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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Acts of the North Carolina General Assembly, 1715 - 1716
North Carolina. General Assembly
November 17, 1715 - January 19, 1716
Volume 25, Pages 159-161

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Insert after enacting clause to sec. 2, 23 State Records, p. 3, the following:

That if any person or persons that have bestowed any labor as above-said on any land within the Province shall not repaire to it and seate the same within six months after the publication hereof that it shall and may be lawful for the Governor and Council to lett it out to any other person to do it, The party to whome it is soe lett paying to the first laborer soe much as it shall be adjudged by fower honest men to be worth.

An Act Exempting New Comers from Paying Levys for One Yeare.

Be it Enacted by the Palatin and Lords Proprietors by and with the advice and consent of the Grand Assembly and the authority thereof that any person or persons transporting themselves and families into this Province to plant and here seate themselves shall be exempted from paying levys for one whole yeare after their arrival, Provided always there be no emergent charge which the Vice-Palatin, Counsell and Assembly shall judge extraordinary.

[Note. The first six acts of 1715, (see 23 S. R. pp. 1-3) including above, known as the “Six Confirmed Acts,” were passed in 1669, and were confirmed by Lords Proprietors 20 Jan. 1770. There were 9 of the acts of 1669 of which above 5 were re-enacted in 1715. ED.]


At a General Biennial Assembly held at the house of Capt. Richard Sanderson in Little River begun the 17th day of November, 1715 and continued by Several Adjournments untill the 19th of January, 1715.

In the Upper House
Esqrs. Ld ps Proprs. Deptys.

In the Lower House

Edward Moseley, Esq., Speaker, Capt. Fred. Jones Capt. Nicho. Crisp Capt. Henry Bonner Major Robt. West Mr. Joseph Jessop Mr. Saml. Phelps Mr. Thoc. Spight Mr. Rich Whitbee Mr. Richd. French Callo. Thos Boyd Mr. Edwd. Gale, Mr. John Blyth, Mr. Griffin Jones Capt. Benja. West Capt. Richd. Sanderson Mr. William Swann Mr. William Williams Mr. Thomas Taylor Capt. William Nicholson Mr. John Porter Mr. Thos. Harding Mr. Richd. Jasper Capt. Richd. Graves Mr. David Mcfarland Mr. Martine Franck.

These following Laws being in Number fifty Seven were Read three times and Ratifyed in Open Assembly.

1. An Act for better observing the Lord's Day, called Sunday, the 30th January, the 29th May and 22nd September.

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2. An Act for Establishing the Church and appointing Select Vestrymen.

3. An Act for Liberty of Conscience, And that the Solemn Affirmation of the People called Quakers, shall be Accepted instead of an Oath in the usual forme.

4. An Act Relating to the Bienniall and other Assemblyes and Regulating Elections and Members.

5. Coroners Appointed.

6. An Act for the Qualification of Such Officers.

7. An Act to Appoint Constables.

8. An Act Relating to the Justices of ye Court of Comon Pleas and to Prevent the Commissioners and other Inferior Officers of the said Courts Pleading as Attorneys.

9. An Act for Ascertaining the time and method for the Executing and Return of Originall Writs and for the better Regulating Divers Privileges in the Court of Pleas.

10. An Act to Direct the Method to be Observed in the Examination and Committment of Criminalls.

11. An Act Concerning Evidences.

12. An Act for the Relief of Such Creditors whose Debtors haveing Land in this Government, Depart without Leaving Personal Estate Sufficient to pay the Debt.

13. An Act Concerning Escapes of Persons under Execution.

14. An Act to Direct the Disposal of Goods upon Execution and for the bet ter Regulation of Distresses hereafter to be made for Levys and Quit Rents.

15. An Act Concerning Attorneys from forreign Parts and for giving Priority to Country Debts.

16. An Act Concerning Appeals and Writts of Error.

17. An Act to Prevent the Inhabitants of Bath County bringing Acons in the General Court against one another for less than tenn Pounds.

18. An Act for the Tryall of small and mean Causes.

19. An Act for the better Regulating the Militia of this Government.

20. A Form of a Patent.

21. An Act concerning the Titles of Land and for the Limitation of Actions and for avoiding Suits in Law.

*22. An Act for Preventing Disputes Concerning Lands already Surveyed.

