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Anita Dwyer Withers, fl. 1860-1865

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May 4, 1860 - June 18, 1865
San Antonio, Texas
Richmond, Virginia

Given by
Mrs. William Holcomb
Route 11 - Box 361-B
San Antonio, Texas
for permanent preservation in the
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Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Page 1

San Antonio,

May 4th. 1860.

        May the 1st. was the first time that I went down to breakfast with my Husband since the birth of our baby. That morning I practised on the Piano, and took a ride in the afternoon.

May 4th.

         All well (T G) Mrs. Mitchell, Miss Conrad, Miss Post, and Miss Rodriguez called to see me, they were all delighted with little Edward. We took a short drive. My Mother came over in the evening to take care of the baby so that I might go and hear the Swiss bell Ringers but I did not care to attend.

May 5th. [1860]

         Rather a pleasant day. I wrote to Mrs. T. Dwyer as she expects to start for Europe soon. I have just received a letter from my dear Aunt Maria they were all enjoying good health. Charlotte bought the baby a bottle and India rubber nipple.

        Our place now looks beautifully green and shady. The gardin is very fine.

        I went over to the casita for the first time since it has been repaired, it looks really very nice and pretty.

May 6th. [1860]

         Sunday I went to Church this morning with the Captain for the first time since the birth of the baby, my Mother took care of him & nursed him on the bottle. Major Dashiell, Dr. D. his brother, and Miss Aurelia dined with us. Mrs. Williams had her children Baptised today by Mr. Bunting, we went round to her house, their were several persons there. We had cake and wine and spent an hour rather pleasantly;

Page 2

from there we went to see Mrs. Abbodie who arrived yesterday. Concion brought Mrs. Tabbin and Miss Navarro over to see me this afternoon. The Captain and myself were tired and came up stairs immediately after Tea.

May 7th. 1860

        A very windy day. The Capt. and myself made a few visits today, for the first time since the birth of my Edward. We called on Miss Kincheloe, a young lady school mate, whom I knew at Nazareth. Three gentlemen and Mrs. Dr. Jarvis called on me today, also Mrs. Williams with Lt. McCartha.

May 8th. [1860]

         The morning was cloudy, and it rained a little. My Mother came over to see the baby this morning, but would not stay to dinner. I went shopping this afternoon, and made one call. I had a muskeeter bar made and put up on the baby's bed today.

May 9th. [1860]

         A pleasant day. We went round to Menger Hotel to make a few calls in the afternoon. Mrs. Twigg and Sister Felicita came to see me for some collection they are making to build an Orphan's Asylum at New Braunfels, I gave her only five dollars, for I had no more to spare at present.

May 10th. [1860] Thursday.

        A beautiful day, our bath house was completed today, it is a mighty nice one. My Mother and myself went down to see it this morning. Ma bought the baby a sweet little hat at $4.

Page 3

We had a number of calls today, & we took a drive in the evening. The Captain was planting Water melons all the afternoon.

        Mr. Blake and Capt. Lee arrived here today.

May 11th. 1860. Friday.

        I took the baby out for the first time this morning, we went over to my Mother's, but she had gone to the Rancho and taken Blaza with her.

        On returning home we stopped at Mrs. Seal's. The Capt. and myself made some calls in the afternoon. Mrs. Williams and Miss Aurelia went every where with us. Miss A. spent that night with us. Mrs. Dr. Jarvis leaves for Baltimore on tomorrow.

May 12th. 1860.

        Saturday. A windy day. Miss A. went home this morning, she had a great deal of news as usual. Neither the baby nor I feel well today. Capt. Mrs. McLean and Mr. Blake came to see us after Tea.

May 13th. 1860.

        Sunday. We went to the New Church today, my Mother stayed with the baby and remained all day. Mr. Gallagher came in the afternoon, also Mr. Mrs. Williams and Miss Aurelia. Miss A. Mrs. Mcclain, and the children took Tea with us.

May 14th. 1860.

        Monday. Quite warm and close today. I stayed at home as usual all the morning. In the afternoon we took the baby out driving for the first

Page 4

time, he paid Miss Conrad a visit, they were all delighted to see him, he behaved exceedingly well, didn't cry at all. Capt. and Mrs. Lee called whilst we were out. We remained at home in the evening.

May 15th. 1860.

        Tuesday. A beautiful day. Mrs. Taylor has just called to see me. The Capt. & myself went out calling in the afternoon.

        Ann took the baby over to my Mother's and found my Ma with a headache.

May 16th. 1860.

        Wednesday. A fine, but very warm day. I went over to my Mother's in the afternoon. Mrs. and Capt. McLean, Capt, and Mrs. Lee, and Mrs. Blake took tea with us, everything looked very nicely. They are all going away very soon. I went to bed with a bad headache.

May 17th. 1860.

        Thursday. A warm day, a feast of Obligation, The Ascension of our Lord. I went to Church this morning and came home in Capt. Lee's Ambulance that was standing near the Office. We took the baby to the Convent to see the children, the Nuns and all were greatly pleased with him, from there we went over to my Mother's, she was sick. Last evening we attended the party given by the ladies at the Menger, it was an exceedingly pleasant one, nearly all the ladies & gentlemen of San Antonio were present & looked well. We came home at 1 o'clock and the baby did not cry once.

Page 5

May 18th. 1860.

        Friday. A pleasant but warm day. Col. Lee arrived yesterday from the Rio Grande. The Capt. stayed at the office most of the day, and came home to dinner very late. I got so uneasy that I sent Rowl after him. In the afternoon I went over to my Mother's with the baby.

May 19th. 1860.

        Saturday. A cool and pleasant day. They had a May party today but I did not go. Mrs. Levine with her children called, also Dr. Ford & Mr. Thomas. We made some visits this afternoon.

        Ann took the baby out to walk.

May 20th. 1860.

        Sunday. The Captain and myself went to church. I saw Martha Seal with Maggie Mullen but did not speak to her. We received letters from my Aunts, they had heard of the birth of Edward.

        In the afternoon the Capt. and myself went to see Mrs. Wealder.

        Ann took the baby out to walk.

May 21st. 1860.

        Monday. A beautiful day. Mr. Toutant has just called, he is looking very well and stouter than he was. The Captain and myself and baby took a little ride in the afternoon. It was very windy and dusty though. The little McDowells and Nelly Sappington took tea with us this evening. I

Page 6

played for the children. Col. Lee called after Tea, he was much pleased with the baby.

May 22ond. 1860.

        Tuesday. Today the baby is two months old, his Papa weighed him and he has gained 2 lbs this last month. He now weighs 11 lbs. My Mother and Mr. Callaghan came to see him, Mr. Gallagher also called. The Capt. went up to the Hotel this afternoon, took a drive with Dr. Ford and brought him home to Tea. A number of persons called on me this evening.

May 23rd. Wednesday.

        Blaza Seal spent nearly all the morning with me, I cut out a white sun bonnet, and gave her one. Captain and myself made several calls in the afternoon. Mrs. Abbat talked to me about her afflictions.

        In the evening the Capt. went up to the Hotel to see Capt. and Mrs. McLean, on his return my Ma, Concion & Narcisso Seal came to see us for the first time.

May 24th. Thursday. [1860]

        A warm day. We got up very early this morning, the Capt. had to see the little McDowells off, they went under the care of Capt. and Mrs. McLean. Mrs. Walker called on me this morning, she is looking remarkably well. My Ma, myself and baby went out to see Ellen and Manuel Yture in the afternoon. Mr. Echols took tea with us.

Page 7

May 25th. Friday. [1860]

        Mrs. Freemon and children called, they are going to Louisiana. My Ma went to the Rancho and brought Grandma in. We made some calls in the afternoon.

May 26th. 1860. Saturday.

        My Ma and Grandma came to see me this morning. Concion engaged herself to A. Navarro today, and will be married soon.

        We made some calls this afternoon. The Capt. and myself went round to Captain Whitely's after Tea.

May 27th. Sunday. [1860]

        I went to Church early and then went to see my Mother and Concion. They are in a great state of excitement.

        The Capt. myself, baby and Charlotte went out in my Ma's Ambulance to Major Dashiell's Ranch and spent a very pleasant day. After Tea we walked round to my Mother's, she was not in, but Concion and Beau were having a little private talk on the Porch.

May 28th. 1860.

        Monday. I staid at home all the morning. In the afternoon I went over to the casita. Mrs. C-- with sister-in-law were busily engaged making a wedding dress. Mrs. Reynolds and Miss Ash called. After Tea the Capt. went to call on Col. Lee but did not find him in, I hid out on the Gallery as he came home.

Page 8

May 29th. 1860. Tuesday.

        I staid at home in the morning, in the afternoon I made some calls. I wrote my Uncle Tom a letter. After Tea the Capt. and myself went to see Mrs. Bowen.

May 30th. Wednesday. [1860]

        I spent all day at my Mother's, I went over after I got through bathing the baby, and my duties at home, on my way there I paid a visit to my Aunt Mrs. Seal and to Mrs. Casiano. Edward behaved very well, and slept nearly all day.

        Concion and Mr. Navarro came to see us after Tea. I played on the piano.

May 31st. Thursday. [1860]

        A pleasant morning. Rowl found the Captain's gold pen which he lost and was in great distress about. Concion is to be married tonight at the Church.

June 1st. 1860.

        Friday. I got up this morning feeling badly after the effects of the wedding. Concion was married last evening at the old church by Father Matteo. Mr. Tobin and Miss T. Navarro stood up for them. On our return from church we proceeded to the casita, there were quite a number of persons assembled, all relatives.

        I received a letter from Joe yesterday, he had just arrived in New

Page 9


        The Captain and myself went over to see the bride this afternoon.

