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Minutes of the Proceedings of the Ten Islands Baptist Association.
Held with the Church at Post Oak Spring, Calhoun County, Alabama,
on the 26th, 27th and 28th Days of September, 1863:

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Ten Islands Baptist Association.

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(title page) Minutes of the Proceedings of the Ten Islands Baptist Association. Held with the Church at Post Oak Spring, Calhoun County, Alabama, on the 26th, 27th and 28th Days of September, 1863
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Ten Islands Baptist Association.
On the 26th, 27th and 28th days of September, 1863.

        Pursuant to adjournment, the Ten Islands Association met with the Church at Post Oak Springs.

        The Introductory Sermon was preached by Eld T. P. Gwin, Collossians, 1st chapter, 18th verse.

        At one o'clock, P. M. the Delegates assembled in the house--Elder Silas Woodruff former Moderator presiding, by whom the house was called to order and prayer was offered.

        In the absence of the former Clerk, on motion bro Elias Read was appointed Clerk pro tem.

        The Moderator proceeded to call the roll of churches, when the

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Delegates came forward and took their seats, as follows:

        The Association on motion proceeded to the election of Moderator and Clerk, by ballot. Elder T P Gwin was chosen Moderator, & JOHN M CROOK, Clerk. After a few feeling remarks by the Moderator, accepting the position, he called for petitionary letters--none were offered.

        The Moderator then called for correspondence, when the following named brethren presented themselves:

        From Coosa River--Elder E T Smyth. From Tallassehatchee--brethren Chandler and Allen. From Cherokee--Elder A B Smith with a letter of correspondence, all of whom were duly received and invited to seats with the body.

        The following committees were on motion appointed. On the arrangement of Business--John M Crook, Silas Woodruff, James C Wood, Theodore Turk, and Smith Lipscomb. On Finance--M Dickinson and Elias Read, On Documents--Green Griffin and Silas Woodruff. John M Crook was appointed Treasurer.

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        Committee to arrange preaching--brethren M Dickinson, Matthew Allen, John Brewton, J C Wood, and John Vise.

        On motion, agreed to meet in the church house in special prayer meeting for the success of our armies, the independence of our country, and for the success of the Gospel, in building up the Churches of Christ, at half after nine o'clock to-morrow morning.

        On motion, it was resolved that at the close of the morning services to-morrow, we will take up a collection for the purpose of sending a Missionary to the army. Adjourned to eight o'clock Monday morning--prayer by Elder James D Read.

        Monday Morning the Association met agreeably to adjournment--prayer by the Moderator, The roll was called, and the body proceeded to business.

        The Rules of Decorum were read by the Clerk. The report of the committee to prepare business for the action of the Association was read and received.

        On motion, Correspondents were appointed as follows:

        To Coosa River Association; brethren Woodruff; Gwin & Vise.

        To Tallassehatchee; Woodruff, Crook, Elias Read.

        To Cherokee; Gwin, Woodruff, Colvin, Vise, Morgan, Woods.

        To Canaan--James D Read, and R W Inzer.

        To Muscle Shoals, R W Inzer, J D Read.

        To Boiling Springs; T P Gwin, Wood, Vice, Cook, Woodruff and Cambron.

        To East Ala. Convention; John M Crook and Silas Woodruff.

        The following reports were presented: On Temperance; by brother Woodruff. On Domestic Missions, by brother J D Read; the last year's report on the Religious Instruction of colored people; all of which were adopted and ordered to appear in the Minutes.


        To preach the Introductory Sermon at our next session, Elder Woodruff, Elder E T Read, Alternate. To preach the Missionary Sermon, Elder Gwin, Elder E T Read, Alternate.

        Received the report of committee on documents, and committee discharged.

        Committees were then appointed on the following subjects:

        On Temperance, brethren Crook, Turk and Bowls. On the Religious instruction of Servants, brethreu Ragan, Ingram and Vise. On Domestic Missions, brethren J D Read, Hodges and Alford. On Sabbath Schools and Bible Classes, brethren Woodruff, M Dickinson and Griffin.

        The next session of this Association to be held with the Church

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at Mount Zion, Calhoun couuty, Ala on Saturday before the fourth Sabbath in September, 1864.

        The Treasurer is authorised to settle with the former Treasurer.

        Resolved, That we do recommend to our membership, daily prayer to Almighty God, for the preservation of our gallant army in the field of battle, and for the independence and prosperity of our beloved country, the Confederate States of America.

        Resolved, That the clerk have published in the Minutes a general letter for all of our correspondents.

        Resolved, That any member of this body who shall think proper, is hereby authorised and requested to act as a messenger from us to any one or more of the bodies with whom we correspond.

        Resolved, That the Associational funds be divided with corresponding messengers by the Treasurer, according to the time thus spent.

        Resolved, That the clerk is hereby appointed agent for the distribution of the minutes among the churches, and if the funds be sufficient that he have eight hundred copies printed, and that he receive ten dollars for superintending the same.

