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Belle Kearney, 1863-1939
A Slaveholder's Daughter.
New York: The Abbey Press, c1900.
List of Illustrations

Belle Kearney
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The Old Plantation Home. See page 4.

"Ugh! I ain't see'd no silver myself!" See page 13.

"Crying, sister?" he asked coolly. See page 24.

"Yer'll neber see 'im gwine inter his house ter his wife an' little chilluns when de day's wuk's done." See page 59.

A Mississippi Negro Baptizing. See page 61.

As in Ante-bellum Days. See page 86.

A typical Negro Cabin of the South. See page 93.

Cotton Picking as Now Done. See page 99.

Weighing Cotton in the Field. See page 105.

A Scene on the Bayou Teche. See page 172.

Loading up for a trip to New Orleans. See page 179.

[Hand-written Letter]

John Wesley's Oak, Frederica, St. Simons, Georgia. See page 221.

"Now, my bredderin, a partin' an' a farewell word." See page 256.

[Hand-written Letter]