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  • [1st Frontispiece Image] "My cloak flew open as I fell, and the force of the fall bursting its envelope, out, in all the hideous realities, rolled the infernal imp of darkness."—Page 137. From Odd Leaves from the Life of a Louisiana "Swamp Doctor." In "The Swamp Doctor's Adventures in the South-West. Containing the Whole of the Louisiana Swamp Doctor; Streaks of Squatter Life; and Far-Western Scenes; in a Series of Forty-Two Humorous Southern and Western Sketches, Descriptive of Incidents and Character. By "Madison Tensas," M.D., and "Solitaire," (John S. Robb, of St. Louis, Mo.) Author of "Swallowing Oysters Alive," etc.".

  • SUT'S NEW-FANGLED SHIRT. "I hearn a n'ise tarin' a shingle ruff ofen a hous' at wun rake, an' felt like my bones wer all what lef the shut, an' reached the floor."Page34. From Sut Lovingood. Yarns Spun by a "Nat'ral Born Durn'd Fool." Warped and Wove for Public Wear.