        Resolved, That we return our thanks to our heavenly Eather for his care over us, and to our brethren at Post Oak Spring, for their kindness and attention to us during our session.

        After singing an appropriate hymn and extending the parting hand, prayer was offered by Elder Silas Woodruff, when the Moderator after a few feeling and approriate remarks, declared the body adjourned sine die.

        Resolved, That during this unholy war, our churches be requested to hold prayer meetings, specially to ask the interposition of Almighty God in behalf of our country and our institutions, and to crown us with independence and lasting peace.

        Whereas, a collection was taken up on Sabbath morning, amounting to $--for the purpose of army missions, by order of this body, therefore Resolved, That Elders Silas Woodruff, T P Gwin, E T Read and John M Crook be and are hereby appointed a committee to give said funds a proper direction.



        The Clerk failed to find in the correspondence any appointment of Union meetings in the first second and fourth districts.

        3rd District--Mount Gilead, on Friday before the first Sabbath in August next; Elder Silas Woodruff to preach the Introductory sermon, Elder E T Read, Alternate. To preach on the duties of churches to their pastors, Elder E T Read, and Elder T P Gwin alternate.



The Ten Islands Association sendeth Christian Salutation:

        Dear Brethren: At the close of one of the most pleasant and agreeable sessions that we recollect ever to have witnessed, we feel happy to again confer with you by letter and messengers. We are at all times rejoiced to receive your correspondence; and would respectfully enquire why this pleasant duty

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of iutercommunication between christian bodies is so often neglected. True the present surroundings are seriously felt in all our deliberations; therefore we feel that we should more earnestly supplicate a throne of grace for that great blessing which we all so much desire, the independence of our beloved South, with its accompanying blessings. With this we send you a token of our love, with assurances of our christian affection. Our minutes will show who we have appointed as Messengers to your body.




        The Report of the Committee on Finance was received.

Report on Domestic Missions.

        We your committee beg leave to report, that we have had the subject of Home Missions under consideration; and do feel to lament that a subject of such vast importance is so much neglected. And as we believe that Home Missions are so well understood that they need no explanation, and that the field of labor has opened so large and wide in our midst, and the Macedonian cry is heard from so many directions, that we as an Association are called upon to come up to the help of the Lord against the mighty. The Savior's admonition is appropriate to us; "Lift up your eyes and look upon the fields, for they are white already to harvest. Say not brethren, four months and we will attend to thit; but let us come to the work at once. We would suggest and recommend, that as the Lord of the harvest hae crowned our fields with plenty, and filled our pockets with money, that this Association employ

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and support at least two missiouaries, one to preach to our fathers, husbands, brothers and sons in the army; the other to our mothers, wives, sisters and children at hame; especially in the destitute bounds of our churches, unsupplied by a regular pastor. Dear brethren, to think of the poor soldier dying without hope in Jesus, who has sacrificed all the pleasures of association with father, mother brother; sisters, wives and children, all the loved ones at home and all that interests man on earth, and take his life in his hand as it were to stand, fight and defend; not only home and firesides, but our religious altars and principles, handed down to us by the great Head of the Churches, through our forefathers. The heart is enlisted in this great struggle for moral and religious liberty. All of which is submitted.

Report on Temperance.

        The different societies in our common country, when united, constitute one great family, mutually interested and morally bound for each other's protection; and are under an imperious obligation to feed and clothe such as are physically or mentally disqualified for supplying their own wants. Hence, every man ought to feel it to be his duty, not only to abstain from every indulgence that will have a demoralising tendency upon his own mind, but also to exert himself to the extent of the ability with which God has endowed him, in the suppression of whatever impairs the iutellect, produces debility, or blunts the sensibilities of others. Inasmuch therefore, as tho habitual use of intoxicating liquors legitimately tends to drunkenness, produces physical debility, mental imbecility, and spreads blight and mildew in the social circle, is a public nuisance; and by beggaring its votaries; thrusts them as paupers upon the State. It follows inevitably that the habitual use of intoxicating spirits ought to be frowned upon, as being in direct antagonism to that principle which is the chief corner stone of social happiness, and to which the Saviour referred when he said to his disciples; "All things whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do ye even so unto them; for this is the law and the prophets." While all men as good citizens ought to enlist in the cause of temperance, the churches are in a higher and peculiar sense, most solemnly and imperatively bound to enter unitedly and singly upon the duty of suppressing, by every laudable means, the use of ardent spirits as a beverage. Then let our churches assume the high and uncompromising position on this question, which the interests of our holy christianity demand, and then as the leader in the crusade against intemperance, will they occupy the high potion as the light of the world, which will be well pleasing to the great Lawgiver of Zion. When freed from the shackles of in temperance, they will present a galaxy in the temperance cause that will strike with terror and dismay the sordid retailers of the hellish poison, and snatch them from a drunkard's grave; and should unitedly pray to God to save them from the consequences of that death that never dies. In conclusion; we offer the following resolutions:

        1st Resolved, That it is the sense of this Association, that the habitual use of intoxicating liquors is productive of physical debility; is injurious to the mind, and has a demoralizing effect upon those who thus use them.

