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7 images with subject Horses.

  • The author caught by the bloodhounds. (See p.21.) From Narrative of William W. Brown, an American Slave. Written by Himself.

  • FORD OF THE RIVER JORDAN. From Life of Charles T. Walker, D.D., ("The Black Spurgeon.") Pastor Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, New York City.

  • Gang of Slaves preparing to be Sold in a Southern Market. From A Tribute for the Negro: Being a Vindication of the Moral, Intellectual, and Religious Capabilities of the Colored Portion of Mankind; with Particular Reference to the African Race.

  • MRS. PARTHENIA JONES (the mother of Bishop Heard) plowing "Old Selim" on the Plantation of Thomas Jones, in Elbert County, Ga., 1850. From From Slavery to the Bishopric in the A.M.E. Church. An Autobiography.

  • The master mounted on his horse driving John before him. pp. 7 8. [Frontispiece Image] From Narrative of the Life of Thomas Cooper.

  • THE SUCCESSFUL MAN HUNT. Page 291. From The White Slave; or, Memoirs of a Fugitive.

  • "TRAVELER" [1st Frontispiece Image] From History of the Life of Rev. Wm. Mack Lee: Body Servant of General Robert E. Lee Through the Civil War: Cook from 1861 to 1865.