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  • No. 154--400 TAGS. ONE DOZEN NAPKINS--In book fold, German linen, ¾ bleached; select combination of scroll and leaf patterns; size, ¾ actual measure, 20 × 20 inches. Sent by mail, postpaid. No. 179--2250 TAGS. No. 179--REFRIGERATOR -- Made of hardwood, golden oak finish, insulated with charcoal sheathing, lined with galvanized iron, brass trimmings, sliding metal shelves, removable flue, patent automatic drip cup, ballbearing casters; height, 44 inches, depth, 19 inches; width, 29 inches. Ice capacity, 90 lbs. Sent by freight. From Valuable Presents Given for Tobacco Tags for the Entire Year of 1902. These are Exact Fac-similes of the Tags Redeemable under Our Offer Fully Explained Inside.