they say is in arrear six or eight months. Col. Armand being stopped in this State, & no pay Master to apply to for money, is placed in a very Disagreeable situation, and informs me that he thinks that it will not only be with difficulty that he will be able to continue his own Men in the service, whose pay is also considerable in arrears, but that he can't expect to keep those of Count Pulaski's Legion without money to pay them part of their wages at least. I therefore advised him to apply to your Excellency for some money for those purposes. Should you think proper to furnish him with it, I make not the least doubt but that it will be properly applied by Col. Armand, whose credentials both from Congress and Genl. Washington makes mention of him as a man of undoubted honour, an active, brave and vigilant officer and a Gentleman of distinguished merit. An estimate of the sum which Col. Armand thinks necessary for his immediate use will be sent forward to your Excellency by Express.

I have the honor to be, Dear Sir,
Your most Obdt. and very Humble Servt.,

P. S. Col. Washington has retreated to this place with his Light Horse.

To His Excellency Abner Nash, Esqr., Governor No. Carolina.