23. An Act for Settlings and Maintaining Pillotts at Roanoke and Ocacock Inletts.

24. An Act for Entering of Vessels and to Prevent the Exportation of Debtors.

25. An Act for raising a Publick Magazine of Ammunition upon the Tonnage of all Vessels trading to this Government.

26. An Act concerning Roads and Ferrys.

27. An Act to Encourage the Building of Mills.

28. An Act to appoint Publick Registers and to direct the Method to be observed in Conveying Lands Goods and Chattells and for preventing ffraudulent Deeds and Mortgages.

29. An Act concerning Weights and Measures.

30. Staple Commodities Rated.

31. An Act to ascertain the time for Payment of Pork Wheat and Indian Corn.

32. An Act ascertaining the Gauge of Barrels and to prevent ffrauds in Pork Beef Pitch or Tarr.

33. An Act to appoint the Marking of Horses, Cattle and Hogs, and to

-------------------- page 161 --------------------
prevent Injuries being done by killing, mismarking driving away or destroying Peoples Stocks.

34. An Act appointing Toll Books to be kept at or near Katharine's Creek in Chowan Precinct at the Head of Pequimins Precinct and at the Mouth of the No. West River in Currituck Precinct And to prevent Persons transporting or driving Horses Cattle or Hogs to other Persons Lands.

35. What fences are sufficient.

36. An Act concerning Servants and Slaves.

37. Private Burials Prohibited.

38. An Act concerning Proving Wills and Granting Letters of Administration and to prevent ffrauds in the Management of Intestates Estates.

39. An Act concerning Orphans.

40. An Act to encourage the destroying of Vermin.

41. An Act to ascertain what Persons are Tythables and to direct the Method to be observed in taking the Lists of them.

42. An Act for appointing a Town in the County of Bath, and for Securing the Publick Library belonging to St. Thomas's Parish in Pamplico.

43. An Act concerning Ordinary Keepers and Tipling Houses.

44. An Act Ascertaining the Currency of Dollars.

45. An Act Ascertaining the Damages upon protested Bills of Exchange.

46. Publick Letters how to be conveyed.

47. An Act to prevent the taking Boats and Cannoes and Periaugers from Landings without Leave.

48. An Act to ascertain Officers Fees.

49. An Act for Restraining the Indians from molesting or Injuring the Inhabitants of this Government and for Securing to the Indians the Right and Property of their own Lands.

50. Publick Treasurers to give Account.

51. An Act for a Town on Roanoke Island.

52. An Act for raising Corn to satisfy the Debt due from this Government to the Honble Charles Craven Esqe. Gove. of South Carolina, And for the Subsistance of such fforces as shall be raised for the necessary Defence of the ffrontiers of this Government.

53. An Act for raising the Sum of two thousand Pounds Annually till the Publick Debts are answered and paid, and for the Better Encouraging the Currancy of the Publick Bills of Credit.

54. An Act impowering Johanna Peterson Widow of Thomas Peterson late of Albemarle County, Esqe. to make Sale of Certain Lands late belonging to the said Thomas Peterson and to make other provision for Anna the Daughter of the said Thos. Peterson to whom the said Land do descend.

55. An Act confirming the Titles of Sundry Persons who have already or hereafter may purchase Lands of Coll. Thomas Cary in Bath County.

56. An Act for the Confirmation of the Laws passed this Session of Assembly and for Repealing all former Laws not herein particularly excepted.

i. e. 22 *Feme Coverts how to pass Lands.

*This in place 22, would bring No. 56 to 57.

[NOTE. The above acts are to be found 23 S. R., pp. 3-96. Chapters 1 to 21 above follow the “Six Confirmed Acts” of 1669 and appear in same order as above, as chaps. 7 to 27, of Laws 1715, Chap. 22 as to Feme Covert is chap. 28 of 1715, and chs. 22 and 23 above are ch. 29 and 32 of 1715. Then chs. 24 to 56 appear in the same order as chaps. 34 to 66 of 1715. The only new chapters in 1715 are those numbered 30, 31 and 33.—EDITOR.]