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  • [Announcements of Millie Christine's Popularity] From Biographical Sketch of Millie Christine, the Carolina Twin, Surnamed the Two-Headed Nightingale and the Eighth Wonder of the World.

  • [Half-Title Page Image] From Frederick Douglass.

  • KU-KLUX EMBLEMS. From My Southern Home: or, The South and Its People.

  • [Title Page Image] From Frederick Douglass.

  • [Title Page Image] From From Captivity to Fame or The Life of George Washington Carver.

  • [Title Page Image] From Battles and Victories of Allen Allensworth, A. M., Ph. D., Lieutenant-Colonel, Retired, U. S. Army.

  • [Title Page Image] From Elizabeth, a Colored Minister of the Gospel Born in Slavery.

  • [Title Page Image] From Anthony Burns: A History.

  • [Title Page Image] From A Narrative of the Negro.

  • [Title Page Verso Image] From Last of the Pioneers: Or, Old Times in East Tenn., Being the Life and Reminiscences of Pharaoh Jackson Chesney (Aged 120 Years).

  • [Title Page Image] From My Larger Education: Being Chapters from My Experience.

  • [Vignette] From A Narrative of the Negro.