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Letter from William Stanley to Abner Nash
Stanley, William
June 10, 1780
Volume 14, Page 850

-------------------- page 850 --------------------

Newbern, 10th June, 1780.

Dear Sir:

I have repeatedly Offered those who were empowered to impress Horses their choice of Nine which I have on my Plantations, but they have as often been refused, though by far more serviceable than my Town Horses.

I will, with pleasure, Sir, furnish two able Horses, and will order my Servant immediately to attend any person you may please to appoint, to shew the Horses on my Plantations, Out of which he may take his Choice. I have in Town a sett of Horses & two Mares with Foal. I should think it exceedingly hard to have either of them impressed.

Your Excellency may be assured that on all occasions nothing in my power shall be wanting to promote the public service, & to convince you that I am

Your Excellency's mo. Obedient Servt.,