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Stonewall Jackson's Way:
Electronic Edition.

Palmer, John Williamson, 1825-1906.

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Library of Congress Subject Headings, 21st edition, 1998

Stonewall Jackson's Way.

(Found on a Rebel Sergeant of the old Stonewall Brigade, taken at
Winchester, Va.)

                         Come, stack arms, men! Pile on the rails--
                         Stir up the camp-fire bright.
                         No matter if the canteen fails,
                         We'll make a roaring night!
                         Here Shenandoah brawls along,
                         The burly Blue-Ridge echoes strong,
                         To swell the brigade's rousing song,
                         Of "Stonewall Jackson's way!"

                         We see him now,--the old slouched hat
                         Cocked o'er his eye askew,--
                         The shrewd dry smile,--the speech so pat,
                         So calm, so blunt, so true.
                         The "Blue Light Elder," knows 'em well;
                         Says he "that's Banks,--he's fond of shell,
                         Lord save his soul!--we'll give him."--well,
                         That's "Stonewall Jackson's way."

                         Silence! ground arms! kneel all! caps off!
                         Old Blue Lights going to pray.
                         Strangle the fool that dares to scoff!
                         Attention! it's his way!
                         Appealing from his native sod
                         In forma pauperis to God,--
                         "Lay bare thine arm, stretch forth thy rod,
                         "Amen!" "That's Stonewall's way."

                         He's in the saddle now! Fall in!
                         Steady! the whole brigade!
                         Hill's at the ford, cut off; we'll win
                         His way out, ball and blade.
                         What matter if our shoes are worn!
                         What matter if our feet are torn!
                         "Quick step! we're with him before dawn!"
                         That's "Stonewall Jackson's way!"

                         The sun's bright lances rout the mists
                         Of morning--and by George!
                         Here's Longstreet, struggling in the lists,
                         Hemmed in an ugly gorge.
                         Pope and his Yankees whipped before!
                         "Bay'nets aud grape!" hear Stonewall roar,
                         "Charge Steuart! pay off Ashby's score,"
                         In "Stonewall Jackson's way!"

                         Ah! maiden, wait, and watch, and yearn,
                         For news of Stonewall's band!
                         Ah! widow read with eyes that burn,
                         That ring upon thy hand!
                         Ah! wife, sew on, pray on, hope on!
                         Thy life shall not be all forlorn.
                         The foe had better ne'er been born,
                         That get's in "Stonewall's way."

         MARTINSBURG, SEPT. 13th, 1862.