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Muster roll for the Pasquotank County Militia
Murden, Robert
Volume 22, Pages 345-354


NORTH CAROLINA—Pasquotank County.
An Exact Muster Roll of the Regiment of s’d County, Commanded by Coll. Robert Murden.

In Capt. Sam’l Lowman’s Company.
John Burges, Lieutenant.
Benjamin Torksey, Ensign.
Nathan Pusley, Sergeant.
John Brown, Sergeant.
John Right, Sergeant.
Absalom Grimes, Drummer.
Wm. Cartwright, Drummer.
Thos. Sawyer, Corporal.
Wm. Griffin.
Thomas Faircloth.
Jacob Curling.
Isaac Cartwright.
John Gallop.
Daniel Gallop.
Jos. Messer.
Coy Messer.
-------------------- page 346 --------------------
John Beals, Corporal.
Jacob James, Corporal.
John Forbes, Corporal.
Wm. Wright, Corporal.
Jacob Gilford.
Wm. Andres.
Gideon Needham.
Ezekiel Jorksey.
Abaganaa Purkens.
Thomas Jorksey.
Joshua Gray.
Charles Wright.
Thomas Cartwright.
Peter Barco.
Isaac Gilford.
Christopher Bray.
Wm. Harrison.
Joseph Harrison.
Joshua Harrison.
Robert Harrison.
Wm. Burges.
Hennery Haymon.
Jonathan White.
Abel Gallop.
Mark Gallop.
Baley Forbes.
Stephen Burges.
Thos. Burges.
Caleb Gray.
John Seamore.
Jarves Seamore.
Shadrack Williams.
John Cox.
Joseph White.
Stephen Brent.
Abraham Cartwright.
John Scarbrow.
Joseph Guilford.
Hennery Bray.
William Barned.
Jacob Brocket.
Josiah James.
Jonas Gallop.
James Forbes.
Thomas Smith.
Abraham Weldon.
Jacob Hassel.

51 Private Men.

Samuel Lowman, Captain.
John Squires, Clerk.

In Captain Jos. Nash’s, being ye Second.
Thomas Grandy, Lieutenant.
Caleb Grandy, Ensign.
Joseph Williams.
Isaac Jones.
David Jones.
Nehemiah Jones.
James Smith.
William Jones.
Absalom Grandy.
Isaac Jones.
Thomas Hastings.
Lodewick Williams.
John Jolley.
Joseph Morgen.
Jeremiah Sexton.
Matthew Hennden.
Wm. Winbery.
Thornton Gray.
Griffin Gray.
Joseph Bell.
Joseph Ferril.
John Gregory.
Hennery Brown.
John Ivey.
-------------------- page 347 --------------------
Robert Spence.
John Jones.
James Sawyer.
Alexander Sawyer.
Joshua McDaniel.
Isaac Williams.
Charles Sawyer.
Wm. Williams.
John Sawyer.
John Hastings.
Caleb Sawyer.
Robert Sawyer.
John Sawyer.
Samuel Pavy.
Samuel Smith.
John Burnham.
Wm. Humphres.
Wm. Humphres.
Jos. Sawyer.
Zachariah Sawyer.
John Jolley.
Joseph Morgen.
Jeremiah Sexton.
Matthew Hernden.
Wm. Winbery.
Thornton Gray.
Griffen Gray.
Joseph Bell.
Joseph Ferril.
Hennery Gilbert.
Daniel Roads.
William Roads.
Thomas Gregory.
Truman Spence.
Lodewick Williams.
Tulley Sawyer.
Joab Dough.
Willis Williams.
Deliverance Rich.
Thomas Sawyer.
Dennis Sawyer.
Samuel Sawyer.
Solomon Sawyer.
Truman Sawyer.
Joseph Jones.
Joshua Burnham.
David Cook.
Theophelus Grigory.
Caleb Grigory.

62 Private Men.

Josiah Nash, Captain.
Richard Sawyer, Clerk.

