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Letter from Dick Holland to Allen Jones
Holland, Dick
July 16, 1781
Volume 15, Page 536

-------------------- page 536 --------------------

Manchester, July 16th, 1781.


I went to Winchester after Mr. Kellow & Thompson and they were sent to George Town in Merriland and I went there after them and theay ware Removed to Pensilvany and I could not find oute what pert of Pensilvanie theay war sent to for seartin, and I had Not hard Money, a thought to travel after them with oute I had bin certain what part they were sent to, for No Money, will answer their, but had as I was on public Bisness, after I found out that paper Money would not answer I thought I would try to make certificates answer But theay would Not, have any of them at No rate and I was Oblige to return home. I do expect to heare in a short time wheare they are and I will go for them.

I am Sir your Humb. St.