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Rounsaville, Peter King

Peter King Rounsaville (1824-1867) of Lexington, NC, was the son of Mary King (1791-1859) and Benjamin Dusenbery Rounsaville (1785-1832). He was James Lawrence Dusenbery’s cousin. Peter entered the University in 1841, joined the Dialectic Society, and graduated in 1844. He earned an MA from the University in 1847 and became a lawyer in Covington, IN. In 1849 he married Martha C. Graham (1827-1853) with whom he had a son, Joseph Rounsaville (b. 1853). By 1857 he had joined his widowed mother; his sisters Augusta, Martha, and Amanda; and his brother George in Arkansas. Prior to 1860 he married a woman named Mary (b. 1830), with whom he had two sons, Benjamin Hill (1862-1894) and Ernest M. (b. 1865). He served in the Arkansas Confederate cavalry during the Civil War (Rounsavall and Rounsavill 446-47).