In Captain Nehemiah Jones’ Company, being ye Third.
Isaac Litten, Lietenant.
Isaac Jones, Ensign.
John Ralley, Sergeant.
Samuel Smith, Sergeant.
David Jones, Sergeant.
Greves Spence, Drummer.
James Spence, Drummer.
Samuel Edney, Corporal.
Shadrack Taylor, Corporal.
Jacob Burnham, Corporal.
John Daley.
William Linton.
Silas Linton.
Thos. Lewis.
Alexander Spence.
James Spence.
Edward Spence.
Hennery Thorrogood.
Asa Thorrogood.
Samuel Creech.
William Sikes.
Josiah Gambling.
-------------------- page 348 --------------------
William Chamberlain.
Francis Overton.
Charles Overton.
Daniel McCoy.
Charles Rector.
Joseph Upton.
Amos Upton.
Josiah Upton.
Benjamin Overton.
Peter Overton.
Richard Overton.
John Right.
George Burges.
Edward Hallsed.
William Overton.
John Overton.
Robert Overton.
Thomas Overton.
Josiah Forehand.
Chearles Bright.
Charles Bright.
Isaac Bright.
William Bright.
Aaron Bright.
Moses Makefasson.
Richard Bright.
Newton Edney.
John Cartwright.
Willis White.
Benjamin Burnham.
Caleb Burnham.
Wm. Taylore.
William Darnal.
William Taylore.
John Umphris.
John Smith.
Caleb Abbett.
Randal Ralley.
John McBride.
Patrick Ralley.
Joseph Thackney.
Hezekiah Bright.
James Bright.
Gabril Taylor.
David Dunken.
John Thackney.
William Overton.
Even Jones.
James Makefasson.
Robt. Cunnaday.
Cornelius Forehand.
James Hallale.
Caleb Chamberlain.
Zachariah Knight.
Charles Knight.
Lisha Knight.

68 Private Men.

Nehemiah Jones, Captain.

In Captain Griffen Jones’ Company.
Thos. Reading, Lieutenant.
Wm. Willson, Ensign.
Ben Bell, Sergeant.
John Gray, Sergeant.
Jos. Smisson, Sergeant.
Wm. Burges, Drummer.
Jonathan Norton.
John Scarbrow.
Joseph Godfreys.
Jonathan Thomas.
Jno. Sawer.
Jacob Godfrey.
-------------------- page 349 --------------------
Wm. Bano, Drummer.
Jos. Bell, Corporal.
Mark Gallop, Corporal.
Nathan Willson, Corporal.
Jno. Swane, Corporal.
Ben Phillips, Corporal.
John Gray.
Saml. Phillips.
William Peacocks.
Thomas Grigeory.
Charles Grigeory.
Francis Low.
Geo. Cocks.
Thos. Hollowday.
Theos. Grigeory.
Jos. Temple.
Willis Upton.
Solomon Granday.
Stephen Gray.
David Spence.
John Ferril.
George Ferril.
James Grigory.
Jacob Grigory.
Nathan Grigory.
John Jones.
Jos. Godfrey.
Job Godfrey.
Jas. Gilbert.
Ben Willson.
Jno. Gillford.
Jas. Grigory.
Job Grigory.
Jonathan Garrett.
Robt. Saunderlen.
John Saunderlen.
John Saunderlen, Junr.
Richard Collens.
Dennis Collens.
Jas. Scarbrough.
Esaw Snow.
John Hues.
Solomon Temple.
Edwd. Forbus.
Moses Forbus.
Jacob Forbus.
Callensworth Saunderlen.
Isaac Forbus.
Wm. Barcow.
Wm. Bray.
Jno. Bray.

51 Private men.

Jas Solley, Clerk.

