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Robinson, Rev. William H. (1848-?)

"From Log Cabin to the Pulpit:
or Fifteen Years in Slavery"

Eau Claire, Wis.: James H. Tifft, 1913

Commander-in-Chief Confederate Veterans

Page 133

Gen. Lee is direct in line of the famous Lee families, and is loved by all people who knew him. On Decoration day, 1907, he gave out the following, which is typical of the feeling between the people of all sections of the country; -

For myself, I believe the day is near at hand when our descendants - north and south - will be just as proud of the Confederate soldiers as the Union soldiers, and they will be quite satisfied to believe and say of each soldier: "He fought for the right as the saw the right; he measured his life up to the highest and best he knew; he bore himself like a brave man and a true patriot."

Upon a mossy marble of many Union and many a Confederate soldier can be written: "He was a very perfect, gentle knight."

Commander-in-Chief, Grand Camp, Confederate Veterans, Columbus, Miss., May 30, 1907.

(The author, Rev. W.H. Robinson, was at one time owned by the Lee family.)