June 2ond. 1860.

        Saturday. I sent the baby over to my Mother's this morning. Mr. Gallagher called and gave me the rents. I went over to my Ma's for a little while. Mr. Navarro came home with me. Mrs. Risher called.

        Mr. N. and bride, Ma, and Grandma took tea with us.

June 3rd. 1860. Sunday.

        We went to Church. All the Dashiells came in and spent the day with us, they returned home by moonlight.

June 4th. 1860. [Monday.]

        I sent over for my Ma this morning, and we both took a delightful bath down to the river.

        In the afternoon the Captain went out Major Dashiell's with Dr. Abbodie. The baby and I spent the evening at my Mother's waiting for Joe but he did not come.

June 5th. 1860.

        Tuesday. I did not feel well in the morning. Huppy came running about 10 O'clock to tell me that Joe had arrived, I went over immediately and left the baby at home. The Capt. came over for me at 12. In the afternoon I went over again to my Ma's.

Page 10

June 6th. Wednesday.

        Joe came over this morning, took a bath and breakfasted with us. After breakfast the Capt. took him to the Office to introduce him to the Officers.

        The Priests came to see him but he was not in. In the Afternoon I took a little drive. Joe came after Tea in all the dust and rain, and slept here.

June 7th. 1860.

        Thursday. I was sick nearly all the morning. Joe and my Ma came over after church, for it is the feast of Corpus Christi, they stayed until after dinner. They went to the Convent to see the little girls.

        The Captain, baby and myself took a drive. Col. Lee called, Mr. Mrs. Smyth took tea with us.

June 8th. 1860. Friday.

        I am not well this morning. I have staid at home nearly all day. Joe and the Capt. went round calling. In the afternoon Mr. Navarro and wife came over and spent the evening. My Ma and Joe also took tea with us.

June 9th. 1860. Saturday.

        I am again complaining today. My Ma and Joe staid here nearly all day. Miss Aurelia also came in from the country and remained all day.

        Mr. Smyth took Joe to dine with him. In the evening they made some visits. My Mother and Joe staid to Tea, we had music after. The baby was vacinated.

Page 11

June 10th. Sunday. [1860]

        The Captain, Joe and myself went to the New Church to Mass, all in the buggy. Joe remained until after dinner. In the evening my Grandma, Ma and Joe took Tea and spent the evening, we played and sang.

June 11th. Monday. [1860]

        Baby and I not very well the Dr. came to see us.

June 11th. Monday. [1860]

        Baby and I not very well. I was alone all day. The Capt. and I made some few calls in the afternoon. My Mother and Joe took Tea and spent the evening with us. We took a little walk around by the plaza after Tea.

June 12th. 1860. Tuesday.

        Baby unwell--Doctor Herff came to see him. My Mother and Joe went out to the Ranch and spent the day. Joe returned quite sun-burnt.

        My Grandma spent the day with me. Joe and Ma came over to Tea.

June l3th. 1860. Wednesday.

        Baby better. My Mother and Joe spent the day with me. In the afternoon I went out to invite for the Christened. Concion and Husband came over after Tea. Joe and myself practiced.

June 14th. Thursday. [1860]

        Baby and myself better. Ma and Joe spent the day here. In the afternoon I went out to invite for the Christening.

Page 12

June 15th. [1860]

        The Anniversary of our marriage, we have been married a year 1860. In the morning we arranged the house for an entertainment. Miss Aurelia and Mrs. Mickling came in today to assist me. They made the chicken salad & got Joe to help them. We set the table very prettily in the afternoon. I have had the headache all day, and got worse in the evening. I was obliged to leave the company and go upstairs to bed. About half past seven we went to the New Church with the baby, a great number of persons were already there. The Church was all lighted very prettily. Father Shean performed the ceremony. The party went off very well, although the Captain sent the Mexican musicians of. Joe played Robert on the Violin and I accompanied him on the Piano.

June 16th. Saturday. [1860]

        The Captain was quite sick this morning, he went to the Office but was obliged to return home early.

June 17th. 1860. [Sunday]

        The Capt. drove Joe and myself to Church. Ma, Joe, and Miss Aurelia dined with us. In the afternoon Mrs. Mickling and Miss Aurelia went home. Capt. Blair arrived here on last Saturday--

June l8th. 1860.

        Monday. I staid at home all day. We waked up at 5 O'clock this morning and took a ride before breakfast we went to the Mission of St.

Page 13

Joseph in an hour. Joe came over about eleven and remained all day until 10 at night--

June 19th. Tuesday. [1860]

        The Capt. baby and myself took a ride before breakfast. In the afternoon I made a few calls, went to the casita & took a drive with Joe & the Captain.

        After Tea Joe & Capt. went to call on Col. Lee--& Mr. Toutant. Joe talked about Miss Whitely and made my Mother mad.

June 20th. 186 . Wednesday.

        The Capt. baby and myself took a drive before breakfast. My Ma and myself went to see Isabelle Casiano who has a young baby.

        Joe was fined 6 dollars today for galloping on horseback in town.

June 21st. Thursday. [1860]

        The feast of St. Louis Gouzaga. Capt. Edward and myself took a ride this morning.

        I received a letter from my Uncle Thomas. Old Mr. Macdonna and his son the minister dined with us. The Capt. sent for Joe to come over.

        In the afternoon Mrs. Tworgg and Miss Kate came to see us, also Miss Groesbeck. After Tea Joe and the Captain went to Capt. Whitely's' but did not see miss Kate. My Ma, Mr. Mrs. Navarro came over after their supper.

June 22ond. Friday. [1860]

        The baby is three months old today. Mrs. N. sent shade for him. We

Page 14

took a drive this morning before breakfast, I don't feel very well this morning.

        Mrs. Stein and children called. Mr. Williams also--Joe and my Mother came to Tea.

June 23rd. Saturday. [1860]

        We took a nice drive this morning. Joe came over to breakfast and went to the Office with the Captain. My Mother and Joe took Tea here.

        The Capt, and myself went to Mina's house and took Edward her child has grown immense.

June 24th. Sunday. [1860]

        Mrs. Mickling called to see us whilst we were at breakfast. Captain Joe and myself went to church. My Ma dined with us. After Tea Joe went round to see Mrs. Elliot.

June 25th. Monday. [1860]

        We took a drive before breakfast. Joe came over to dinner. In the afternoon Mr. Mrs. Smyth and Mrs. Abbat called also Edward Gallagher.

        After Tea Joe and the Captain went to see Miss Ada Bradly, Capt. and Mrs. Whitely and Mrs. Hodges came to see me in the meantime.

June 26th 1860. Tuesday.

        We took a drive as usual in the morning in the direction to the Ranch.

        My came over but went back home to dinner Joe remained all day. We

Page 15

were invited out to Tea at Mr. Smyth's this evening but were prevented on account of the rain. Joe stayed here all night. The Captain and himself talked about Ranching all the evening--

June 27th. Wednesday. [1860]

        A cool and pleasant morning. We did not take our drive this morning Joe took breakfast here--

        My Ma and brother spent the day-- In the afternoon Col. Lee and General Sheals called also Mr & Mrs Williams. The Capt. and Joe wrote after Tea.

June 28th. Thursday. [1860]

        We had a delightful shower yesterday morning.

June 29th. Friday. [1860]

        The Capt. Joe and myself took Tea at Mr. Smyths--

June 30th. [1860]

        I was sick all day with fever and chills--

July 1st. 1860.

        Sunday--I was not able to go to Church this morning, I am still very weak and sick. Miss Aurelia and Mrs. Mickling came in and dined with

Page 16

us. I got up courage enough to go down stairs.

July 2ond. Monday. [1860]

        I took a drive with Joe immediately after breakfast. In the afternoon I sent the baby over to Mrs. Whitley's he cried

        After Tea Judge Duncan and Miss Whitley came to see us. Joe and myself were asked to play.

July 3rd. Tuesday. [1860]

        Joe, my Mother and myself, baby and Charlotte went out to the Ranch--Joe acted driver, he went against a mesquite tree without seeing.

July 4th. Wednesday. [1860]

        They had grand celebrations here procession and speeches. Joe and myself took a drive and went for the Captain. Mr. Williams came to see us in the afternoon. Mr. Gallagher came to tell us goodbye he is going to the Virginia Springs. Miss Aurelia came down and spent the evening.

        The Capt. & Joe went to the Ball given at the Casino.

July 5th. Thursday. [1860]

        After breakfast Joe took me and baby to the Convent to see my nieces, from there we went to Mrs. Lacoste's new place, they have a sweet home. After Tea Captain Trevet--Boman and Lt. Holt called to see us.

Page 17

July 6th. Friday. [1860]

        I got up at five this morning. We took a drive. In the afternoon Captain with Col. Bacheas called, also Mrs. McClure. The Capt. and Joe walked out and brought Col. Lee home to Tea.

July 7th. [1860]

        We took a drive this morning.

July 8th. 1860. Sunday.

        Joe took me to the New Church this morning. The Captain went to the Episcopal to hear Mr. Quinvy [?]. Miss A. & Mrs. M. dined with

         Miss A. and Joe went to church in the evening.

July 9. Monday. [1860]

        We took a drive as usual. Miss A. staid a couple of days with us. I remained at home all day. Mrs. Groasbeck came to see us and staid to Tea, Joe took her home. I had a violent headache all night.

July 10th. Tuesday. [1860]

        I continued sick but went out riding. I slept all the way. Major Dashiells, his son, Miss A. & Mrs. Mickling took dinner with us, whilst we were making a siesta they left. I felt very badly all the evening.

        Miss Sampson and bro came to see us.

July 11th. 1860. Wednesday.

