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  • 1,000 lbs. of V-C Fertilizers per acre produced 1,400 lbs. per acre of excellent Tobacco on this 10-acre field of Mr. A. B. Emmerson, of Houston, Va. If you want bountiful crops, feed V-C bountifully. From Tobacco.

  • Another fine Tobacco crop on the farm of Mr. Hitchcock, Fair Oaks, Va. Fine, high-priced, free-burning Tobacco always follows the wise use of V-C Fertilizers. From Tobacco.

  • Applying 1,000 lbs. of V-C Fertilizers per acre on this 8-acre field of Tobacco, produced 1,200 lbs. of fine Tobacco per acre on the farm of Mr. T. F. DeJarnette, South Boston, Va. No wonder Mr. DeJarnette is an enthusiastic user of V-C. From Tobacco.

  • BRINGS HIM MORE MONEY THAN ANY OTHER "As a producer of fine Tobacco, I do not feel that I can say enough for V-C Fertilizers. It makes me Tobacco that brings more money than any other Fertilizer I can get, and I have tried many other Brands but none equaled yours. I believe it to be the best thing on the market for Tobacco, and shall use it exclusively in the future. It has also given me fine results on Corn and Vegetables, which goes to prove that it is made of good material." V. C. LOVE, Kenbridge, Va. From Tobacco.

  • Field in upper view produced about 100 lbs. to the acre, field in lower view produced an average of 1,000 lbs. to the acre. V-C Fertilizers were applied on field shown in lower view, whereas V-C Fertilizers were not applied on fields shown in upper view. Lower view is on field of Mr. J. W. Blankenship's farm, near Danville, Va. From Tobacco.

  • Here is another man who is proud of his Tobacco Crop. Mr. J. W. Mathews, of Charlie Hope, Va., is a firm believer in, and user of V-C Fertilizers. He used 800 pounds per acre on this crop which yielded a handsome profit. From Tobacco.

  • Here's a wonderful picture of 60,000 hills of excellent Tobacco on the farm of Mr. P. H. Thomas, Danville, Va. This is an every-year occurance with Mr. Thomas for he has now used V-C Fertilizers for over 16 years. He annually profits by it. From Tobacco.

  • Mr. H. H. Rose, of La Crosse, Va., is proud of this fine patch of Tobacco which yielded about 2,000 pounds to the acre. Every leaf seems perfect. 800 pounds of V-C High Grade Fertilizers per acre helped to produce this gratifying result. From Tobacco.

  • Not alone a fine growth of Tobacco but a high quality is the result of using V-C Fertilizers wisely on the 15-acre farm of Williams & Newman, Brown Co., Ohio. See article on Northern Grown Tobacco on page 46. From Tobacco.

  • On field in upper view V-C Fertilizers were not applied. On the 20 acres or more shown in lower view about 640 lbs. per acre of V-C Fertilizers were applied, resulting in an average of from 880 to 1,000 lbs. of fine Tobacco per acre, selling for an average of $18.00. This picture is of Mr. J. B. McCormac's farm near Danville, Va. From Tobacco.

  • On this 20-acre field of Tobacco on farm of Mr. T. A. Cage, South Boston, Va., 1,000 lbs. of V-C Fertilizers were used to the acre, producing 1,400 lbs. of fine Tobacco to the acre. There are quite a few progressive Tobacco growers in South Boston, who have learned to know the great value of V-C in producing fine and bumper crops of Tobacco. From Tobacco.

  • This is the kind of Tobacco 700 pounds per acre of V-C Fertilizers helped to grow on Mr. W. M. McAden's farm at Diamond Grove, Va. It pays to use V-C. From Tobacco.

  • TO V-C OR NOT V-C AND HERE IS THE ANSWER Upper left view is on farm of Mr. J. W. Blankenship, near Danville, Va., who used on this 20-acre tract 650 lbs of V-C to the acre, producing 800 to 1,000 lbs. per acre, averaging $17.00 to $20.00 per 1000 lbs. Lower left corner view is on farm of Mr. J. H. Warren, also near Danville, Va. This 20-acre patch averaged 800 to 1,000 lbs. per acre on which 665 lbs. of V-C Fertilizers were applied. On two center fields in above group V-C Fertilizers were not used. Compare these two Tobacco fields with those adjoining, on each of which V-C Fertilizers were bountifully and wisely applied. Upper right corner had 660 lbs. of V-C per acre, producing 900 lbs. per acre. Owing to high quality of Tobacco the highest price was obtained by Mr. M. G. Bryant, near Danville, Va. Lower right corner view is a section of 25-acre Tobacco field of Mr. Lee Brown, who used 3,000 lbs. V-C Fertilizers per acre, giving a yield of 1,800 lbs. per acre, bringing an average of $17.00 to $20.00 per 100. From Tobacco.

  • Tobacco that sold from $17.00 to $20.00 per 100 lbs., on the farm of Mr. J. H. Warren, near Danville, Va. On these 18 acres an average of 656 lbs. of V-C Fertilizers were used per acre, producing an average of from 800 to 1,000 pounds per acre. Of course V-C pays. From Tobacco.

  • V-C Fertilizers were not used on Tobacco field shown in upper picture. On this 20-acre field in lower view, 640 lbs. of V-C to the acre were applied, producing a yield about 900 lbs. per acre, bringing an average of from $16.00 to $20.00 per 100 lbs. This is part of Mr. J. B. McCormac's field of Tobacco near Danville, Va. From Tobacco.

  • A Virginia Tobacco Plant-bed. Should the Tobacco growers of any one of the many Tobacco sections of the United States be prohibited the use of Commercial Fertilizers, they would have to go out of business. Hence, one of the best Fertilizers you can buy has proven to be V-C. From Tobacco.