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Asa Biggs, 1811-1878
Autobiography of Asa Biggs, Including a Journal of a Trip from North Carolina to New York in 1832
Raleigh, [N.C.]: Edwards & Broughton, 1915.


In 1915, the North Carolina Historical Commission published The Autobiography of Asa Biggs, Including a Trip from North Carolina to New York in 1832, which Asa Biggs had written originally in 1865 for his children in 1865. In his narrative, Biggs focuses on his political life and his frustrations with the federal government, and discusses his religious beliefs and experiences as well. Biggs also includes a few legal cases in which he was involved. As part of his personal autobiography, Biggs transcribed documents related to the South's secession, including some related to the Kansas question, his letter of resignation to President Lincoln, and Robert E. Lee's farewell address. Biggs concludes with excerpts from a journal he kept during a trip he took from North Carolina through Washington, D. C. to New York in 1832.

Work Consulted: Powell, William S., ed., Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, Vol. 1, Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 1979.

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