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List of inhabitants of Granville County who took the oath of allegiance to North Carolina, including oaths
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May 22, 1778 - August 02, 1778
Volume 22, Pages 168-179

-------------------- page 168 --------------------

I will bear faithfull and true Allegiance to the State of North Carolina and will truly endeavor to support, maintain, and defend the independent Government thereof against George the third, King of Great Britain and his successors, and the attempts of any other Person, Prince, power, state or Potentate, who by secret arts, treasons, Conspiracies or by open force shall attempt to subvert the same, and will in every respect conduct myself as a peaceful orderly subject and that I will disclose and make known to the Governor, some member of the Council of State, some Justice of the Superior Courts or of the Peace, all treasons, Conspiracies and attempts committed or intended against the State which shall come to my knowledge.

And that all persons being quakers, Moravians, Menomists & dunkards & under the circomstances above mentioned in Law, shall make the following affirmation or depart the State.

I, A. B., do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will bear true Fidelity to the independent State of North Carolina and to the Powers & authorities which are or may be established for the good governments thereof and I do renounce any Fidelity to the present King of Great Britain, his Heirs and Successors, and that I will disclose and make known to the Governor, some member of the Council of State, Judge of the Superior Court or Justice of the peace, all Treasons, Conspiracies or attempts Committed or intended against the same which shall come to my knowledge.

Following took above oath, or affirmed, 22 May, 1778.

John Adcock.
William Strus.
William Langston.
William Palmer.
Samuel Pittman.
James Meadows.
John Shearman.
John Wood.
John Meadows.
William Knight.
Michael Shearman.
Charles Mitchell.
James Mitchell.
Ephraim Washington.
Ambour Harrison Duncan.
Jacob Schlotterer.
Michael Brinkley.
Thos. Oakley.
William Oakley.
Hezekiah Hobgood.
-------------------- page 169 --------------------
Phillip Lewis.
Laban Oakley.
Peter Brinkly.
John Russell.
Richard Wood.
Thomas Philpot.
John Taylor.
John Badgett.
Grooves Howard.
Roger Badgett.
Nahum Sanders.
John Boyd.
John Shearman.
Williams Fowler.
Richard Wood.
James Daniel.
Jacob Schlotterer, Sen.
John Calley.
John Oakley.
Bennet Williams.
William Washington.
Absalom Davis.
Benj. Goodman.
John Cragg.
William Goodman.
David Webb.
Richard Harris.
Edward Adcock.
William Suit.
John King.
Zachariah Vaughan.
James Brinkley.
Thomas Ring.
Howel Wise.
John Cunningham.
William Philpot.
Henry Rose.
Robert Adcock.
James Rimmer.
Isiah Phipps.
Richard Fowler.
Israel Eastwood.
Joseph Hart.

State Oath and Test for Tar River district taken by James Langston, Esqr.

James Milner and William Taping Neglected to take the State oath.

May the 30, 1778, State of North Carolina, Granville County, Oxford District, the following Persons Took the Oath of Allegiance, to-wit:

Edward (his X mark) Knowlan.
Canady (his X mark) Young.
Henry Tudor.
Ronels (his X mark) Britisell.
Solomon Walker.
William (his X mark) Jinnings.
John (his X mark) Moon.
Wm. Cawthorn.
Jonathan White.
Abra. Cook.
Wm. H. Searcy.
James Semple.
Giles Hudspeth.
John (his X mark) Upchurch.
Joseph More.
George Bras.
-------------------- page 170 --------------------
Zachariah Hampton.
Edw. Moore.
Rich’d Harris, Jr.
Robert Boyd.
John Pullam.
Edward (his X mark) Bass.
Richard Brinkley.
Lem. Goodwin.
William Upchurch.
Elisha Lensey.
John Hudgpeth.
Charles Spoe.
Henry R. Harding.
Reuben Talley.
Henry (his X mark) Smith.
Thomas Howell.
Robert (his X mark) Hudlestone.
Stephen Jett.
Thomas Hicks.
Benjamin Hester.
Richard Searcy.
John Searcy, Ju’r.
Joseph (his X mark) Reen.
Thomas Crews.
Richard (his X mark) Deen.
John (his X mark) Boyd.
Robert (his X mark) Deen.
William Lassiter.
George Hunt.
Tonalham Parker.
James (his X mark) Hunt.
Archibald Mitchell.
Samuel Hunt.
Tesey (his X mark) Day.
Sherwood (his X mark) White.
Lewis Anderson.
Jordon (his X mark) Gillom.
Nathan (his X mark) Bass.
Robert Hicks.
Hardy (his X mark) Bass.
John Whicker.
Drury (his X mark) Tabort.
James (his X mark) Crews.
Benjamin (his X mark) Bass.
Gideon (his X mark) Crews.
Ligey (his X mark) Bass.
Robert Hester.
Benjamin (his X mark) Bass.
Nicholas Talley.
John Jones.
David Bullock.
Peyton Wood.
Robt. Reid.
Francis Hester.
Ambrose Barker.
John Miner.
Jeremiah (his X mark) Frazer.
James (his X mark) Johnstone.

