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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Message from Thomas Burke to the North Carolina General Assembly
Burke, Thomas, ca. 1747-1783
April 1782
Volume 16, Pages 285-286

[From Executive Letter Book]

State of North Carolina.

To the Honorable the General Assemble—


I send for your perusal sundry papers respecting the Line of this State in the Federal Army, and also several papers on mixed Military subjects which may in some degree elucidate the matters already laid before you.

It is with the highest pleasure I observe that in general they reflect much honor upon the Corps and bear the fullest testimony to the merit of our officers.

Many of them describe their wants and sufferings, but it is with true modesty.

To recommend them to the particular attention of the Representatives of their Country must be superfluous as every man of sense and honor, either in the Collective or Representative Body, must know the worth of men who have suffered severely for their Country and served it ably and faithfully in the most trying circumstances, and we must feel that they are entitled not only to Justice but to liberality.

The Cartel settled between General Greene and Lord Cornwallis for the exchange of prisoners within the Southern States has occasioned a correspondence of a very interesting nature, which is also laid before you.

As I have explained myself fully in my letter and laid down the

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only line by which, in my opinion, the Chief Magistrate can act with becoming firmness and necessary prudence, I will not enlarge upon it.


P. S.—A force consisting of four vessels, mounting in the whole forty-four gun and manned with two hundred and fifty seamen, are preparing in Charlestown and will sail in a few days. Their object is to plunder and destroy the Town of Beaufort, in North Carolina, in which they are informed that there is a large quantity of public and private stores. Should they be repulsed there, they will proceed to Ocracock with the same view.