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1 image with subject Explosions--France--1910-1920.

  • This sketch will give you some faint conception of the effect of high explosive shells. I take no man's word for this, as it came under my personal observation. People often ask the question: "How does it seem to be hit by a piece of a shell?" And it was probably never better answered than by the British Tommy, who said: "First you 'ears a 'ell of a noise, next you see a nurse bendin' over you, an' 'ear 'er say, 'See if you can drink some of this.'" For months you have been seeing in the papers pictures of demolished villages and shell pitted areas, and perhaps you have wondered whether or not the pictures were overdrawn. Let me assure you that they were not, for many and many a time I have gazed on artillery effects that it would be mpossible to exaggerate. Instances are related of heroic French artillerymen who have shelled their own homes to fragments because German soldiers had taken possession of, and were occupying them. How can Germany or any other nation expect to crush a people of such indomitable resolution? From Tar-Heel War Record (In the Great World War).