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  • The 81st, 42nd, 30th and All Who Wore the Khaki All honor to the Boys, that went over the Sea's, To unfurl old Glory to every breeze, To take the front Ranks in the world's greatest Fight, That all humanity might awake to see the light. To those of our Heroe's who so gallantly laid down their life, Fighting for the freedom of the world, in the Carnage and Strife, Wrapped in old glory, yet living today, although asleep in the silent mounds, They speak of heroism unequaled in all the world round. Greensboro Hardware Company 221 So. Elm St. Greensboro, N. C. Compliments of CHERO-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Carbonated Beverages Greensboro,--- N. C. Wood Working Machinery For Plants of all Kinds Newman Machinery Co. Corner Jackson Street and Southern Railway Greensboro, N. C. From "Lest We Forget." The Record of North Carolina's Own.