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Letter from Hardy Murfree to Thomas Burke
Murfree, Hardy
March 31, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 259-260

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Camp Near Bacon’s Bridge,
March 31st, 1782.


Captain Doherty brought to Camp some clothing for the officers of the Brigade with orders from Col. Martin, then acting as Governor, to furnish those officers who did not receive clothing in Charlestown, of which orders I have enclosed your Excellency a copy.

The Officers that were prisoners thought that they were entitled to their proportion. I applied to General Greene to know in what manner the clothing should be issued. He directed that it should be issued agreeably to Colonel Martin’s instructions to Captain Doherty.

-------------------- page 260 --------------------
I then ordered a Board of Officers to sit and inquire who were entitled to the clothing, agreebly to the instructions.

The Board reported that the officers who drew in Charlestown and Captain Mills Jones, Lieutenants Wilkinson and Pearl and Dr. Fergus were entitled to their proportion and the others were not. Those officers that were excluded from drawing clothing think that the orders are rather pointed; that the sufferings of a tedious and irksome life for fifteen months is more than adequate to the benefits which they might receive had they been allowed to draw a proportionable part with the other officers.

I should, therefore, be glad if your Excellency thinks proper that those gentlemen might have some satisfaction made them in order that matters might be accommodated without injuring the service so much as to lose several valuable officers.

For further particulars I beg leave to refer you to Lieutenant Pasteur.

We have no news.

I am, Sir,
Your Excellency’s
Most Humble Servant,