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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Memorandum concerning the organization of the North Carolina Regiments of the Continental Army
No Author
Volume 15, Page 765

[Old War and Navy Division, Department of Interior, Vol. Entitled, “Miscellaneous Organizations and Other Information.”—Page 98.]

After a list of the Colonels of the ten N. C. Continental Regiments is the following:


“Col. Nash was killed 4th October, 1777, in the battle of Germantown.

“After the battle of Brandywine, 11th September, 1777, Second and Third N. C. Regiments consolidated and called Second.

“After the battle of Germantown, 4th October, 1777, Fourth and First N. C. Regiments consolidated and called the First, and commanded by Col. Thomas Clark.

“Col. James Armstrong commanded the Eighth N. C. Regiment; on the reduction of it, those soldiers that was left was transferred to the Second and commanded by Col. John Patten.”