        I took a long drive with my Husband and baby--way round by the head

Page 18

of the river. My Ma and Joe spent the day with me. In the afternoon I made some calls.

July 12th. Thursday. [1860]

        We took our ride as usual. After breakfast my Ma, Joe, baby, Charlotte and myself started for the Ranch but the reins broke, and we were obliged to return.

July 13th. Friday. [1860]

        We took our usual drive in the afternoon. I went out visiting in an ambulance with Capt. Joe, and baby, Charlotte and myself

        In the evening we had three gentlemen to Tea, Col. Bachus, Capt. Trevit, and Mr. Holt of the 3rd. Infantry. We enjoyed the evening very much. I played a piece on the piano--and sang--

July 14th. Saturday. [1860]

        We took a drive. Joe took his first music lesson from a young German, nothing new occurred.

July 15th. 1860. Sunday.

        Joseph and myself went to early Mass to the old church. My Ma returned home with us and we all spent the day together as usual. The baby was not very well. My Ma remained all night.

Page 19

July 16th. Monday. [1860]

        We drove this morning towards the Missions--the looks well this morning. I made a few calls in the afternoon. Mr. Baylor and sister Tiny came to see us--he looked very sad.

July 17th. Tuesday. [1860]

        My Ma, Joe, Concion, Angel, Charlotte, baby and myself spent the day in the country, we had great times. The Captain and myself remained to Tea at my Mother's. The box of presents arrived from Dublin, they were really beautiful. I wrote to my Uncle.

July 18. Wednesday. [1860]

        I took a nice drive. I staid at home the remainder of the day. The Capt. went up for Miss Conrad and Miss Post to Tea, we had a delightful evening.

July l9th. 1860. Thursday.

        We took a drive towards the San Predro and met our friend as usual. In the afternoon I went to see Mrs. Devine, she collected a large bouquet of flowers for me. My Ma came over to Tea. Joe went to see Ada B.

July 20th. 1860. Friday.

        We went out at six o'clock as usual. Joseph was quite busy all the afternoon trying to get up a party at the Menger Hotel. I made some calls.

        Joe and the Captain went around to Mr. Nagels and Hansons after Tea. I went to bed. The baby did not wake once the whole night.

Page 20

July 21st. Saturday. [1860]

        We drove out west this morning. I remained at home all day. In the afternoon I tried to take a ride on horseback but I found my horse had gotten bad, & scary. I only rode a few yards and some one had to pull the bridle. After Tea the Capt, Joe and myself went over to my Mother's. Jules Navarro was there with my Ma and Concion.

July 22ond. [1860]

        Joe, my Ma and myself went to six o'clock Mass, I lost a little veil I had. Today the baby Edward is four months old, he weighs 13 and a half pounds. My Mother, the Capt, Joe, Myself, Charlotte with the baby went out to Major Dashiell's after our siesta. We had a nice moonlight drive returning. After Tea my Ma, Capt. and Joe commenced talking about the cattle on the Ranch, upon which topic my Mother got mad and went home.

July 23rd. Monday. [1860]

        We took a drive as usual. I remained at home all day. In the we were invited to Mrs. Lewis to take Tea. My Ma, the Capt. Joe and myself went over. Mrs. Smyth was there to meet us. Julia Seffering looked rather sad I suppose she was regretting her Beaus Mr. M. absence.

July 24th. Tuesday. [1860]

        I took a drive towards the San Pedro. I suffered all the morning with toothache, finally Rawl took me in the buggy to the Office for the Captain, and he took me to Dr. Kingsbury. In the afternoon we made several calls.

Page 21

        Mr. McDonna the old gentleman and his two sons took tea with us.

July 25th. Wednesday. [1860]

        We were at home all day, The Captain was all afternoon, his face was very much swollen, he had high fever. Mr. Mrs. Abbat came to see me.

July 26th. Thursday. [1860]

        The Captain was sick.

July 27th. Friday. [1860]

        We sent out for the Dashiell early in the morning for the party. We had an elegant party, I wore a white and blue Tartan made very pretty. Joe took Miss Conrad. My Mother, Concion and all the family attended.

July 28th. [1860]

        All got up tired but well after the party. Mr. Mrs. Toutant and into town.

July 29th. Sunday. [1860]

        I went to Mass to the New Church. The Dashiells are still here, my Ma nor Joe came over. Joe spent the evening at the Menger with Mr. Weschler, he came here running mad about Miss Toutant.

July 30th. Monday. [1860]

        The Captain, baby and myself took a drive and made some calls in the

Page 22

afternoon. Captain Blair and Miss Ada Bradly came to see us after Tea. Joe was not at home.

July 31st. Tuesday. [1860]

        We took our usual drive. This morning quite a large number of persons were collected at home, Rily Evans, & E. Baylor came over with Joe, they had music. Mrs. Lewis, Major Dashiells and some others were here. In the afternoon I made some calls. Mr. Edgar--Mewton and Mr. & Mrs. Williams. We had water melons and Peaches to offer them. Joe went to take Tea at Mrs. Elliot's.

August 1st. 1860. Wednesday.

        We took our drive and went by the same old road again. Mrs. Duff invited us to her house this evening. The Capt. Joe, Miss A. and Mrs. Mickling attended the party, it was delightful, we had a lovely night, moonlight, and an elegant supper.

August 2ond. Thursday. [1860]

        All were much tired, remained in bed 'till quite late. Mr. Dye and Mr. Jones came to see us after Tea.

August 3rd. Friday. [1860]

        We neglected again to take our ride in the morning. Joe and myself went to visit, he hired an ambulance, my Ma and ourselves called on the Toutant family, and some others. We did not find the young lady as pretty

Page 23

as we expected. Since the party their has been a coolness between the Capt. and the S. ladies about something that he heard that they said. Last evening I think that they overheard the conversation that my husband and I had about them.

August 4th. 1860. Saturday.

        We took our drive this morning. Catarina & Carolina are spending the day with me, it is there vacation. I went to Confession in the afternoon to Father Shean. Col. Lee came to see us after tea.

August 5th. Sunday. [1860]

        I went to early Mass and Holy communion. Mama spend the day here, the Dashiells went out home after dinner. Catarina and Carolina staid to tea, and afterwards went home with Ma and Joe.

August 6th. [1860]

        I took a ride on horseback this with my brother after which I feel quite tired and nervous. The Capt. and myself went over to my Mother's after Tea.

        Today is the day of the election My Husband did not vote.

August 7th. Tuesday. [1860]

        It has been raining all the morning the first time for months past. We took a little drive before breakfast.

Page 24

August 8th. Wednesday. [1860]

        I remained at home all day. Joe and Catarina spend the day, the little girl was a little sick, I gave her some medicine, they remained until after tea.

August 9th. 1860.

        It is still raining a great deal. Unable to go out. I took sick about 1 O'clock with headache, and suffered all night. Major Van Dorn and Lt. Holt called on us this evening, I regretted not seeing them.

August 10th. [1860]

        I was sick, my Ma came over to stay with me and take care of the baby she took into the next room with her.

August 11th. Saturday. [1860]

        I am still sick. Mrs. Abbat & Miss Toutant called.

August 12th. Sunday. [1860]

        Being still unwell I did not go to Church, I regret it exceedingly. Catarina and Carolina spend the day with us. Major S. came up to see the Capt. to get my Ma's Ambulance and bring Mrs. D. into town to have the operation performed.

August 13. [1860]

        On Monday they came in. I sent them some peaches for sick lady.

Page 25

August 15th. [1860]

        The feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. All at home went to Church but myself, I did not feel well enough, but with all that I went visiting and shopping. In the evening I took the baby to see Mrs. Sampson.

August 16th. Thursday. [1860]

        I am a great deal better. In the afternoon The Capt. my Ma, Joe, myself, baby, Charlotte and Concion's children went out to the Rancho, the Captain came into town next morning early.

Friday--August 17th. 1860.

        We had a pleasant day out in the country, all the family together. The children and I walked out a long distance on the road to meet my Husband--we slept on the Ranch and came into town next day (morning).

August 18th. 1860.

        The Capt. Joe, myself, baby and Charlotte came into town. Joe and myself went out calling on the ladies from Austin and Mrs. Dick Howard. Mr. McManus and bro are in town and called on us when out in the Rancho. In the afternoon we went to see Mrs. Dashiells--she is better, we also called on Mrs. Washington but did not go all the way, she was in Miss Kate Whitely's carriage, they went round to hear the band play, we also stopped for a while, there was a crowd of person & carriages there.

Page 26

August 19th. Sunday. [1860]

        The baby was sick and had high fever all night. Mr. Campbell, the gentleman that we invited to Tea yesterday, could not find the house and did not come. Major McClure came round to see us. I did not go to church today much to my regret, for the baby was sick and I was waiting for the Doctor until after 10 O'clock.

        Joe went out to the Rancho after dinner to bring my Ma in to see the baby.

August 20th. 1860. Monday.

        The baby is somewhat better this morning. I had a number of wisters this morning. The Captain and Joe went to Mrs. Reynolds party. Alceé Toutant came in to see me and staid about an hour.

August 21st. Tuesday. [1860]

        The baby is still quite sick. Mrs. Duff gave a party to some few.

August 22ond. [1860]

        Baby somewhat better, the young men gave a party at the Menger, I was sorry not to be able to go, because the Captain seemed to be anxious to do so, but I had two very good reasons for not doing so.

August 23rd. Thursday. [1860]

        The baby is a great deal better. My Mother has been over here all

Page 27

the week taking care of him. In the afternoon I took a ride on horseback with Col. Lee & Joe, we went round to hear the band first, and then went out in the country. Col. Lee remained to Tea.

