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The Dixie Primer, for the Little Folks:
Electronic Edition.

Moore, M. B. (Marinda Branson), 1829-1864.

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Source Description:
(title page) The Dixie Primer, for the Little Folks
(cover) The Dixie Primer.
Mrs. M. B. Moore
Third Edition.
32 p., ill.
Raleigh, N. C.
Branson, Farrar & Co.
Date on cover: 1864
Call Number CC 375.428 M82d (North Carolina Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

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Page verso


        THIS little volume is designed for small children; and the only merit the author claims, is, that it is adapted to the young mind.

        Since children very rarely learn to read in the Primer, we deem it unnecessary to take up much space with reading lessons.

        The competent teacher will understand how to use the work.


Page 3



Page 4


Page 5



Page 6


A a A a
B b B b
C c C c
D d D d
E e E e
F f F f
G g G g
H h H h
I i I i
J j J j
K k K k
L l L l
M m M m
N n N n
O o O o
P p P p
Q q Q q
R r R r
S s S s
T t T t
U u U u
V v V v
W w W w
X x X x
Y y Y y
Z z Z z


Page 7


ba be bi bo bu by
ca ce ci co cu cy
da de di do du dy
fa fe fi fo fu fy
ga ge gi go gu gy
ha he hi ho hu hy
ja je ji jo ju jy
ka ke ki ko ku ky


la le li lo lu ly
ma me mi mo mu my
na ne ni no nu ny
pa pe pi po pu py
ra re ri ro ru ry
sa se si so su sy
ta te ti to tu ty
va ve vi vo vu vy
wa we wi wo wu wy

Page 8



ab eb ib ob ub
ac ec ic oc uc
ad ed id od ud
af ef if of uf
ag eg ig og ug
aj ej ij oj uj
ak ek ik ok uk
al el il ol ul


am em im om um
an en in on un
ap ep ip op up
ar ar ir or ur
as er is os us
at et it ot ut
av ev iv ov uv
ax ex ix ox ux
az ez iz oz uz

Page 9



bla ble bli blo blu bly
cla cle cli clo clu cly
fla fle fli flo flu fly
gla gle gli glo glu gly
pla ple pli plo plu ply
sla sle sli slo slu sly

        Is he up?

        He is up.


bra bre bri bro bru bry
cra cre cri cro cru cry
dra dre dri dro dru dry
fra fre fry fro fru fry
gra gre gri gro gru gry
pra pre pri pro pru pry
tra tre tri tro tru try
wra wre wri wro wru wry

Page 10




ban ben bin bon bun
dan den din don dun
fan fen fin fon fun
kan ken kin kon kun
man men min mon mun
pan pen pin pon pun
ran ren rin ron run
tan ten tin ton tun


bad bed bid bod bud
gad fed did god dud
had jed hid hod fud
lad led kid lod hud
mad ned lid mod lud
pad ped pid pod pud
rad red rid rod sud
sad wed sid sod rud

Page 11


        EAGLE. . . . . WATCH.


bal bel bil bol bul
cal del dil dol ful
dal fel fil fol gul
fal jel hil hol hul
gal mel mil lol mul
mal nel pil mol pul
pal pel ril pol tul
sal rel sil sol vul


bap dep dip cop cup
cap help fip fop hup
gap lep hip hop lup
hap nep lip lop nup
lap pep dip mop pup
map rep pip sop rup
nap sep rip top sup
rap gep sip rop tup

Page 12



bar ber cir bor bur
car der fir cor cur
far fer gir for fur
mar her jir hor mur
par mer mir mor pur
tar ner pir nor tur
var per sir wor vur
yar ter vir tor zur


bat bet bit bot cut
cat get cit cot gut
fat jet fit dot hut
hat let lit jot jut
mat met mit lot nut
pat net pit not put
rat pet sit pot rut
sat set wit rot sut

Page 13



can den bon bay
dan fen con day
fan jen don lay
han men pon jay
jan nen mon may
lan pen non nay
man sen ron pay
pay yen son ray


ball bell bill dull
call cell dill cull
fall dell fill gull
hall fell hill hull
mall pell mill lull
pall sell pill mull
rall tell sill null
tall mell till tull

Page 14




back deck dock buck
hack neck hock duck
lack peck clock luck
pack reck mock muck
rack teck pock puck
sack veck rock ruck
tack zeck sock suck


ark belt ink old
bark felt blink cold
dark helt link bold
hark kelt mink gold
lark melt pink hold
mark pelt sink mould
park velt tink sold
shark welt wink told

