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Circular No. 1: Jan. 13, 1864:
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Confederate States of America. Bureau of Conscription

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(title page) Circular No. 1.
Confederate States of America. Bureau of Conscription.
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Richmond, Jan. 13, 1864.


To Commandants of Conscripts.

        I. The attention of Commandants of Conscripts is specially called to General Orders, No. 3, A. & I. G. O., 1864, herewith printed.

         By these General Orders, the acceptance of substitutes into the army is forbidden, and all persons who have heretofore been exempted from military service by reason of having furnished substitutes, are rendered liable to such service.

         II. Commandants will forthwith proceed to the enrollment of all persons who have been exempted by reason having furnished substitutes.

         A distinct roll will be kept of the persons thus enrolled, containing the name of the substitute, the date of the substitution, the company and regiment in which the substitution was made, and as far as practicable whether the substitute is still in service, and if not, whether lost by desertion, discharge or casualty. This roll will be forwarded with Monthly Reports.

         III. Principals of substitutes are subject to the same regulations prescribed for other persons liable to military service; but the fact of having furnished a substitute may be assumed as prima facie evidence that the principal has no other claim for exemption, and will therefore demand careful examination when new claims are presented.

         IV. To aid in detecting frauds in substitutions which have been committed by officers and others, commandants will endeavor to procure all substitute papers, examine them, and if found to be irregular, or supposed to be fraudulent, will forward them to the Bureau, with testimony and opinion.

         V. Cases of fraudulent, irregular and improper exemptions have been reported to the Bureau; certificates of exemption have been counterfeited, and it is feared officers are not free from liability to grave charges in granting exemptions.

         Commandants will forthwith, by special inspections and otherwise, proceed to a rigid revision of all exemptions.

By command of Col. J. S. PRESTON, Supt.

A. A. Gen'l.

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Richmond, Jan. 9, 1864.

No. 3

        I. The following Acts of Congress and Regulations are published for the information of all persons concerned therein:


An Act to prevent the Enlistment or Enrollment of Substitutes in the Military
Service of the Confederate States.

        "The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That no person liable to military service shall hereafter be permitted or allowed to furnish a substitute for such service, nor shall any substitute be received, enlisted, or enrolled in the military service of the Confederate States." [Approved December 28th, 1863.]

An Act to put an end to Exemption from Military Service of those who
have heretofore furnished Substitutes.

        "Whereas, in the present circumstances of the country, it requires the aid of all who are able to bear arms:

        "The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That no person shall be exempted from military service, by reason of having furnished a substitute; but this act shall not be so construed as to affect persons who, though not liable to render military service, have, nevertheless, furnished substitutes." [Approved January 5th, 1864.]

         II. Persons rendered liable to military service by operation of the preceding acts, are placed on the same footing with all others hitherto held liable by Acts of Congress.

        III. Persons herein rendered liable to military service are required to report as volunteers or conscripts, without delay to the enrolling officers; and all who delay beyond the 1st day of February 1864, will be considered as having renounced the privilege of volunteering, and held for assignment according to law.

         IV. Enrolling officers will proceed, as rapidly as practicable, in the enrollment of persons herein made liable to military service. Previous to enrollment as conscripts, all such persons will be allowed to volunteer in companies in service on the 16th April, 1862; provided, the company

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chosen does not at the time of volunteering reach the maximum number allowed; and upon such company being selected, the volunteer will receive from the enrolling officer a certificate to the effect that he has so volunteered; and no volunteer will be received into any company except on such certificate. Persons who fail to make their selection at the time of enrollment, will be assigned according to existing regulations.

         V. Persons who report to the enrolling officers will be enrolled, and may be allowed a furlough of ten days before reporting to the camp of instruction.

         VI. All persons, whether volunteers or conscripts under this order, will pass through the camp of instruction of the state to which they belong, and be forwarded thence to the companies which are selected, or to which they may be assigned.

        VII. The Bureau of Conscription is charged with adopting proper regulations for the enforcement of this order.

         VIII. All exemptions heretofore granted are subject to revision, under instructions from the Bureau of Conscription; and if found to be improper or unauthorized by law, will be revoked.

By order,

Adjutant and Inspector General.