In Capt. Ben Palmer’s Company.
Thos. Hambleton, Lieutenant.
Geo. Pendleton, Ensign.
Robert Palmer, Sergeant.
John Rose, Sergeant.
Zeb Keyton, Sergeant.
Robert Bayley, Corporal.
Anthony Markham, Corporal.
John Peggs, Corporal.
Wm. Royalls.
Isaac Fox.
Wm. Knights.
Benjamin Masega.
Robert Pendleton.
Thos. Smith.
Samuel Smith.
John Pool.
Thos. Slamp.
Wm. Boyd.
-------------------- page 350 --------------------
Jno. Royall.
Isaac Jennings.
David Jennings.
Jno. Saunders.
Richard Saunders.
Zachariah Keyton.
Jos. Keyton.
Jos. Brocher.
Thos. Palmer.
Thos. Palmer, Junior.
Wm. Davis.
Samuel Davis.
Ben Meads.
Jno. Bassnett.
Jno. Bassnett, Junr.
Wm. Bassnett.
Joseph Basnett.
Lamuel West.
John Fox.
Samuel Davis.
John Giuen.
Wm. Powers.
Timothy Pendleton.
John Pointer.
John Coppersmith.
John Clark.
Thos. Armor.
Thos. Corah.
Emanuel Knights.
Joseph Peggs.
John Lister.
Barnaby Coffey.
Wm. Davis.
Thos. Armor.
Joseph Armor.
George Winbery.
John Comander.
John Corah.
John Corah, Junr.
Samuel Commander.
Wm. James.
Thos. Corah.
Wm. James.
James Ralley.
William Woodley.
John Meads.

56 private men besides Quakers.

Joseph Scott.
Samuel Sott.
William Bunday.
James Davis.
John Eueragin.
Benjamin Morris.

6 Quakers in Capt. Benjamin Palmer’s Company.

In Samuel Heighe’s, deceased, Company.
David Davis, Lieutenant.
James Heigh, Ensign.
Benjamin Jennings.
Caleb Jennings.
Wm. Sexton.
Isaac Jennings.
Wm. Wamon.
Wm. Jennings.
Caleb Carsey.
James Casey.
Silvenas Clark.
Thos. Martin.
Joseph Sawyer.
Wm. Pelfe.
Robert Pelfe.
Thos. Lewis.
-------------------- page 351 --------------------
Samuel Davis.
Samuel Brothers.
Thos. Jennings.
John Jennings.
Christopher Rowe.
Volantine Rowe.
James Ward.
John Madran.
Ezekil Cartwright.
Thos. Pritchard.
James Pritchard.
James Clark.
Daniel Jackson.
Epheram Bright.
Samuel Pritchard.
John Harris.
Edmund Jackson.
Wm. Jackson.
John Smithson.
Thos. Tweedy.
Wm. Simpson.
Jacob Riggs.
Miller Riggs.
Thomas Cartwright.
Samuel Pritchard.
Caleb Carsey.
James Carsey.
Silvenas Clark.
Thomas Martin.
Joseph Sawyer.
Wm. Relfe.
Robt. Relfe.
Thos. Lewis.
Relph Lewis.
Jeremiah Reding.
Joseph Reding.
Job Cartwright.
Hezekiah Cartwright.
Jos. Cartwright.
Edward Tadlock.
Wm. Swann.
Jonathan Reding.
Thos. Hunten.
Robt. Hall.
Hennery Paling.
Devoshan Davis.
Timothy Meads.
Samuel Hiegh.
James Duffey.
Robert Hosea.
Samuel Reding.
Wm. Delaney.
Wm. Phillips.
Alexander Sneed.
Thomas Cassev.
Richard Pritchard.

62 Private men besides Quakeers.

Matthias Jorden.
Robert Jorden.
Joseph Jorden.
Joseph Pritchard.
David Bowle.
Edward Scott.
Stephen Scott.
Joshua Scott.
Abel Trueblood.
Joshua Trueblood.
Josiah Trueblood.
Caleb Trueblood.
Fisher Trueblood.
Daniel Trueblood.

