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  • No. 190. 9000 TAGS. No. 190--TYPEWRITER--"Hartford." Permanent alignment, great durability and speed; good, practical machine; furnished in single or double key-board. In ordering, state style key-board desired. Sent by express. No. 76. 1000 TAGS. No. 76--CABIN BAG--Olive grain leather; covered frame; good brassed lock and trimmings. English handle; inside pocket; leather lined. Size, 16 inches long, 8 inches wide, 9½ inches deep. This bag is made in such shape that all its space can be utilized, and will make a very neat and convenient groceryman's sample case as well as traveling bag. Sent by express. No. 77. 1000 TAGS. No. 77 -- DRESS SUIT CASE--Russet grain leather; double iron frame; brass locks and bolts; neat and strong handles; shirt fold in top; linen lined. Size, 24 in. long, 13 in. wide, 6 in. deep. Sent by express. From Valuable Presents Given for Tobacco Tags for the Entire Year of 1902. These are Exact Fac-similes of the Tags Redeemable under Our Offer Fully Explained Inside.