Leonard Linsey & John Gest hath failed to take the Oath of Allegiance.


List of Persons who took the Oath of Allegiance to the State in Dutch District.

State of North Carolina, Granville County, Dutch District, the following persons took the Oath of Allegiance, to-wit:

Christian Peterson.
Thos. Bolloms.
John Hatcher.
Thos. Veazey.
-------------------- page 171 --------------------
Robert Harris, Jr.
Wm. Burford.
David Harris.
Francis West.
Mich’l Redwine.
Thos. Welmon Culberhouse.
Nathan Oakey.
Howard Cash.
John Hawkins.
Joseph Cash.
Thos. Wilburn.
John C. Peak.
Charles Wergman, Sr.
Thos. Burford.
John Potter.
Leonard Peak.
Francis Ross.
Elijah Veazey.
Robert Allison.
John Beck.
Benedict Stasee.
Cunrod Farmer.
John Stasee.
Richard Hamalt.
Boling Adcock.
Edmd. Carns.
William Cork.
Charles Meryman, Jr.
Ben. Baylis.
Thomas Leonard.
Andrew Jackson.
William Little.
James McLemoore, Senior.
Jacob Braselton.
George Minor.
William Merryman.
Wm. Burford, Jun.
John Hargrove.
Daniel Burford.
Edward Davis.
Robert Harrell.
R. I. Corke.
Nathaniel Waller, Sen.
George Byars.
John Bailey.
Thos. Elements.
Abraham Glimseh.
Nicholas Meryman.
Joseph Landess.
John MacLemoore.
Solomon Wearce.
Aaron Statin.
Joseph Banter.
Michael Redwine.
James Fleming.
Tyre Clements.
William Wheeler.
James Claxton.
James McLemoore.
James Haskins.
Charles Turner.
Cornelius Fogarty.
Fredrick Beck.
James Veazey.
Thomas Boner, Jr.
Ben. Bonner.
Thomas Boner, Sr.
Micajah Bullock.
Joseph O. Hall.

I will bear faithfull and true Allegiance to the State of North Carolina and will truly Endeavor to support, maintain and defend

-------------------- page 172 --------------------
The Independent government thereof against George the third King of Great Britain and His successors and the attempts of any other Person, Prince, Power, State or Potentate who by secret arts, treasons, Conspiracies or by open force shall attempt to subvert the same and will in every Respect conduct myself as a peaceful, orderly subject and that I will disclose and make known to the Governor, some member of the Council of State or some Justice of the Superior Courts or of the Peace all treasons Conspiracies and attempts Committed or Intended Against the State which shall come to my knowledge.