14 Quakers in Captain Samuel Heigh’s Company.

-------------------- page 352 --------------------

In Capt. William Abercrombie’s, Deceased, Company.
Hennery Nichals, Lieutenant.
John Pritchard, Ensign.
Abraham Davis, Sergeant.
John Richardson, Sergeant.
James Scaff, Sergeant.
Joseph Spence, Drummer.
Thomas Forehand, Corporal.
Nathaniel Gray, Corporal.
David Nichals, Corporal.
David Davis.
Alexander Spence.
Jacob Mitchel.
Joshua Sawyer.
Jeremiah Sexton.
Francis Leak.
Jeremiah Leake.
Thos. Roads.
Isaac Sawyer.
Benjamin Cooper.
Samuel Cooper.
Thos. Temple.
Jos. Temple.
Jas. McDanold.
Wm. Nickols.
Caleb McDanold.
Jos. Sawyer.
Jno. McDanold.
Edward Williams.
Wm. Luffman.
Robert Cartright.
Isaac Cartright.
David Cartright.
Cornelius Forehand.
Jos. Richardson.
Stephen Richardson.
Stephen Richardson, Junr.
Danl. Everton.
Edward Scarff.
Israel Scarff.
Ephraim Overman.
Wm. Harris.
Isaac Whorton.
Edward Warton.
Robert Warton.
Nuel Willbery.
Jos. Sunderlan.
Wm. Ward.
Jno. Morris.
David Davis, Junr.
Joshua Davis.
Joshua Jennings.
Jos. Pritchett.
Elisha Pritchett.
Jas. Nickols.
Joseph Seaton.
Abraham Davis.
Aaron Jackson.
John Chance.
Jona. Scarff.

50 Private Men in Captain Wm. Abercombie’s List.

In Capt. Henry Delon’s Company.
John Lowry, Lieutenant.
John Hosea, Ensign.
Joseph Davis, Sergeant.
Thos. Leonard, Sergeant.
Nincet Benton, Sergeant.
Wm. Armour.
William Boswell.
William Coutanch.
Jacob Madrin.
Isaac Weller.
-------------------- page 353 --------------------
David Bayley.
John Bayley.
John Bayley, Junr.
John Bayley, Son of Lat.
Henry Bayley.
Patrick Bayley.
John Hosea, Junr.
John Turner.
Joseph Turner.
Samuel Benton.
Henry Rapier.
Thomas Mackey.
Caleb Mackey.
William Lowry.
Jas. Jempson.
Richard Jempson.
Wm. Lane.
Solomon Pool.
Solomon Pool, Junr.
Jos. Pool.
Jos. Pool, Junr.
Patrick Pool.
Jos. Rankhorn.
Wm. Rankhorn.
Edward Low.
Horaha Nenters.
Lemuel Ivey.
Abraham Hendrickson.
Wm. Brothers.
Jno. Brothers.
John Brothers, Junr.
Richard Brothers.
Robert Brothers.
William Jackson.
David Jackson.
Moses Jackson.
Joshua Jackson.
Bayley Jackson.
Edward Wardsworth.
Peter Lovewell.
William Taylor.
Charles Taylor.
Jacob Newbey.
Josiah Rapier.
Isaac Parker.
Jno. Mann.
Thomas Dixon.
Simon Spence.

53 Men besides Quakers carried Upwards in Delons List.

Joseph Symons.
William Symons.
Joseph Newbey.
Peter Symons.
Thos. Symons.
Abraham Symons.
Jeposaphat Symons.
John Symons.
James Newbey.
Thomas Newbey.
Samuel Newbey.
Joseph Overman.
Ben Pike.
Aaron Morris.
John Morris.
John Morris, Junr.
Jos. Morris.
Joshua Morris.
Joshua Davis.
Thomas Davis.
Aaron Hill.
Christopher Nicholson.
Benjamin Hill.
George Low.
-------------------- page 354 --------------------
Ben Overman.
John Overman.
Samuel Overman.
Thomas Overman.
Enoch Overman.
Jonah Langworthy.
Jesse Henley.
William Wood.
Bazy Nixon.
John Low.
William Low.
Caleb Bundy.
Gideon Bundy.
Moses Bundy.
Zachariah White.
Ben White.
Robert White.

42 Quakers in Capt. Delon’s List.

Total amount, with the Quakers, 515 men.

Robert Murden.

Returns from Pasquotank County, 1755.