Page 15


        SAIL SHIP.


came bane bate bone
dame cane date cone
fame lane gate hone
game mane hate lone
lame pane kate none
name same late pone
same vane mate tone
tame wane pate zone


deed bole bake bide
feed cole cake fide
heed dole jake hide
leed hole lake ride
meed mole make side
need pole rake tide
reed role sake vide
seed sole take wide

Page 16




age brice bang dong
cage dice twang hong
gage fice hang kong
hage lice fang long
page mice pang prong
rage nice rang song
sage rice sang strong
wage slice tang wrong


                         I see a mad dog.
                         Do you see the dog?
                         He may bite you.
                         Is he not a bad dog?
                         Will the man kill the dog?
                         Yes, the man will kill him.
                         Now, the dog cannot bite us.
                         Are you not glad?

Page 3




cat cow mew sly
rat hog bark large
dog horse bleat fast
frog colt squeal work
hen pig growl fur
goose sheep purr walk
bird lamb walk whey
fox bear run cheese


                         See, the cat has got a rat.
                         She is a good cat.
                         The dog will run a fox.
                         The fox will try to get the hen.
                         He may get the goose too.
                         A pig is a young hog.
                         Have you fed the pig?

Page 18




spin top hop map
hat cord play nose
run fan fig hair
hoe saw sun car
lot wig was comb
bon mug nat brush
book fan red came
read pin fed same


                         Ann has a new book.
                         It is a nice red book.
                         Ann can not read.
                         Can she spell?
                         Yes, she can spell some.
                         See, she sits on the box.
                         She can spin flax.
                         Ann is a good girl.

Page 19




sim sun him hair
had not his wool
fox put her skin
dog bog like tail
bit but you tooth
run will back toe
pen nut pain wood
got hog fur race


                         Jim has a good dog.
                         He ran the fox.
                         It was a fine race.
                         The dog got the fox.
                         The fox bit the dog.
                         Jim put the fox in a pen.
                         If he gets out he will run.
                         Jim may lose his fox yet.

Page 20


        HAT. . . . . JACK.


jane sing hurt lap
has song my hand
bird sung young hat
wing fly sad tel
foot far tell one
hand poor well two
bill rest tree three
beak dead boy four



                         Jane has a nest.
                         She got it out of a tree.
                         It has some poor birds in it.
                         I hope she will not hurt them.
                         It is bad to kill the birds.
                         Ask Jane to put the nest back.
                         She says she will do so.
                         How glad the old birds will be!

Page 21


        FIRE ENGINE.


asp belt irk out
gasp felt dirk bout
hasp get jirk gout
rasp melt quirk lout
grasp pelt ill flout
last welt bill oat
mast smell hill moat
well past mill goat



                         Can you read your book!
                         Yes, I can read it.
                         It is a nice book?
                         Yes; I like it much.
                         Who gave it you?
                         Do you love your aunt?
                         I love her much.

Page 22




duck barn food fig
can fence farm plum
swim yard warm nut
in brook wing grape
web pond wet peach
foot tree dry air
chick grass old sun
egg corn one moon



                         The duck has a nest.
                         See, she has three eggs.
                         The duck can swim.
                         She can hatch young ducks.
                         She will take her young to the pond.
                         Do you think they can swim[?]
                         Yes, God tells them how to swim.

Page 23



the shoes ask drink
old feet how milk
man hand came meat
sad hat want door
poor bread coat dog
sick hope come gate
cold walk house lane
wan foot fire road



                         Do you see the old man?
                         He looks pale and wan.
                         He has been sick.
                         May be he wants bread.
                         Let us give him some.
                         We can give him some milk too.
                         Come in old man and rest.
                         Now sit there and eat.

Page 24




ba ker o ver tu lip
ma ker ro ver tur nip
ra ker clo ver bu bo
ta ker tro ver ty ro
qua ker do ver sa go
ta per bri ar ha lo
vi per cri er out go
bi ter pri or fore go


                         Bob had a nice cake.
                         What did he do with it?
                         He ate it all up.
                         Did it not make him sick?
                         It did make him sick.
                         May be he will not be so much like a pig, next time.
                         Boys should not eat all they can get.

Page 25


        BOOK. . . . . MORTAR.


ban ter nev er cav il
can ter riv er rav el
en ter shiv er chap el
ten ter sil ver bev el
win ter cov er rev el
ov er hov er lev el
sev er man or or der
lev er ten or bor der


                         Ada has a new doll.
                         It is a nice doll.
                         See its red frock.
                         It has a hat too.
                         She loves the doll.
                         It is a wax doll.
                         The doll may break.
                         Then Ada will cry.