Samuel (illegible).
George Normon, cert.
Jonas Knight, cert.
John Chiles, cert.
William Knight, cert.
John Glase.
Francis King, cert.
Fred. Owen, cert.
James Smith, cert.
Shadrach Owen, cert.
Samuel Pittard.
Benjamin Glaze.
Robert Downey.
Humphrey Davis.
Edwd. Leaville, cert.
John Howard.
Wm. Leaville, cert.
John Oliver, cert.
Adam Smith, cert.
Jacob Mitchell, cert.
John Terrell.
William Chapman.
Robert Malone.
John Ravens, cert.
John Beny, cert.
Peter Newport.
Willie Roberts, cert.
Joshua Coffer.
William Hunty, cert.
Caleb Brasfield.
Samuel Glane, cert.
Hezekiah Childes.
Benj. Prevet.
Wm. Smith.
Jesse Scarry.
Adam Ruir.
Lewis Amis, cert.
Samuel Puryer.
Benja. Howard.
John Knight.
John Owens, cert.
(Illegible.) David Howard.
James E. Forsyth.
John Hunt, cert.
Joseph Asbell.
William Hickman.
Richard Head.
Thomas Allen.
George Head, cert.
John Smith.
James Chapman.
William Owen.
Guy Smith, cert.
Giant Allen, cert.
Mathew Harris.
-------------------- page 173 --------------------
Isham Johnson, cert.
Joseph Amis, cert.
Wm. Webb.
John Lewis, cert.
Edward Homes, cert.
Charles Taylor, cert.
Wm. Owens, Junr.
Robert Hester.
Wm. Williams, cert.
Hezekiah Child.
John Daniel.
William Amis, cert.
James Butler, cert.
John Morgan, cert.
Richard Foster.
Richard Chiles, cert.
John Pittard.
Jacob Owen, cert.
Henry Graves, cert.
Nicholas Newport, cert.
John Butler, cert.
James Hunt.
John Bragg, cert.
William Knight, Jun.
Thomas Head, cert.
James Downey.
Thomas Glass.

The above Persons have taken the Oath or Produced certificates of their having taken it.


Men’s Names that Refuse to take the Oath of Allegiance:

William Frasier.
William Graves.
Lovett Gates.
Thomas Williamson.
Lateney Montague.
Henry Graves, Jun.

The above 6 men has failed to take The Oath.


Oath of Allegiance of the State of North Carolina and for the County of Granville and District of Bever Dam taken By the Subscribers and administered by Thos. Banks. To-wit:

Wm. (his X mark) Wilkerson, Sr.
Thos. Bradford, Jun.
Benj. (his X mark) Lunsford.
John Champion, Jun.
Jeremiah (his X mark) Bailey, Sr.
John Sandlen, Sen.
Wm. (his X mark) Wilkerson, Jr.
Thos. Bradford, Sen.
Jas. (his X mark) Wilkerson, Jr.
Alexander Vincent.
Hannon Wilkerson.
Peter Vincent.
Richard Bradford.
James (his X mark) Leathers.
Joshua James.
Jerimiah (his X mark) Blalock.
William (his X mark) Hewett.
John Seagroves.
George Pridy.
Cade (his X mark) Blalock.
-------------------- page 174 --------------------
Wm. (his X mark) Champion.
Philemon Bradford, Jun.
Philemon Bradford, Sen.
Joseph (his X mark) Fuller.
John Holt.
John Petty Cobb.
John Good.
John Hooker.
Abe (his X mark) Mayfield.
Richard (his X mark) Nance.
Chris. (his X mark) Kettle, Sen.
Stephen (his X mark) Hicks.
James Elliott.
William (his X mark) Hitley.
Chris. (his X mark) Kettle, Jun.
Jos. Blackwell.
Isaac (his X mark) Ralph.
Wilson (his X mark) Rogers.
John (his X mark) Ranes, Jun.
John (his X mark) Sutton.
John (his X mark) Kettle.
James (his X mark) Hitley.
Thomas Roller.
Ralph Banks.

The foregoing Persons having taken the Oath of Allegiance and administered by me.


Persons in the Island Creek District who have taken the State Oath according to the Act of Assembly passed at New Bern the 15th day November, 1777, in the 2nd year of the independence of State of No. Carolina before


May 22nd, 1778, having taken the Oath we hereby Subscribe our names, viz.:

