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House Bill, No. 242.
A Bill to Be Entitled An Act
to Provide for Sequestrating the Property of Persons
Liable to Military Service, Who Have Departed, or Shall
Depart, from the Confederate States without Permission:

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Confederate States of America. Congress.
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Library of Congress Subject Headings, 21st edition, 1998

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Page 1

[HOUSE BILL, NO. 242.]

        HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, Dec. 1, 1864.--Read first and second times, made special order for Saturday morning, and ordered to be printed.

        [By Mr. RUSSELL, from Judiciary Committee.]


To be entitled An Act to provide for sequestrating the property of
persons liable to military service, who have departed, or shall depart,
from the Confederate States without permission.

        1 SECTION 1. The Congress of the Confederate States of America
2 do enact, That if any person shall voluntarily depart from the
3 Confederate States without the permission of the President or
4 of the General officer commanding the trans-Mississippi department,
5 or of an officer by one of them authorized to grant such
6 permission, and if such person, at the time of such departure,
7 shall be liable to military service, according to the laws of the
8 Confederate States, he shall, from the time of his departure, be
9 treated, for the purposes of this act, as an alien enemy, and
10 his property shall be liable to sequestration and sale in like
11 manner as the property of other alien enemies. But all proceedings,
12 for the sequestration and sale of his property shall
13 cease, and he shall cease to be treated as an alien enemy by

Page 2

14 reason of such departure, if, during the present war, and before
14 a decree of sequestration shall be pronounced against his
15 property, he shall return and enter upon the performance
16 of military service, according to law. But this act shall not
17 apply to persons who, at the time of their departure, shall
18 bona fide reside within the lines of the enemy, or in a part of
19 the Confederacy in the military occupation of the enemy.

        1 SEC. 2. If any person to whom the preceding section applies,
2 shall voluntarily, and without such permission, go within
3 the military lines of the enemy, and remain there more than
4 sixty days, he shall be presumed to have departed from the Confederate
5 States within the meaning of this act.

        1 SEC. 3. If any person has heretofore voluntarily, and without
2 such permission, departed from the Confederate States, or
3 gone within the military lines of the enemy for the purpose
4 of avoiding military service, being, at the time, liable to military
5 service, according to law, or being now liable to military
6 service according to law, such person shall be also treated as
7 an alien enemy, and his property shall be liable to sequestration
8 and sale according to all the preceding provisions, unless
9 such person shall return and enter upon military service
11 according to law, within six months after the passage of this
12 act.

        1 SEC. 4. All grants, conveyances, sales, gifts and trasnfers

Page 3

2 of property hereafter made by any person who shall be liable
3 to military service, at the time of making the same, and whose
4 property shall become liable to sequestration under this act, and
5 all liens and incumbrances hereafter created on his property,
6 when he is liable to military service, shall be void as against the
7 claim of sequestration.