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FROM The Freedmen's Record, September 1866, p. 161.

"A few days since a Miss Jacobs purchased first-class tickets for herself and mother from Savannah to New York. After the tickets were bought, the agent supposing her a white person, it was discovered by some of the passengers that there was colored blood in her veins. Complaint was made, and they were both put off the boat in a very rough manner, and compelled to remain in that city. Mrs. Jacobs and daughter are almost white, quite unassuming, and well educated. She was sent by the Society of Friends to establish schools and asylums for the colored people, and has been a frequent visitor at the houses of such people as N. P. Willis. She has hosts of friends and plenty of money to back her, and the action of the steamship company will be apt to cost them dearly before the matter is ended."

Our readers will at once recognize in these victims of Southern arrogance, our esteemed friends, Mrs. Jacobs (Linda), and her daughter. We hope the matter will be followed up, and the rights of citizens in public conveyances will be secured.

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