Joseph Glover.
Danby Whitlow.
Stephen Hargrave.
William Quarles.
Lewis Taylor.
James Cooke.
John Taylor.
Gideon Gooch.
David Mason.
Lewis Collins.
James Satterwhite.
Augtri Davis, Jr.
James Terry.
Thos. Satterwhite.
Timothy Driscoll.
Joseph Taylor.
Henry Philip Haw, affirmed.
John Lewis, Jr.
Pemberton Burch.
Nathan Byers.
Edmund Kalley.
John Hunt.
Roland Terry.
Jesse Harper.
Vinkler Jones.
Stephen Terry.
Gillum Norwood.
Obadiah Clomonts.
William Burch.
William Beaver.
Henry Burch.
William Wallace.
-------------------- page 175 --------------------
Nicholas Burch.
George Gober.
Augustine Davis.
John Trainham.
Henry Melton.
William Gober.
John Davis.
Thos. Daniel.
James Hester.
Richard Millener.
Thomas Barnett.
Hogin Perry.
Daniel Clayton.
James Hazzlewig.
John Beaver.
John Roberds.
Jesse Barnett.
Nathaniel Norwood.
William Byars.
Samuel Pittard.
Samuel Sneed.
Jordan Norwood.
George Newman.
John Glover.
William Vicky.
John Butler.
Absolom Davis.
Rowland Gooch.
Solemon Davis.
Nathan Liles.
Stephen Wilson.
John Childs.
Charles Taylor.
Solomon Walker.
Neal Glover.
Richard Lewis.
Jos. Akin.
Richard Taylor.
William Cocke, Jr.
William Slover.
Zach. Hester.
Henry Williams.
Wm. Cocke.
John Whitlow.
William Malloy.

Aug. 2nd, 1778. I hereby certifie that no Inhabitant of Island Creek District refused to take the State Oath (that I know of) but Zephaniah Clemons & Senior Clemons and it appeared to me they refused only thro’ a conscienciousness of swearing at all. Certified the date above.


A list of the people that has taken the Oath of Allegiance in Nutbush District.

Howel Moss.
James Hague.
John Lane.
John Morris.
James Paschale.
John Hargrove.
Sherwood Sims, Jr.
Charles Hammack.
William Sims.
Lennard Sims.
John Rice.
Elisha Sims.
Sam’l Crafton.
William Key.
-------------------- page 176 --------------------
Randolph Mitchell.
Job Hammond.
Benjamin Thomas.
Rawleigh Hammond.
Charles Dotson.
Robt. Gillespie.
Argil Hancks.
Thomas Lanier.
Josiah Mitchel.
Sam’l Hammond.
Laban Lindsey.
Sherwood Sims.
Jonathan Graves.
William Todd.
Samuel Searcy.
Henry Lyon.
Nicholas Jeter.
Joseph Linsey.
Henry Fleeman.
David Hammock.
Richard Hargrove.
James Mitchel.
Francis Williams.
William Cuningham.
George Gayden.
Ben Johnson.
Elisha Paschal.
James Buchanan.
Simon Williams.
Sam’l Maning.
John English.
Benjamin Guy.
John W. Daniel.
John Chadwick.
William Dotson.
Sam’l Chapmen.
John Howel.
Nathaniel Roberson.
Thomas Sims.
Robt. Hyde.
William Wiers.
Stephen Turner.
William King.
Philemon Hilliard.
Thomas Riley.
Semple Muillachy.
Thomas Key.
Joseph Skeliton.
James Webb.
Daniel Williams.
Edmond Jones.
Bartlet Searcy.

The following took the Oath in Country Line District. JOHN YOUNG, ESQ.:

Joseph Bridgers produces a Certificate.

William Yancey.
John Stovall.
Ralph Neal.
William Pool.
Joel Chandler.
Drury Stovall.
Charles Spaulding.
John Jones.
Henry Spalding.
Samuel Harrison.
James Yancey, Jun.
William Buchanan.
Lewis Yancey.
Samuel Whitehead.
M. Hunt.
Thomas Mutter.
-------------------- page 177 --------------------
Lab’n Johnston.
Ambrose Jones.
William Puryear.
Isack White.
Thos. Pool.
Robert White.
Benjamin Harrison.
James Stanley.
Luke Sanders.
John Stovall.
Henry Malone.
Owen Griffin.
Stephen Hester, by certificate.
Littleton Johnston.
John Baynet.
Benjamin Bearden.
John Puryear.
John Hart.
James Yancey.
Hugh Salt.
Chas. Yancey.
James Williamson.
Thomas More.
William Wright.
John Dunkin.
William Stovaul.
John Wood.
Philip Yancey.
Josiah Farmer.
William Haggis.
George Newton.
Gideon Crenshaw.
William Royster.
Joseph Blanks.
Robert Puryear.
Haden Pryor.
Barth’w Stovall.
William Owens.
Thomas Stovall.
Dan’l Malone.
Josiah Stovall.
William Puryear.