August 24th. Friday. [1860]

        Baby nearly well. Dr. Abadie has been touching my eye for the last few days. Mrs. Dick Howard called on me, and after Tea the Capt. and Joe went round to see them, and Mrs. Abat and family.

August 25th. Saturday. [1860]

        Mr. Alceé & Edmunds brought around invitations for Mr. Abat's party. The Bishop is in town and came to see us.

August 26th. Sunday. [1860]

        The Captain, Joe and myself went to late Mass to the New Church. Bishop Oudin preached on the Immortality of the soul. It rained very heavily all day, the river rose very high and took a number of bath houses away, but ours remained, fortunately. At night we had quite a storm, great thundering and lightening.

        Mr. Washington came round to see us the other day, his wife is going to stay in San Antonio for a few months.

August 27th. Monday. [1860]

        We have a beautiful, clear, sunshiny day, good prospect for a party this evening. Ann and myself have been all the morning fixing a white silk

Page 28

dress of mine that I intend wearing to the party this evening. My Mother and Joe went home this morning. (Mr. Post died and was buried on Sunday.

August 28th. Tuesday. [1860]

        I slept late this morning, for I felt very tired and sleepy after the party. I enjoyed the party exceedingly, there were only a few present, but with all that it went off very prettily. (Mrs. Sappington died.)

        Miss Kate Whitely and Miss Anderson came to see me this morning.

August 29th. Wednesday. [1860]

        I remained at home all day with the exception of a little walk I took in the afternoon with the Captain. Mr. Alcé was invited to Tea by Joe, my Ma and himself came round. After supper The old gentleman and Miss Emilie came over, the young lady played beautifully. Joe and herself seem to be very sweet to each other.

August 30th. Thursday. [1860]

        In the morning before breakfast I took a ride on horseback with Joe. Afterwards about 10 O'clock I walked over to see Mrs. Kadaz and Mrs. Dashiells, the latter looks wretchedly. I don't think she is long for this world--

        In the evening we had Dr. and Mrs. Abadie, Captain Blair, Clitzs, Mr. Edgar & Miss Ash. We spent a very pleasant evening considering that I was so sick and tired running about, for Ann got drunk and was quite

Page 29

stupid, I had to send for [? ]

        The baby had fever yesterday but is better now. I invited Ada Bradly and Col. Lee last evening, but they did not come.

August 31st. Friday. [1860]

        I remained at home all the morning. The baby is not well. Mrs. Washington and Mrs. Dr. Howard called on me & asked to see the baby.

        In the evening I was angry and put out about Anne breaking another of my fine goblets. We went round to Mrs. Abats after tea, and met Mr. Baylor, Mr. Wade and Mr. Edmunds. We all played and had quite a musical entertainment.

        Miss Emilie accompanied Joe on the Piano, she plays extremely well.

September 1st. 1860.

        Saturday. Melinda, our cook, left us this morning, I had to send for Margaret to make dinner for us until we got a servant. Capt. told Ann that she had to leave soon also. Mr. Echols came to see me, also Mrs. Lewis and nieces. After Tea I took a moonlight ride on horseback. Joe was my escort as usual. My Ma came over late in the evening & bought Edward a pretty little hat.

September 2ond. Sunday. [1860]

        I went to the New Church with Capt. and Joe, a great many persons went expecting to hear the Bishop but were disappointed for he preached at the old Church. T. Rodriguez sent Joe an insulting note for coughing at his cousins, & my bro answered. After Tea we went round to Mr. Williams.

Page 30

September 3rd. Monday. [1860]

        Baby not well, I was at home all the morning. My Ma, Angel and Concion came over after Tea, there is quite an excitement about T. Rod other note --we are all very uneasy and anxious about Joe. The children went back to the convent.

Sept. 4th. Tuesday. [1860]

        Joe went to Mr. Abats to practise with Miss Emilie. My Ma and Concion came over, Edward slept all the morning.

        In the afternoon Col. Lee called to see me. Joe and myself took a ride on horseback and met the Bishop. After Tea Joe received another very insulting letter from J. R'guez.

Sept. 6th. 1860.

        The Captain received an order to go to Washington quite unexpectedly to us. I regret it mightily.

        Spt'b 12th. 1860.

        A very sad day to us. We heard of the death of my poor sister Rosaria, who died in Lyons, France.

Sept. 13th. [1860]

        Thursday we spent at home, the last day with my Mother.

Sept. 14th. 1860. Friday.

        We left home for Washington by the way of Columbus. My brother came a part of the way with us. I hated to leave my Mother and home greatly.

Page 31

Sept. 27th. [1860]

        We arrived in Huntsville. They were all glad to see us. I was disappointed at not meeting Katy.

        The baby is sick, we sent for a Doctor on the 29th, on the 28th. I was obliged to wean Edward much to my sorrow.

Sept. 29th. [1860]

        We went out to Aunt Mollie's, Cousin Clement and Jamie also spent the day with us. The Capt. & Uncle Hawkins & Mr. Middleton were invited to dine. I was sick and unable to go to Table.

October 1st. 1860.

        Monday. We left Huntsville. Mary & Mollie & Uncle Hawkins came to see us off.

        The Prince of Wales arrived here on the same day we did.

October 3rd. 1860.

        Wednesday. We arrived in Washington, & stopped at Brown's where we spent nearly a fortnight. My baby sick all the time, Dr. Edwards is attending him.

October 6th. Saturday. [1860]

        I had a great number of visitors--all day.

October 15th. [1860]

        We left Brown's to go Housekeeping. We have taken a furnished house on 261 I Street between 17 & 18th. ------

Page 32

October 17 & 18th. [1860]

        We returned all our calls.

Oct. 19th. [1860]

        The baby is much better this morning--he had a good night's rest. Mr. Calvert spent the evening and took Tea with us.

October 21st. Sunday. [1860]

        The Captain and myself went to St. Mathiews Church this morning at 11 O'clock. The baby is a great deal better, I might say well since yesterday. Thank God.

        We dined early today so as to give the servants time to go out. After dinner the Captain hired a carriage and took Eddie, nurse & myself to Georgetown. We saw some sweet places on the heights.

        After Tea we took a walk, the Captain wrote to Joe.

October 28th. 1860. Sunday.

        The Captain & myself went round to St. Mathiews but I felt badly and did remain to hear Mass which was said in the basement of the Church. I took a cold and fatigued myself by walking too much, consequently I was laid up for a couple of days last week. Dr. Edwards attended on me. The baby is well thank God. This evening we went around to St. Aloysius, they had the laying of the corner stone of St, Joseph's M. O. Asylum, about six thousand people were collected there. Father Maguire preached a fine sermon.

        I feel so happy to have received letters from my Aunts and Uncle

Page 33

five gentlemen called to see us on Sunday--Dr. Smith, Dr. Ford, Mr. Hill, Lt. McLean, and Mr. Eihry.

Oct. 29th. Monday. [1860]

        I took the baby and Charlotte with me down town, took the omnibus first and went to see the Capitol, and afterwards I went shopping, and was obliged to walk back home, much to my dislike.

November 4th. 1860. Sunday.

        Went to Mass to St. Aloysius with the Capt. The Rev'd Mr. Clarke preached a beautiful sermon on Heaven.

November 6th. [1860]

        Mr. Lincoln I regret to say is elected President of the United States. What will become of us.

November 12th. [1860]

        The Captain and myself went to Church at 11 O'clock round to St. Mathews we had no sermon. In the afternoon we played with Edward and then took a nap, at night I wrote to Joe and gave him a good scolding for not writing oftener. (I put Edward in short clothes on the 10th. of November, Saturday.

Tuesday 13th. [November.] [1860]

        A beautiful day. The Capt. & myself, baby & Char. went out Arlington to see Mrs. Col. Lee, but we found everybody away; on our return we went

Page 34

to see Mrs. Bell & the McCormick's, also Mrs. Secretary Floyd, Mrs. Trobridge, Mrs. S. Jones, & Mrs. Craig. After Tea we called at Mrs. Wood's and on our return home found Dr. and Mrs. Smith & the Miss Smiths at home, Mr. & Mrs. A. P. Hill also came round.

Wednesday. November 14th. 1860.

        The Captain & myself went to the Concert to hear Fabri, Stegelli, & Carl Fornes, the latter had the finest bass voice I ever heard.

Thursday 15th. [1860]

        We went to hear Jefferson in the American Cousin, I was greatly pleased, but what amused me most was the English Lord of Londreary acting the silly "Thats the idea." We drove home in a carriage.

No. 18th. 1860.

        Sunday. We went to St. Mathiews at 11 O'clock. After dinner I took a nap, the Captain went to see Mr. Duff off, and Charlotte took the baby out for a little while. Edward can sit up alone now.

        We spent the evening at home, the Captain is writing to Angel.

No. 19th. Monday. [1860]

        We went to call on Mrs. Ray, Clary & Sibley, found them all in and very polite and agreable. After Tea we went to see Mrs. Phillips & family, they were at home, & made themselves pleasant. We came home afterwards & went to bed.

Page 35

Tuesday 20th. [1860]

        We went to hear G. Christy the Negro Minstrels, they had a crowed house. I found very amusing, they had some very good Music.

        The Captain went to Charleston Dec. 21st. & returned on Christmas Day.

Wednesday 21st. 1860.

        The Captain & myself went round to Mrs. Gwinn after Tea, they were exceedingly kind and polite. We met Secretary Cobb & his lady there. After our visit there, we went to Mr. McCormick's to see Mrs. Dr. McCormick & Nannie, who have just gotten back from California.

March 1st. 1861.

        The Captain resigned on the 7th. March 1861. We left Washington on the 13th. for Huntsville, where we spent two weeks. About April the 8th. the C-- accepted the same position in the Confederate Army which he had in the old one.

