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Barringer, Daniel Moreau

Daniel Moreau Barringer (1806-1873), the oldest son of Paul and Elizabeth Brandon Barringer, was born in Cabarrus County, NC. After preparing for college with Rev. John Robinson, Daniel entered the University as a second-semester sophomore on January 2, 1824, and became a member of the Dialectic Society. Graduating with honors in June 1826, he subsequently studied law with Thomas Ruffin of Hillsborough, NC, and was admitted to the bar in 1829. Elected to the NC House of Commons that same year, Barringer served six consecutive one-year terms. In 1843 he was elected to the US Congress, and soon after marrying Elizabeth Wethered (1822-67) of Baltimore in 1848, he was appointed minister to Spain. Barringer returned to the United States in 1853 and within a year was again elected to the NC House of Commons. In 1858 he settled in Raleigh, NC. Remaining active in politics, he served as a delegate to the Washington Peace Convention in 1861 and the Philadelphia National Union Convention in 1866. He was a University trustee from 1832 to 1868. After his wife's death in 1867, Barringer's own health began to decline. He died in Raleigh, survived by two sons (Dictionary of North Carolina Biography 1:99-100).