The names of the persons in County Line District who have refused or neglected to take the Oath of Allegiance to the State of N. Carolina.

James Reed.
Josepth Hart.
John W. Graves.
Millington Easley.
Abraham Crenshaw.
John Chandler, Jun.
Ransom Boswell.
David Chandler.
John Reed.
Agron Pinson.
George Reed.
John Young.
Benjamin Stovall.

A List of Persons who have taken the Oath of Allegiance in Goshen District:

Thomas Grant.
Richard Davis.
Charles Edwards.
Chisley Daniel.
-------------------- page 178 --------------------
Thos. Edwards.
David Knott.
Ben. Crenshaw.
Chas. Harris.
Hazlewood Wilkerson.
James Harris.
David Bale.
Reubin Harris.
Rev’d George McJohn prov’d certificate of taking of oath.
Absolom Pryor.
John Hath.
Stephen Gafford.
Wm. Ford.
Nathaniel Malone.
John Step.
Dan’l Malone.
Ned Howard.
Bartley Green.
James Noswell.
Robt. Sanford.
John Duncan.
William Allen.
James Knott.
Henry Hester, a certificate.
William Gill, Jun.
Jas. Hester, a certificate.
John Owen.
Francis Hester, a certificate.
James Winfree.
David Wilkerson.
Andrew Paterson.
John Wilkerson, Jr.
William Ballard.
Thomas Owen.
Jos. Gill.
John Fitts.
Matthew Duty.
Minrod Ellis.
Wm. Howel.
Joel Pope.
Wm. Whitehead.
Charles Wade.
Jos. Chandler.
Seth P. Pool.
Benja. Denney.
Wm. Hart.
Dennis Obrian.
John P. Pool.
William Duty.
Wm. Page.
Nath’l Page.
Patrick Obrian.
William Carter.
Francis Howard.
James Landris.
Thomas Wright.
John Downey.
William Glass.
John Pethypool.
Thomas Bond.
Rich’d Bennett.
John Owen.
Francis Howard, Jr., a certificate.
John Harris.
John Knott.
Samuel Ward.
Reuben Jones.
Joseph Roberts.
Gabriel Jones.
Abraham Hester.
Rich’d Brigs.
Peter Burnett.
John Sanders.
John Wilkerson.
Milenton Easley.
George Malone.
-------------------- page 179 --------------------

A list of Names of such Persons as have either Refused or Neglected to take the Oath prescribed by law:

Richard Duty.
Daniel Grant.

This Book contains the Names of Persons that hath taken the Oath of Allegiance in the Nap of Reed District before me, Robt. Harris.

James Ross, Qualify’d.
William (his X mark) Gathmore.
John Bolling.
Jacob Cozzart.
James Bennet.
Joseph Justice.
John (his X mark) Moss.
Anthony Cozzart.
Wm. (his X mark) Trusty.
William Suit.
John (his X mark) Wilburn.
John Gathmore.
Jesse Meadows.
William Bennet.
James West.
Frederick Ross.
Abraham Potter.
Willm. Ross.
George Lane Moon.
Telulu Veazey.
Geo. Thompson.
Sam’l Slaughter.
James Ham.
Absolom (his X mark) Fort.
Thomas (his X mark) Fowler.
James Gunter.
George (his X mark) Long.
Robt. (his X mark) Russell.
Samuel Adams.
Leonard Adcock.
Job Green.
Henry (his X mark) Straiter.
Christian Walker.
Jacob Holstein.
Joseph Okey.
John Harris.
Stephen Ledlo.
Samuel Boyd.
Bracton Jones.
William Jones, Ju’r.
Elias Cozart.
James Coble, Jun.
, produced a certificate.
George Thompson Evens.
Edward Wilburn.
William Jones.
Jo. Mangum.
Charles Grymes.
Peter Holand.
William Ogilvie produced a certificate.
James Bolling produced a certificate from Gilford City, also John Haig.
James Gallimore.
William Bolling produced a certificate from Guilford County.
George Wright.
Zephaniah Waller.