        We moved to Mrs. Ponder 29th. April--and left for Richmond where the seat of Government was changed to on the 30th. May.

June 1st. 1861.

        We arrived in Richmond on the 2ond of the month & stopped at the Spotswood, the same place where President Davis and family stayed.

        We moved to Mrs. Duval's on 5th. We are very much pleased with the house and boarders.

Page 36

        Edward walked for the first time on the 8th. of June, The Capt. and myself were exceedingly delighted to see him, he was just fourteen months and half old when he made his first attempt.

June 15th. [1861]

        The anniversary of our marriage. We were married two years today, and Eddie was christened a year ago.

        We took a ride out to the Camps yesterday to see Mrs. Rodes, but she had gone to Lynchburg.

        Mrs. Duval & her little boy went with us. Eddie looked mighty sweet and pretty with his hat trimmed with blue.

        In the evening we went round to the Exchange to see Mrs. James Purcell.

June 16th. Sunday. [1861]

        I arose this morning at half past five and took a bath. Mrs. Purcell came round for me to go to Church with her.

June 18. [1861]

        Mrs. McLean and Mr. Blake came to see Mrs. Mac is staying with Mrs. President Davis at the Spotswood.

        On Friday the 21st. I went round to see Mrs. Col Myers. I have been suffering with headache for two days.

        Mr. Linburg and Mr. Calvert called in the evening late, and stayed

Page 37

for about two hours. I felt quite tired and sleepy.

        This was the hottest and most oppressive night I ever felt, we could not go to sleep for a long time. Eddie was very restless. About three O'clock a terrible storm came up, I became very much frightened. I thought we were all going to be destroyed. The house shook awfully.

June 22ond. Saturday. [1861]

        Edward was 15 months old today, he is better now than I have seen him for months, he has another tooth nearly through.

Sunday 23rd. [1861]

        I arose this morning at half past five, took a bath, and went to Church at half past six. I felt so very weak that I thought I would certainly faint. Last night Captain Jones came 15 miles Just to see the Captain, he went to see Mrs. Davis.

July 1861.

        The fourth was celebrated here in a very quiet way. Eddie was taken sick suddenly last night about twelve O'clock, he suffered very much, we were up with him all night. The next morning we called Dr. Brewer to see him, who stays in the house, he got better by the afternoon. Mrs. Duval was exceedingly kind, she nursed him nearly all day.

6th. [July] [1861]

        I was sick with the headache nearly all day, by night I got worse.

Page 38

        I am crocheting Eddie a sack the first I ever did.

Sunday 7th. [July, 1861]

        The Captain and myself went to Church, Bishop McGill preached. Edward is not very well today. After Church I wrote to my Mother.

Monday 8th. [July, 1861]

        The Bishop came to see me and inquired whether I was going out to the Amelia Springs.

        The baby is still sick.

Wednesday 10th. [July, 1861]

        Eddie was very ill all day, I packed my trunk to go to the Springs with him. In the Afternoon Mrs. Toombs and Mrs. Brown called to see me. Mrs. T. was exceedingly kind, offered to come and sit up with Eddie at night. Miss Lee and Mrs. Warrick also called.

        I sent Eddie round to the Square, he couldn't even hold his little head up.

Thursday 11th. [July, 1861]

        We had a terrible night last night. My baby was extremely ill, nauseated so much that we thought he could not possibly stand it. Mrs. Govan came up about 2 O'clock hearing him cry so pitifully. Dr. Brewer was waked up to see him, and ordered a black blister to be put on him for two hours and half, that seemed to relieve him more than anything else.

Page 39

About 10 O'clock Dr. Conway was called in to see him, he told me Eddie was a very sick child but still there was nothing alarming in his symtoms.

Friday 12th. [1861]

        The baby still quite ill. Mrs. Pulaski was kind enough to ask us out to her country place. We promised to go out next week.

Sunday 14th. [ July, 1861]

        Eddie did not spend a good night, seemed to be in pain all the time, this morning I did not go to Church, stayed at home with Eddie all day.

        Mrs. Johnston & McLane called on me yesterday.

        On Thursday 18th. July The Captain had to call in Dr. Conway again, for we thought little Eddie sicker and very feeble. On Friday the darling got very low, by evening we could not warm his little feet and hands. I was all ready and packed yesterday (deed have been for the last week) to go out to the country, mountains, or in any direction that could benefit my Angel, but the Physicians objected to my going. I suppose they knew all the time that my babe was too ill.

        Friday afternoon such a change took place that I had very little or no hope of the baby's recovery.

        Mrs. Dr. Wait was kind enough to send me round her carriage. Dr. Conway was in at the time, so he told us to take Edie out to drive, it could hurt him. I went with a aching, agonizing heart, expecting every moment for my child to go off. I never shall forget that ride and that

Page 40

evening as long as I live. I weeped all the time.

        That night Dr. C. ordered us to give him 20 drops of Paregoric as a last resort or remedy, to produce sleep. Mrs. Duval, who was a kind, good friend to us all during his sickness, assisted us in nursing that his last night in this world of sorrows and troubles. My own precious suffered terribly all night, he could not get any rest for more than 10 minuits at a time. I could scarcely control myself, my anxiety and pain of mind and heart were terrible.

Saturday 20th. [July, 1861]

        My own babe was gradually and quietly fading away, like a little Angel that he was, travelling to his Heavenly Home, where no pain, sickness, or sorrow will ever reach him.

        Bishop McGill came just a few moments before my babe departed, which was about three O'clock in the afternoon. The Bishop tried to comfort and console us, but it was difficult at that time of intense grief and anguish of heart. I felt as if they were tearing my soul from my body. He was layed out in the little room. Col. Chilton and watched that night. The next day he was put in the coffin, buried on Sunday afternoon, the day the Grand battle at Manassas was fought. The Bishop read the Funeral Service in the parlour, and made a beautiful address, I did not go down but the ladies told me. The parlour was crowded with ladies and gentlemen, Mrs. President Davis, Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Wigfall, and McLean had the politeness to attend. My own was layed in the Bishop's Vault, so as to take him home with us when we return.

Page 41

        That same Sunday night The Captain took me round to Mrs. Nelson's, I went stait up to bed. We spent a whole week there, with exception of one day and night that we spent at Mr. Williams'. Mrs. Nelson and all the ladies were exceedingly kind to us.

Sunday the 28th. [1861]

        We went to late Mass, I was in deep black. The Bishop gave a beautiful Sermon.

        The Southern Congress met here the day that my own darling died.

August 1st. [1861]

        Fred arrived here from Louisiana today.

        Dear Aunt Mollie sent Eddie a bottle of blackberry cordial, not having heard of his death.

        We spent the evening at Mrs. Nelson's.

August 11th. Sunday. [1861]

        The Captain and myself went to St. Peter's Church. We had a fine sermon by Bishop McGill "On Charity."

        After Church we walked round to Mr. John Purcell's for a little while returned home and read a letter from Angel. How strange things happen in this world. Concion's little girl was born on the day that my Angel Boy was buried. I felt miserable the rest of the day, in fact all the time I have felt loneliness and sadness. (Col. Burwell called to see us--

        On the 15th, Feast of the Assumption, I attended Mass at 8 O'clock.

Page 42

[August] 17th. [1861]

        We received a sweet letter from Sister Sue. We both wept when we read her comforting words.

        Fred is on guard duty down at the prison.

Sunday 18th. August. [1861]

        The Captain and myself went to Church at ten O'clock. A new and Young Priest preached a pretty good Sermon but timidly and hurriedly.

        On Thursday the 22nd The Captain and myself went round to the Bishop's this morning a little while to try and get the key of the Vault, he directed us to go to the Sexton.

        In the Afternoon The Captain, Charlotte & myself went out to the cemetery, it is a desolate looking place where my babe is buried, but I hope we will soon take him home.

        In the evening Col. Beall called but we did not see him, also Dr. Jones & Mr. Linbough, the Doctor remained until eleven O'clock. I got quite tired and sleepy.

        On Friday nothing especial happened. Mrs. Myers and myself took a long walk.

Saturday 24th. August [1861]

        The Captain took me over to Petersburg. We left here at three O'clock. Cousin Tom & his nephew Mr. Adams went to the cars to meet us. We remained all the next day, Mrs. Hinton, quite a nice lady, called round for me to go to church with her. I took a nice long drive with Mr. Adams in the Afternoon. Aunt Walker came to see me, and took tea with us, she

Page 43

seems to be a sterling woman.

Monday morning 26th. [Aug. 1861]

        We arose at three O'clock & left on the cars for Richmond at half past four.

        In the afternoon Capt. and Mrs. Williams took us to drive, we spent the evening there. I went round to the Office with the Captain. A soldier died at Mrs. Nelson's.

Tuesday 27th. [Aug. 1861]

        I went to see Mrs. Chilton. After Tea my Husband went to the Office. Capt. Myers, his wife and myself to Pizzini's.

Wednesday 28th. [Aug. 1861]

        We went round to our friend Mrs. Nelson's to take Tea, she gave me some yarn to nit socks for the soldiers.

Friday 30th, [Aug. 1861]

        I made two visits in the afternoon to Mrs. Purcell's and Mrs. Trent.

Saturday 31st. [Aug. 1861]

        I got up with a head ache. Mrs. Brewer and myself went to Market & bought some peaches. I was nitting nearly all day, making socks for the soldiers. In the afternoon I went to Confession to Bishop McGill. The Captain walked back from Church with me.

Page 44

September 1st. 1861

        Sunday. I rose at half past five this morning, went to Mass and Holy communion.

