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London, Henry Armand

Henry Armand London (1846-1918) of Pittsboro, NC, was one of ten children born to merchant Henry Adolphus and Sally Lord London. He studied at the Pittsboro Academy before entering the University in 1862 as a sophomore. He joined the Dialectic Society and graduated in 1865, though his college career was interrupted by service as a courier in the Confederate army. He received the MA degree in 1868. London became a lawyer and in 1875 married Bettie Louise Jackson (1853-1930). The couple had eight children. In 1878 London founded the Chatham Record, a weekly newspaper that he edited until his death. Throughout his life London was interested in history, publishing a memorial on the life of Gen. Bryan Grimes (1886) and essays on the Confederate surrender at Appomattox and on the Thirty-Second North Carolina Regiment. London served in the NC Senate (1870-72, 1901-03) and on the University's board of trustees (1901) (Dictionary of North Carolina Biography 4:85-86).