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Training School for Wives and Mothers from "              
      The Church in the Southern Black Community" Collection  the Deliverance by Ellen Anderson Gholson Glasgow from The 
      "Library of Southern Literature" Collection  Fight or Buy Bonds: Third Liberty Loans by Howard Chandler 
      Christy from the "North Carolinians and the Great War" Collection  Portrait of Frederick Douglass from the autobiography Life and 
      Times of Frederick Douglass from "The North American Slave Narratives" Collection   Letter from the Robert March Hanes papers from the "North 
      Carolina Experience, Beginnings to 1940"  Collection 

September 13
Tourism in Western North Carolina

August 09
The Society of Friends in North Carolina

July 12
Railroads in North Carolina

June 07
Native Americans in North Carolina

May 07
Dorothea Dix's Advocacy for the Mentally Ill in North Carolina

April 12
William Bartram's Legacy

March 10
North Carolina and the Struggle for Women's Suffrage

February 22
Fanny Jackson Coppin

February 04
The Growth of African American Business in Durham

January 11
The Temperance Movement in North Carolina

November 08
Thomas E. Watson: Georgia Populist Politician

October 15
Tercentenary of John Lawson's A New Voyage to Carolina

September 17
Remembering Hurricane Floyd

August 11
Bridging the Gap: The Commission on Interracial Cooperation

July 21
From African Prince to Mississippi Slave: Abdul Rahman Ibrahima

June 02
Life and Work in Southern Mills

May 04
Moviegoing in Early 20th-Century North Carolina

April 02
Nineteenth-Century Student Shenanigans at UNC

March 04
Nineteenth-Century Student Writing at UNC

February 10
African Americans in the White House

January 09
George Washington Carver: Advocate for Southern Farmers

December 02
The Slave Experience of the Holidays

November 07
Sojourner Truth: Libyan Sibyl

October 16
National Family History Month

September 15
Gospel Music Heritage Month

August 18
Selecting a Site for the University of North Carolina

July 15
Omar ibn Said, African Muslim Enslaved in the Carolinas

June 08
The Kirk-Holden War of 1870

May 08
Howard Lee: A Historical Mayoral Election

April 04
Children's Poetry in the DocSouth Collection

March 11
Guion Griffis Johnson: A Pioneering Scholar

February 18
Religious Debate at UNC-Chapel Hill

January 14
Dr. King's Legacy: Voices from the Civil Rights Movement

December 07
Shaw University: The First Historically Black University in the South

November 12
Native American History in North Carolina

October 19
The 1884 North Carolina Exposition: A Fair to Remember

September 21
Kiffin Rockwell: The Carolinas' First Lost Hero in WWI

August 20
Thomas L. Johnson: Early African Missionary

July 27
The Mothers of a Movement: Remembering 19th-Century Feminists

June 20
Fighting Slavery with the Pen: Harriet Beecher Stowe's 196th Birthday

May 22
"A Free and Independent State": North Carolina Secedes from the Union

April 17
DocSouth Celebrates National Poetry Month

March 22
A Groundbreaking Realist: Rebecca Harding Davis

February 28
The Last Days of the Confederacy: Sherman in the Carolinas

January 19
The Most Famous Confederate Commander Turns 200

December 22
Christmas Stories Remind Readers of the Joys of Giving and Family

October 16
Kings Mountain: A South Carolina Skirmish Becomes a Defining Moment in American History

September 14
"I Am Well Aware that I Have Invited Criticism": Elizabeth Keckley's Voice Endures

August 07
Controversial History: Thomas Dixon and the Klan Trilogy

July 17
Groundbreaking Transportation: 165 Years After the North Carolina Railroad Company’s Beginnings

June 19
DocSouth Launches Tenth Collection: The First Century of the First State University

June 07
William R. Davie: UNC's Founding Father

May 26
From Soldier to Statesman: William Bradley Umstead

May 17
Memories of Stonewall Jackson

April 26
Giving Voice to the South: William Gilmore Simms

April 12
John Smith: A Literary Pioneer

March 23
The Battle of Bentonville

March 08
Explore Women's History in North Carolina

February 17
Once Shaken by Scandal, Kate Chopin Now Beloved for Her Colorful Depictions of the South

February 07
African American History Across North Carolina

January 23
Fort Fisher's Fall Crippled the Confederacy, Causing Worries on the Home Front

January 13
Creator of Stories for "A Midnight Dreary" Turns 197

December 20
A Fireside Christmas Story from Documenting the American South

December 14
The Battle for Freedom after Slavery: An Amendment Turns 140

November 30
Hearing History: DocSouth Collection Features Selected Interviews from the Southern Oral History Program

November 14
Remembering Wartime Life in North Carolina

November 07
Early African American Perspectives on the Wilmington Race Riots of 1898

October 26
Teachers Make History Together at Annual DocSouth Workshop

October 11
DocSouth Remembers UNC's Earliest Historians

October 05
A Rebellion to Remember: The Legacy of Nat Turner

September 16
Antebellum UNC Students Speak and Write to You: A New DocSouth Collection Goes Live!

September 13
Celebrating 100 Years of a Unique Southern Voice: Mary Chesnut's A Diary from Dixie

August 01
DocSouth Celebrates George H. White: African American Civil Rights Pioneer

July 01
Enchanted by Tobacco: John Cameron

June 20
Happy Birthday to a Literary Leader: Charles Chesnutt at 147

June 01
Juneteenth: Emancipation Memories

May 16
Letters from the WWI Battlefield: Paul Eliot Green

May 05
The Plight of the Young Worker: Child Labor in the Carolinas

April 28
Phillis Wheatley: The Pioneering Voice of African American Poetry

April 22
George Moses Horton: Slave Poet from North Carolina

March 28
Walter McKenzie Clark: A Leader in Women's Rights

February 21
John Merrick: African American Business Leader from Durham