        Lt. Baker called. In the afternoon I went to Vespers. Col. Northrope the Col. Bell & Mrs. Waul called also--commissery General called to see us. We had letters from home & from Uncle Tom on Monday 2 Sept. Annie is still in New Y.

Sept. 3rd. Tuesday. [1861]

        I went to Mrs. Nelson's in the morning, took my nitting & remained for about three hours. I met Mrs. Dr. Wayt there, she invited to Tea the next evening. Captain and Mrs. Williams called in the evening to see us, there was quite an excitement, a poor old Negro man was robbed and beaten on the street, he made a great noise. The Gentlemen ran to his assistance.

Wednesday 4th. 1861.

        It rained a good deal in the afternoon, but, however we went round to Dr. Wayt's to Tea. We spent a very pleasant evening, met Captain & Mr. & Mrs. Maury, Mr,.& Mrs. Williams.

Thursday 5th. [1861]

        Mrs. Myers' Maggie is quite sick today with chills and fever. Mrs. Duval's eldest son Walter went away to Yorktown this morning.

Page 45

Friday 6th. (1861)

        General Sidney Johnson arrived here, with Major Howard as did I went around to the Office in the evening with the Captain--

Saturday 7th. [1861]

        All day at home. In the evening Captain Myers took his wife, Mrs. Brewer & myself to Pizzinis to get some ice cream.

        My Husband did not come until after eleven he was kept on bus---- with Gen. Johnson.

Sept. 8th. Sunday. [1861]

        We got up late this morning. Went to Church at ten, the Bishop preached a beautiful Sermon on the immaculate Conception.

Wednesday 11th. [1861]

        The Captain sent me a word that Mrs. Williams was going to the country in the morn.

        I went round to see Mrs. Nelson who was sick. In the evening the Captain came and told me that Uncle Jones & Aunt Eloise were at the Spotswood, but I could not go to see them on account of my engagement with Mrs. W.

Thursday Sept. 12th. [1861]

        The Captain took me in a carriage down to the depot at half past seven. Mrs. Williams and her little gang were Just in time. Mr. Seldon's

Page 46

carriage was waiting for us.

        We spent a delightful time in the country. On Saturday afternoon the 14th. My Husband & Captain Williams went out to see us, they remained there until Sunday afternoon. In the morning they went to the Presbyterian country Church, Mr. Converse preached. We spent Monday 16th. at Mrs. Pollard's.

        On Tuesday about ten we left Mr. Seldon's for the depot, arrived there at twelve, and had to wait for the cars until four in the evening. The Captain was at the depot with a carriage. Mrs. Col. Chilton called on me the same day that I returned.

        I found Captain and Mrs. Myers had gone home.

        On Wednesday 18th. Mrs. Col. Myers called on me. In the afternoon the Captain and myself went to call on Mrs. Gen. Cooper--and Mrs. Greenhow--

Thursday 19th. [Sept. 1861]

        I went shopping and took Charlotte with me, bought me a Poplin dress to wear in the morning to breakfast.

        In the evening we went to Dr. Wayt's and met Mr. Mrs. Maury & Capt. & Mrs. Williams.

        Saturday morning I walked nearly all over town to purchase a wedding ring for Gen. K. Smith, finally the Captain got one at Mr. Myers. In the evening we went up to Mrs. Williams to Tea, her sister-in-law Mrs. Curtis was with her.

Sunday Sept. 22ond. [1861]

        My babe would have been one year & half old today. The Captain and

Page 47

myself went to Church at ten O'clock. Bishop McGill preached a beautiful Sermon on the "Forgiveness of sins" or Confession. In the Afternoon I went to Vespers and to see Mrs. Stewart. My Husband walked back home with me.

Monday 23rd. [Sept. 1861]

        Captain & myself went to see Mrs. Colhoun & Mrs. Parnell. After Tea the Captain called on Gen. Van Dorn with Dr. Brewer.

        On Tuesday we called on Mrs. Maury.

Wednesday Sept. 25th. [1861]

        Captain & Mr. Williams took a ride on horseback this afternoon. I had a long letter from Uncle Tom. Cousin Tom Withers writes for me to go to Petersburg to see Cousin Celeste who is on a visit with him.

        We spent this evening at Mrs. Nelson's, met Mr. & Mrs. Williams, Dr. & Mrs. Curtis, Mrs. Mumford & family.

Thursday 26th. [1861]

        I have taken a long walk this morning with Mrs. Brewer. I leave for Petersburg this afternoon.

September 28th. Saturday. [1861]

        I have had a very pleasant time here. Cousin Celeste and myself dined at the Rev'd Mr. Gibson's. We met old Mrs. Wheat, we were quite

Page 48

amused at all the airs she put on. The Captain came over to see us.

Sept. 29th. Sunday. [1861]

        The Captain and myself went to the Catholic Church with Mr. Mrs. Hinton. After Church time about 2 O'clock Cousin Lawson came over from Lynchburg. We all dined together.

        On Monday the Captain returned to Richmond. We took a long walk in the afternoon, went to see Aunt Walker.

Tuesday. October 1st. [1861]

        Cousin Lawson left early in the morning. Cousin Tom was called to the country to see his poor Mother, who was on her death bed, but arrived there too late, she departed from this world the evening previous.

        Aunt Walker came to stay with us. Cousin Celeste and myself went out shopping. Mrs. Wheat & Mrs. Cocke called on us.

Wednesday 2ond. [Oct. 1861]

        Cousin Celeste and myself went out in the morning and made some calls. Poor old Charlotte sprained her wrist & had quite a severe fall. About diner time it was pouring down raining, I determined to leave for Richmond although they all begged me not to leave in such rain. Tom took me to the cars and got my tickets. To my very great dissappointment and disgust when I reached the City the Captain was not there to meet me. I & Charlotte got into an Omnibus and came home, it was pouring down raining all the time. The Captain was Just a few minutes too late.

Page 49

Thursday 3rd. [Oct.][1861]

        I was busy putting away my things. In the afternoon Capt. and myself went up to call on Mrs. Washington, who was at Mr. Williams, but on the way we met Mrs. Nelson & her Sister who told us they had gone riding. We called on Mrs. Col. Beall & Mrs. Col. Northrope.

Friday 4th. [Oct. 1861]

        I had the head ache all day. Mrs. Menard & Mrs. Purcell called.

        Saturday morning I took a carriage and drove to see Mrs. Washington & Williams, and remained with them until twelve.

Sunday 6th. [Oct. 1861]

        We went to Church at ten O'clock. The Bishop preached a very good Sermon on "The Rosary," but we had no Music.

Wednesday 9th. [Oct. 1861]

        The Bishop came to see me. After Tea we went around to Mr. John Purcell's & they had company to Tea, & made me play on the Piano.

Thursday 10th. [Oct. 1861]

        Cousin Edmund came to see me. I had a letter from Cousin Celeste. In the evening the Capt. & myself called on Mrs. James Purcell & Mrs. Dr. Wayt but did not see either.

Page 50

Friday 11th. [Oct. 1861]

        Mrs. Dr. Brewer & myself went out shopping. I had a head ache and bad cold all day. I am nitting me a Sontag.

Saturday 12th. [1861][Oct.]

        I remained in bed until late this. After breakfast I took a walk & called around to see Mrs. Nelson for a little while.

Sunday 13th. [1861] [Oct.]

        The Captain and myself went to Church. We had no Music again. We had a fine Sermon from the Bishop. The Capt. went to hear Mr. Duncan preach in the evening, and was much pleased.

        On Monday I took a walk in the morning, and went round to see Mrs. Ayres. In the evening Capt. & I went to call at the Spotswood on several ladies, Mrs. Johnston, Myers, & Guild. Oct. 14th. 1861,--and Mrs. Washington called to see us.

        On Tuesday 15th. I walked up to Hirsh's in the morning to buy some worstered, I met Mrs. Williams & Washington--as I returned I met with Mrs. Nelson & sister who had just called on me. Mrs. N. proposed that we should call on Mrs. President Davis as it was such a lovely day. I although much fatigued agreed to do so--we went up, but did not see the Madam, too much indisposed.

        We were invited to Tea at Mrs. Wayt's but I had a sick head ache and could not go with my Husband.

        Mrs. Duval thoughtful and kind as ever came up to see me--Col. & Mrs. Beall called.

Page 51

Wednesday 16th. [Oct. 1861]

        I am better today. I went out for a little while. Dr. Leland wanted to see the Captain--Gen. as he called him. Mr. DeCoeniel came to see me about taking music lessons.

        The Captain took a ride after dinner.

Thursday 17th. [Oct. 1861]

        I wrote to Cousin Celeste--and to my Sister Mrs. Navarro. I made a little bundle of the sack I crochet, the cap Miss Susan knit, and the red matts to send home by Mr. Sweet.

Friday 18th. [Oct. 1861]

        I did not feel very well all day. I finished my Sontag & a mat. In the afternoon the Capt. and myself made a few calls.

Saturday 19th. [Oct. 1861]

        I did not go out all day long. I moved down stairs, it fatigued great arranging everything. Mrs. Dr. Guild is not coming to stay here, she called around with Mrs. Mallory who wants rooms here. Capt. and Mrs. Washington also want to come here. The Captain and Mr. Branch went round to Mr. Kerr last night and remained until after twelve O'clock playing cards, they had a nice supper.

Sunday Oct. 20th. / '6l.

        This morning I went to Church alone, we had no Music nor Sermon, the

Page 52

Bishop I believe is away. We spent the evening at Mrs. Nelson's.

Monday 21st. [Oct. 1861]

        We had a grand victory over the Yankees at Leesburg. Captain Evans commanded and behaved splendidly. I commenced to knit a Sontag for Cousin Celeste. I went out to see Mrs. Washington. In the afternoon Mrs. Dr. Wayt took me to drive. We saw the North Carolina Regiment of Calvary reviewed by the President.