        2nd Resolved, That all christian sought to abstain from the use of ardent spirits as a beverage, themselves, and as far as practicable influence offers to follow their example.

Report on Religious Instruction of Colored People.

        We your committee upon instruction to colored people, beg leave to report, that while we have had the subject to some extent under consideration, and from the best information that we have been able to arrive at, while some churches and some masters seem alive to the subject, too many seem to neglect to a great extent the religious instruction of this class of our population. We would suggest that our churches adopt some plan for the stated instruction of our blacks, either by stated preaching for their benefit, or by separate apartments, (as many of our churchos have) for their occupation; which plan we prefer; at least for our country churches, where this class of our population is smalt, as calling for less labor at the hands of the ministry. And further, we would earnestly present the subject to our brethren who are masters (believing that woile God sanctions the institution of slavery, he requires you to regard the spiritual welfare of your slaves,) and beg you to see that your servants are regular and orderly in their attendance at our churches on the Sabbath, instead of desecrating as is too often the case, God's holy day by labor or, traffic, or idle roving about; which is demoralising. These things are deemed worthy of our consideration, even in view of our present good, knowing that the religious servant is always the obedient. Respectfully submitted.

Report on Documents.

        The committee reported no matter worthy of the attention of the body had been presented during the session.

        ORDINATIONS.--During this associational year, our estimable brother E. T. Read was, by a Presbytery called for that purpose, duly examined and ordained to the great work of the Gospel ministry.

        REVIVAL MEETING.--After the adjournment of the Association at Post Oak Spring, the church continued the meeting until the ensuing Sabbath, during which they received by baptism 18 & by letter 5 additional members.

Report of Committee on Finance.


The committee on finance report; that they received on Sabbath,

for army missions, . . . . . $353 00
For Printing the Minutes, . . . . . 73 20
Associational purposes, . . . . . 39 75
  $465 95

        All of which is submitted and paid over to the Treasurer.


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CHURCHES AND COUNTIES. Post Office. Pastoral Supply, Clerk. Baptized Rec. by L Dis. by L Excom. Restored Deaths. TOTAL. As. fund Meetings
Sulphur Springs, Calhoun, Morrisville,   T J Finley.   1 .2     2 53 3 00 1st
Oak Bowery, Calhoun, Middleton, W. McCain, J W Cambr'n 6 3 12 1   5 219   2d
Cane Creek, Calhoun, Alexandria, G Mynatt, Asa Allen.     2 1   2 57   1st
Mount Zion, Calhoun, Alexandria, J J D Renfro, J. M. Crook,       1   4 304 5 00 3rd
Snow's Greek, Calhoun, Gxford,                 32 5 00 2nd
Zion Hill Calhoun, White Plains E T Smith, S T Rhodes   1 7 1   1 62   3rd
2nd DISTRICT.                        
Refuge, St. Clair, Broken Arrow                 33    
Macedonia, Clair, Watsons M'ls R W Inzer, H. Little, 4 2 3       53   2d
Greensport, Clair, Greensport, J D Reid, E. Eley, 2   1   1 1 31   4th
Ashville, Clair, Ashville, J A Collins, J Hodges, 11 3 1     2 77   3d
Antioch, Clair, Ashville,                     1st
Mount Pl'st Clair, Ashville, R W Inzer, H. Glover   2 2     1 19   4th
3rd DISTRICT.                        
Jacksonville, Calhoun, Jacksonville,                 121   2d
Post Oak Sp'g, Calhoun, Alexandria, T P Gwin, J C Wood 1 4 12     2 115 2 00 2d
Hebron, Calhoun, Alexandria, T P Gwin, S Lipscomb 6 14 1     1 89 2 00 1st
Mount Gilead, Calhoun, Mount Polk, E T Read, M Dickinson   2 3 1     78   1st
Oak Grove, Calhoun, Mount Polk, T P Gwin, Vash. Davis   9 7 1     83   3d
Pilgrim's Rest, Calhoun, Peeks Hill, W N Chandler, W. Morgan .   3 1   1 49   2d
Cove creek, Cherokee, Water Cure, W N Chandler, H. Word,   3 6 1     25   2d
Smyrna, Cherokee, Hoke's Bluff                 33   3d
4th DISTRICT.                        
Cave Springs, DeKalb, Gadsden, A B Smith, J Brewton. 3   16 2   2 43   3d
Friendship, Blount, Walnut Grov                     3d
Clear Creek, St. Olair, Bennettsvilie,                 50   4th
Pleasant Valley, Olair, Blairsville, C Best, D Mooney. 1 2       2 14   2d
Bebee Spring, Olair, Bebee Spring H R Culbersn A S Cobb. 9 1 1           3d
Hopewell. Olair, Greensport, J D Reid, M J Nabors     3     1 30   4th
Mount Vernon, Olair, Bennettsville,                     3d

        The churches not represented, have here the number of members reported in 1862. Fund for Minutes, $73 20