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The Confederate Soldier's Wife
Parting From Her Husband!:

Electronic Edition.

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First edition, 1999
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Library of Congress Subject Headings, 21st edition, 1998

LC Subject Headings:

Confederate Soldier's Wife

                         Here is thy trusty blade!
                         Take it, and wield it in a glorious cause;
                         Defend our firesides, battle for the laws
                         Which our forefathers made;
                         And stay, that on thy breast my hand
                         May place the blue cockade!

                         Go forth to conquer; where
                         The battle rages fiercest thou wilt be,
                         And I will glory that my Love is there
                         Struggling for Liberty.

                         Haste to the battle field!
                         Thy country calls thee to the deadly fight--
                         Go forth undaunted in thy manhood's might,
                         Thy noble cause thy shield;
                         And if thou fallest--hush, heart, thine agony--
                         God will defend the right!

                         Where the Palmetto waves
                         O'er manly hearts that struggle to be free,
                         That bid defiance bold to Tyranny;
                         Where hospitable graves
                         Are widely yawning for the reckless foe,
                         My lip can bid thee, best beloved, go!
                         What if thou fallest? my heart will throb to know
                         He died, O South, for thee!