        Tuesday. We heard of the death of poor Gus, he died of typhord fever. I commenced taking Music lessons from Mr. DeConoel. Miss Susan sits in the room.

Oct. 23rd. [1861]

        We went to see Mrs. Wayt and others.

Oct. 24th. [1861]

        I went round to see Mrs. Blair & Mrs. Chilton.

Oct. 25th. [1861]

        I called on Mrs. Davis but did not see her.

Sunday 27th. [Oct. 1861]

        We went to Church and a Sermon by Father Tieling, he was the first Priest I ever saw with beard.

        After Church Capt. and myself went home with Mrs. James Purcell & dined there, all her family were there. After dinner we went to Charles P--

Page 53

to see Cousin Celeste and Mrs. McDaniel who are staying there, we remained until after Tea.

        On Monday I was at home all the morning. Cousin Lawson came to see me. We went round to Mrs. Nelson's to Tea.

Tuesday 29th. [Oct, 1861]

        I went out this morn to call on Mrs. Gen. Winder. I also called on Mrs. Washington, we gosiped a good deal.

        This morning I walked with the Capt. to the Office & back.

Thursday 31st. [Oct. 1861]

        Mrs. Williams and her friend Miss Crenshaw called. I had bad head ache all day Friday, but I took my Music lesson, and was particularly stupid about it. I went to bed about 5 O'clock, it rained terribly all night long. All Saint's day, I went to Church.

Saturday 2ond. November. [1861]

        All Soul's day. It rained and it was cloudy nearly all day.

Sunday 3rd. [1861]

        Was a beautiful day, we went to Church. The Bishop preached. After Tea we went round to Mr. Purcell's.

Monday 4th. [1861]

        We were invited to Mr. John Purcell's to Tea, they had quite a

Page 54

large entertainment, and fine supper.

        Tuesday--I took my music lesson.

        Wednesday--Mr. Limbough & John Elliot called to say Goodbye-- Johnny is going to Mannassas. In the afternoon I went round to Mrs. Nelson's. I had two letters on the 5th. from home.

        Mr. Washington is going away in the morning and leave his wife.

Thursday 7th. [Nov. 1861]

        This morning I went to call on Mrs. Ives, who is staying at Mrs. Toombs--also on Mrs. G. W. Smith. In the afternoon The Captain, Mrs. Duval, Lucy and myself drove out to Mrs. Randolfs place in the country. We had a pleasant visit and reached home after dark.

        Friday I took my Music lesson, and made two or three calls afterwards. In the afternoon Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Williams, Dr. and Mrs. Wayt called to see me. After Tea the Captain and myself went round to call on Mrs. Col. Beall.

Saturday 9th. [Nov. 1861]

        We went out to take Breakfast at Mrs. Wayt's. I remained until 10 O'clock. After that I practiced.

        I went to Church on Sunday and heard a good sermon from the Bishop. In the afternoon we up to Mr. Williams and took Tea. Mrs. Seldon was there.

Wednesday 13th. [Nov. 1861]

        I went to the Dentist and had a tooth pulled out, Mrs. Duval was with

Page 55

me. In the evening we went to Mr. J. Purcell's and took Tea. I felt badly and nervous, came home right sick, went to bad and had high fever all night and next day. Dr. Brewer came to see me. I remained in bed for two days, missed one Music lesson.

Sunday 17th. [Nov. 1861]

        They have all gone to Church but myself. I don't feel well enough to go out, the Doctor said it was too cold.

Monday 18th. [Nov. 1861]

        I feel a great deal better today, I went downstairs to my meals-- took a short stroll.

Tuesday 19th. [Nov. 1861]

        I took my Music lesson and finished taking the "Rocketts." The Captain is reading Oliver Twist to me.

Wednesday 20.


Thursday 21st. [Nov. 1861]

        I went to the Dentist, Dr. Wayt, this morning, and had 4 teeth plugged. Mrs. Wayt sent me an elegant lunch, which I did not eat until two O'clock.

        Mrs. Williams, Washington, and baby called on me. In the afternoon Mrs. Nelson and Maury came round. The Captain & myself went round to Mrs. Nelson's to Tea. Dr. and Mrs. Curtis are staying there. Mrs. Gen. Stuart

Page 56

and children came this evening to stay her for the winter. I bought a new bonnet today.

        Friday, I waited for the Music teacher all the morning, but he did not come. I sewed a little, and then took a walk.

Saturday 23rd. [Nov. 1861]

        I remained at home all the morning. Mrs. Gen. Johnston and Col. Myers called on me.

        In the afternoon Captain and myself went to see Mrs. Washington and Mrs. Winder. I had a letter from Cousin Celeste.

Sunday 24th. [Nov. 1861]

        We went to Church at eleven. Bishop McGill preached. After Ch-- we went home with Mrs. James Purcell. We had a very nice dinner, but I did not enjoy it, for I suffered most violently with a head ache--they had to send me home in a carriage.

Monday 25th. [Nov. 1861]

        I felt very well this morning. I took a walk. Mr. DeCoeniel gave me a lesson. In the evening we went round to Dr. Wayt's, we spent a very pleasant evening.

Tuesday 26th. [Nov. 1861]

        I went round to see Mrs. John & Lizzie Purcell, I took lunch there. I called on Mrs. McLean. Yesterday, Wednesday, I was in the house all day

Page 57

long--it rained--and it was very damp. Mrs. Dr. Curtis & Mr. Seldon came to see me. Mr. Edmundson also called on us in the evening.

Thursday 28th. [Nov. 1861]

        I went round to Dr. Wayt's this morning, he finished fixing my teeth & pulled out one. The Captain went to a concert that Mr. DeCorneil gave for the benefit of the Soldiers, I did not go for the evening was very damp and raining.

Friday 29th. [Nov. 1861]

        I walked up to Hirsh's early in the morning to buy some tidy cotton to finish my tidy. I took my Music lesson, commenced "Le Reve." In the evening we went to see Mrs. Chilton and her sister Miss Emily.

Saturday 30th. [Nov. 1861]

        I walked to the Office in the morning. In the afternoon the Captain was invited to a dinner party at Mr. Menard's, he did not return until half past ten O'clock.

        I went to Confession and walked home after dark with Charlotte.

Sunday 1st. of December. [1861]

        I did not sleep well last night. The Captain was sick all night. I got up at seven O'clock to go to Mass & communion. I remained at home in the evening.

Page 58

Monday 2ond. [Dec. 1861]

        I went out visiting with Mrs. Williams, she hired a carriage. In the evening it snowed.

Tuesday 3rd. [Dec. 1861]

        I took a Music lesson. Mrs. Washington came to see me.

Wednesday 4th. [Dec. 1861]

        I went out immediately after breakfast and bought me a nice set of furs at $40. also some few little things for Charlotte. I called on Mrs. Dr. Moore & Joyns, and went to tell Mrs. Wash--goodbye.

        In the evening Captain and myself went to Mrs. Nelson's to spend the evening.

Thursday 5th. [Dec. 1861]

        I took a Music lesson, and then took a walk on broad street-- purchased some little worstereds and things.

        I stayed in my room all the evening.

Friday 6th. [Dec. 1861]

        We went to see Mrs. Munford in the afternoon and from there we went to Mrs. James Purcell's to spend the evening. Mr. Cowarden was there, we had a very nice quiet evening.

Saturday 7th. [Dec. 1861]

        I walked up to Mrs. William's to see Miss Lee Seldon. I remained there to dinner, they sent for the Captain.

Page 59

Sunday the 8th. of December. [1861]

        I went to Church at ten O'clock. Father Andrews preached a good Sermon. We walked up to Mr. John Purcell's to Tea, we met Mr. & Mrs. Cranz & Mr. Menard there.

Monday 9th. [Dec. 1861]

        The Captain and myself made a few calls in the afternoon.

        On Tuesday we were invited to the wedding, it did not come off, both lady & gentleman being under age they had to run off to North Carolina to get married.

        On Wednesday 11th. I took my lesson. I have a sore throat, and the Captain is complaining greatly.

Thursday 12th. [Dec. 1861]

        I walked out to make some visits, called on Mrs. Wayt & Mrs. Dr. Trent.

        On Friday I fasted--& dined early, about two O'clock, then took a long walk way beyond first street.

Saturday 14th. [Dec. 1861]

        I went out to pay some calls. I also went to see the young bride, Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Menard. I took my Music lesson.

Sunday 15th. [Dec. 1861]

        I went to Church at eleven, we had a poor sermon from a young priest.

Page 60

returning I got caught at the Square gate and had a good deal of trouble in passing through. I had a good cry about it after I came home, did not go down to dinner, but went to bed with an awful headache. I suffered all night.

Monday 16th. [Dec. 1861]

        I suffered with headache today. Mrs. Williams & Miss Seldon came to see me.

Tuesday 17th. [Dec. 1861]

        Mrs. Randolph, Mrs. Wayt & Mrs. Williams came to see me this morning, they thought I was looking badly. We went round to take Tea at Mrs. Nelson's. I gave the tidy I made to Mrs. N. they all admired it greatly. Dr. and Mrs. went round also and tried to tease Mrs. N. about a beaux.

        Wednesday--We went round to Dr. Wayt's to spend the evening. Mrs. Dr. Joyns & her sister called, also Mrs. Winder and her daughter.

Thursday 19th. [Dec. 1861]

        I determined to send for Dr. Dean, he came about 11 O'clock, he said there was nothing serious the matter with me,--not to feel low spirited.

        Mrs. Williams came for me to take a walk with her. We went to see Mrs. Chilton.