Page 26




owl ant ail out
cowl dant bail bout
fowl gant hail gout
howl fant mail lout
growl pant nail pout
scowl rant pail rout
fowl vant sail sprout


                         See, Grace has gone to school!
                         She has her books in her bag.
                         Grace loves to go to school.
                         Can she read?
                         Yes! She reads well.
                         Her ma taught her how to read.
                         She can write too.
                         Grace is a sweet girl.

Page 27




com pel ja pan de fer
dis pel tre pan trans fer
ex pel rat an pre fer
pro pel di van de mur
fore tell be gan re fer
ful fill un pin de ter
dis till be gin in ter
re fill with in con cur


                         An-na Mood was a good child.
                         She said her prayers each day.
                         She loved God, and tried to do all He told her in His word.
                         So God took her home to live with Him.
                         Do you not wish to be like An-na?

Page 28




        Now, dear child, here is a song you must learn to sing. It is called


                         There is a happy land,
                         Far, far away;
                         Where saints in glory stand,
                         Bright, bright as day.
                         Oh how they sweetly sing?
                         Worthy is our Saviour King.
                         Loud let his praises ring,
                         Praise, praise for aye.

                         Come to this happy land,
                         Come, come away;
                         Why will ye doubting stand,
                         Why still delay ?
                         O we shall happy be?
                         When from sin and sorrow free
                         Lord we shall reign with thee,
                         Blest, blest for aye.

Page 29

                         Bright in that happy land,
                         Beams every eye;
                         Kept by a Father's hand,
                         Love cannot die.
                         O then to glory run
                         Be a crown and kingdom won,
                         And bright above the sun.
                         We'll reign for aye,

        All children should pray. Here is a prayer to say at night. You must learn it.

                         Now I lay me down to sleep,
                         I pray the Lord my soul to keep;
                         And if I die before I wake,
                         I pray the Lord my soul to take,
                         And this I ask for Jesus' sake, AMEN.


                         Mary had a little lamb,
                         Its fleece was white as snow;
                         And every where that Mary went
                         The lamb was sure to go.

                         He followed her to school one day,
                         Which was against the rule--
                         It made the children laugh and play
                         To see a lamb at school.

Page 30

                         So the teacher turned him out,
                         But still he lingered near;
                         And waited patiently about,
                         Till Mary did appear.

                         And then he ran to her and laid
                         His head upon her arm,
                         As if he said, I'm not afraid,
                         You'll keep me from all harm.


                         I want to be an angel,
                         And with the angels stand,
                         A crown upon my forehead,
                         A harp within my hand.
                         There right before the Saviour
                         So glorious and bright,
                         I'd make the sweetest music,
                         And praise Him day and night.

                         I never should be weary,
                         Nor ever shed a tear;
                         Nor ever know a sorrow,
                         Nor ever feel a fear.
                         But blessed, pure and holy,
                         I'd dwell in Jesus' sight,
                         And with ten thousand thousand,
                         Praise Him both day and night.

Page 31

                         I know I'm weak and sinful,
                         But Jesus will forgive,
                         For many little children
                         Have gone to Heaven to live.
                         Dear Saviour, when I languish
                         And lay me down to die,
                         O send a shining angel
                         To bear me to the sky.

                         O there I'll be an angel,
                         And with the angels stand,
                         A crown upon my forehead,
                         A harp within my hand;
                         And there before my Saviour,
                         So glorious and so bright,
                         I'll join the heavenly music,
                         And praise Him day and night.


                         Q. Who made you?
                         A. God.
                         Q. Of what did he make you?
                         A. Dust.
                         Q. For what were you made?
                         A. To be good.
                         Q. Where do good children go?
                         A. They go to heaven when they die.
                         Q. Where do bad children go?
                         A. They go to Hell.
Page 32

                         Q. Who loves good children?
                         A. God, and all good people.
                         Q. Who loves bad children?
                         A. The Devil.
                         Q. Who died to redeem you?
                         A. Jesus Christ.
                         Q. Should you not love Jesus?
                         A. Yes, with all my heart.

        Now, little children, you must learn this book well, and try to be good. Perhaps we will send you another one with pretty stories, one of these days.

        Here is a little prayer which you must learn, and repeat every morning when you rise from your bed;

                         Now I awake and see the light,
                         'T is God who kept me through the night;
                         To Him I lift my voice and pray
                         That He will keep me through this day.
                         If I should die before 't is done,
                         Oh! God accept me through thy Son. AMEN.