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Harriet A. Jacobs

FROM The Freedmen's Record, March 1865, p. 41.

ALEXANDRIA, Jan. 13, 1865.

I must say one word about our school. While we were fitting up the house, the scholars were very much scattered in other schools, particularly the most advanced scholars. With the new year many of them have come back.

My daughter's health will not allow her to be confined to the school. She has charge of the Industrial Department, is teacher in the sabbath school, and assists me in my out-door work. We need another teacher.

The school is making progress under the charge of their teachers. It is the largest, and I am anxious it shall be the best. The New-York and Pennsylvania associations are establishing new schools in Alexandria. All seem to be well attended.

We have three large churches, beside the L'Ouverture hospital. At this hospital, they are erecting another large building.

The chaplain at the L'Ouverture has opened a school for the soldiers. It is well attended. They need a building for this purpose. Could you see the young men with one arm and leg, with their book and slate, crowded into a small room, I know you would suggest something better for these brave boys.

Yours truly,

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