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Rowan Way-Side Hospital, Salisbury, North Carolina:
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Rowan Way-Side Hospital (N.C.)

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(text) Rowan Way-Side Hospital, Salisbury, North Carolina.
Rowan Way-Side Hospital (N.C.)
1 p.
Salisbury, N. C.
s. n.

From the Mary Hunter Kennedy Papers, call number 3242 (Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

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        THIS HOSPITAL has been established one month, and during that period it has given accommodations to one hundred and thirty-four soldiers. Of this number 87 were wounded and 47 sick.

        This Hospital was established, and has been kept in operation, mainly, by the liberality of the citizens of Salisbury, for the comfort and accommodation of sick and wounded soldiers from different parts of our State. In order to keep it in operation, it is necessary to have means, and it is believed that, if proper exertions are made, it need not be trammelled in its charitable operations for the want of funds;--and when we consider the obligations under which we lie to the sick and wounded of our army, we think we can confidently expect to receive from those who remain at home, their cheerful and efficient co-operation in the way of money and provisions. For this purpose we have taken the liberty of appointing you an agent in your County to raise and forward to the Chairman, Major JAMES C. SMYTH, any money or provisions which may be contributed by in your section.

        Should any citizens of your County get sick or wounded and reach this their friends may be satisfied that they will be attended to in a proper manner.

        It is hoped that you will attend to this appeal at your earliest possible convenience as the expenses of the Hospital are great, and as there is scarcely a family that cannot spare something for the sick and wounded, "we trust that the spirit of patriotism which burns in every Southern heart, will prompt them to immediate exertion in this matter."


AUGUST 18, 1862.