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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Acts of the North Carolina General Assembly, 1752
North Carolina. General Assembly
March 31, 1752 - April 15, 1752
Volume 25, Pages 248-249

-------------------- page 248 --------------------

An act for appointing and laying out a town at Blackman's landing, on the west side of Cashie river, on a plantation belonging to Joseph Wimberly.

I. Whereas many of the inhabitants of Bertie county have petitioned for an act appointing a town at a place called Blackman's landing, on the west side of the Cashie river on a plantation belonging to Joseph Wimberly, and that commissioners may be appointed for laying out the same:

II. We pray it may be enacted And be it enacted, by his Excellency Gabriel Johnston, Esq; Governor, by and with the advice and consent of his Majesty's Council, and the General Assembly of this Province, and by the authority of the same, that as soon as the proprietor of the said land, at the place called Blackman's landing, shall acknowledge his consent and concurrence, in open court of the said county, to have fifty acres of land laid out for a town, as hereafter is directed, it shall and may be lawful for Thomas Whitmill, John Hill and John Heartt, who are hereby nominated and appointed commissioners, with full power and authority to lay out fifty acres of land, at the said place called Blackman's landing, for a town, by the name of Wimberly; and they, or the major part of them, are hereby directed and impowered, to lay out fifty acres of land at and adjoining the said landing, into lots of half an acres each, with convenient streets, and a place for a church, and market.

III. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid, that when the commissioners as aforesaid, or the major part of them, have laid out the said town in the manner as aforesaid, every person whatsoever who is willing to be an inhabitant of the said town, shall have liberty to take up any lot or lots so laid out as aforesaid, and not before taken up which lot or lots the commissioners, or a majority of them, are hereby impowered and directed, to grant, convey, and acknowledge, by deed, to the person or persons so taking up the same, and his heirs and assigns, for ever, in fee-simple, upon payment of thirty shillings proclamation money.

IV. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid, that Mr. Robert Hunter be, and he is hereby appointed treasurer and receiver of all such sum or sums of money which shall arise by the sale of the said lots, for the use of the said Joseph Wimberly, his heirs and assigns; and on the death or departure out of the government of the said Treasurer, the said Commissioners or the majority of them, shall appoint some other person in the place of the said treasurer.

V. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid, that the treasurer hereafter appointed, and every treasurer that may be hereafter appointed by the commissioners as aforesaid, shall give security to the county court, that he shall and will account and pay in all the monies he shall receive by the sale of all and every the lot or lots that shall be sold in each year, on the twenty fifth day of March, yearly, to Mr. Joseph Wimberly, his heirs and assigns.

VI. Provided always, that if any lot or lots shall be granted and conveyed by the said commissioners to any person or persons whatsoever, who shall not within eighteen months, build a good substantial habitable framed or brick house, not of less dimensions than twenty feet in length, and sixteen feet wide, with a brick chimney, such grant or conveyance shall be void and

-------------------- page 249 --------------------
of none effect, as if the same had never been made; and the commissioners may grant and convey such lot or lots which shall not be built on within the time, and in the manner as is before directed, to any other person or persons applying for the same, and paying the money for the said lot or lots, as is in this act before directed, for the use of the said Joseph Wimberly, his heirs and assigns, as aforesaid.