Page 61

Friday 20th. [Dec. 1861]

        Dr. Dean came again to see me and little Walter, ordered some medicine. I took a walk after he left.

        Saturday I took my Music lesson.

Sunday 22ond. [Dec. 1861]

        We went to Church at 11 O'clock. Father McMullen preached. After Church we went home with Mr. Purcell and remained there to dinner. We went to Benediction together. After Tea we stayed in the Parlour--

Monday 23rd. [Dec. 1861]

        I believe I stayed at home all day. I felt quite sick in the morning after taking medecine.

Tuesday 24th. [Dec. 1861]

        I walked round to Mrs. Nelson's, Wayt's & Maury. Mrs. W. wanted me to take a drive with her, but I declined--it was too cold and damp.

        In the evening we went round to Mr. Maury's about half past seven. I was dressed very nicely & so were all of the ladies, there were a good many there. We had a nice supper, we spent a delightful evening, they made me play of course.

Christmas Day 25th. [Dec.] Wednesday. [1861]

        We went to Church at 10 O'clock. Father McMullen preached a very good sermon. After Church we all went to Mr. John Purcell's and took a glass of egg-nog, and from there we went to see the Sisters, Mrs. Randolp

Page 62

took us ladies in her carriage. (The Stable of Bethlehem was beautiful.) The little Orphans sang for us. About five we walked up to Mr. Menard's to dine--we returned about nine.

        On Thursday I walked out in the morning. In the evening we were invited to Mrs. Nelson's. We had a very pleasant time, the young ladies danced. Dr. Wayt played the violin, and amused us all greatly.

        Friday--We went to see the Bishop.

        Saturday I took my Music lesson. We heard of the death of poor Aunt Molly--and in the evening went to bed with a headache.

Sunday 29th. [Dec. 1861]

        I got up very late but went to Church at 11, and a very good sermon from Father Andrews. We remained at home all the evening.

Monday 30th. [Dec. 1861]

        Mrs. Ann Williams came round to see me, and we took a walk together. Went to the Office to see Mr. Williams and my Husband. I had a letter from Uncle Tom.

Tuesday 31st. [Dec. 1861]

        I was right smart this morning, I got up early and went to Mass. I made a few calls.

Wednesday. January 1st. [1862]

        New Year's day was a lovely day--quite mild but windy. We went to Church at 10 O'clock. Father Andrews preached. After Church Captain and

Page 63

myself walked up to see Mrs. Williams, she had been sick and was looking wretchedly--she made a nice egg-nog for us. From there The Capt. and Mrs. Williams walked with me to Mrs. Nelson's where I remained until they returned from the President's, who had a Reception. Crowds of people passed by. The band played some pretty airs.

        In the evening I went to see Mrs. Cranz.

Thursday 2nd. [1862] [Jan.]

        I took a music lesson, after that I took a walk--a very cold day.

Friday 3rd. [Jan. 1862]

        I practised--then I walked out--went up to see Mrs. Branch.

Saturday 4th. [Jan. 1862]

        I took another music lesson--it was cold and damp out.

Sunday 5th. [Jan. 1862]

        My birthday, I completed my 23rd. year today. The Capt. gave me a beautiful cake. We went to Church at eleven.

        I dressed finely for dinner, after which we invited Dr. and Mrs. Brewer to take a glass of wine and cake with us. Major Williams came round to see us. Poor Judge Hemphill is dead.

January 6th. [1862]

        Feast of the Epiphany. The ground is covered with snow. I went to

Page 64

Church at ten. Father Androws preached a good sermon.

Tuesday 7th. [1862]

        A pleasant day. I went to Mrs. Nelson's and sat there for some time at my knitting, the evening we spent at home. Mrs. Wayt called to see Mrs. Wooten.

Wednesday 8. [1862]

        Rather a pleasant day but cold. I went up to see Mrs. Williams and Miss Connie, also Mrs. Roberts. In the evening we went round to Mrs. Maury's. When we returned we found Mr. and Mrs. John Purcell at home to see us.

Thursday. [Jan. 1862]

        A gloomy rainy day, I stayed at home all day. I wrote to Mary McClelland. I took a singing lesson.

Friday 10th. [1862]

        I took a nice long walk after I got through practising--& went to the Office for the Captain. In the evening we sat in the parlour, Mrs. Abbott is to leave early tomorrow morning.

Saturday 11th. [1862]

        I commenced to take another session of music lessons--about 1 O'clock I got a carriage and called on Mrs. Wigfall, Hill--Haxall & Reagan. After

Page 65

dinner I went to Church and to confession. Met Mrs. James Purcell, we went home with her and took Tea, she made some delicious Egg-nog-- after that the Captain went to see his friend Stephens who is quite ill.

Sunday morning. 12th. [Jan. 1862]

        This morning I got up at seven, went to Church at 8 O'clock, and also to Holy communion. I remain at home all the morning.

        In the evening we went round to John Pur-- Mr. Williams called to see us.

Monday 13th. [Jan. 1862]

        A damp gloomy day, I remained at home all day. In the afternoon we got an invitation to Mrs. Wayt's. The Captain went to Mrs. Nelson's after Tea.

Tuesday 14th. January. [1862]

        I did not go out all day, it snowed heavily. We went to Mrs. Wayt's in the evening, we had to hire a carriage for it was hailing and sleeting. Mr. and Mrs. Duval went with me first to Mr. Purcell's to get the Captain who was dining there. I had a letter from Catarina.

Wednesday 15th. [Jan. 1862]

        We had a very nice entertainment last evening, a delightful supper. I wore my purple dress, and my hair platted in front. I took a music lesson.

Page 66

Thursday 16th. [ Jan. 1862]

        Raining all the time. I could not go out.

Friday 17th. [Jan. 1862]

        I practised soon after breakfast as usual. Afterwards I dressed and walked to see Mrs. Northrope--it is dreadfully muddy. In the evening I dressed to go to Mrs. Nelson's, but it was raining. Cousin Edmund came to see us.

Saturday 18th. [Jan. 1862]

        I took my lesson. I have just heard of the death of poor Ex-President Tyler.

        I went up to Mrs. Brewer's room and commenced making me a large collar.

Sunday 19th. [Jan. 1862]

        We went Church and a good Sermon from Father Mc on marriage, in the Afternoon we went Mrs. Nelson's. We were surprised to see poor old Mrs. Grenhow so very lone--we remained there until after Tea.

Monday 20th. [Jan. 1862]

        I went around to see how Mrs. G. was getting along, much worse, they have been sitting up with her for several nights.

Tuesday 21st. of January. [1862]

        She died about nine O'clock in the morning, they all said it was really beautiful to hear the way she talked to her children.

Page 67

Wednesday 22ond. [Jan. 1862]

        I took my lesson.

Thursday 23rd. [Jan. 1862]

        I went Mrs. G.--Funeral, she was interred at Holy Wood. Mr. Burrows, the Baptist minister, preached a beautiful funeral sermon. When I reached home they told Mrs. Brewer was sick--her little daughter was born at six O'clock. I was the first person out of the room that heard her cry--

Friday 24th. [Jan. 1862]

        The weather is dreadful, hailing and raining all day long. I have not been out to exercise for an age.

Saturday 25th. [Jan. 1862]

        I took my Music lesson I am learning the Wispering Winds.

Sunday 26th. [Jan. 1862]

        We went to Church at eleven. Father Andrews preached a real good sermon on the love of the neighbor. In the evening we went to see Mrs. Williams & Nelson. Major and Mrs. Williams were there. I am feeling badly.

Monday 27th. [Jan. 1862]

        Rather a pleasant day. In the evening we walked around to see Mrs. Wayt, and spent the evening--good many of the girls were there, I felt

Page 68

wretchedly--sick at my stomacke.

Tuesday 28th. [Jan. 1862]

        I sent for Dr. Dean, he came, and told he would not be surprised if there was something the matter with me. In the afternoon we took a long walk.

Wednesday 29th. [Jan. 1862]

        I took my lesson, then I walked to Mrs. Nelson's--and remained there to dinner, I met a good many there. I felt much better for staying out.

Thursday 30th. [Jan. 1862]

        I was at home all day not feeling well.

Friday 31st. [Jan. 1862]

        I was at home all the morning, in the evening the Capt. & myself went to see Mrs. Joyns, Mrs. Winder and Mrs. Maury. We remained and spent the evening at Mrs. M.

Saturday 1st of February. [1862]

        It rained all day nearly. I took my Music lesson. Mrs. Stuart finished my collar for me.

Sunday 2ond. [Feb. 1862]

        I went to Church at 11 O'clock, heard an excellent sermon, from there

Page 69

we went home with Mrs. John Purcell--and dined. We returned home about 4, layed down-- After Tea we sat in the parlour.

Monday 3rd. [Feb. 1862]

        It snowed all morning. I sent for Dr. Dean to see me, he said I was getting along very well. In the morning I suffered with pain in my teeth--neuralgia, I suppose.

Tuesday 4th. [Feb. 1862]

        I still suffer with the pain in my face. The Captain sent me some lager beer & nuts.

Sunday 9th. February. [1862]

        I was taken sick, had high fever all night, and continued to have it for a week. I had a terrible attack of pneumonia and a miscarriage. I layed dangerously ill for several days. Dr. Dean felt very uneasy about me. My dear Husband nursed me tenderly through my sickness. One evening we talked about Religion, he promised me seriously he would try and become a member of the Catholic Church. Mrs. Duval and Mrs. Stuart were extremely kind to me. They used to dress my blisters & poultices. Mrs. Wootten, another kind friend, arranged my hair for me every morning for a week. All my other friends outside were exceedingly kind to me also in coming to see me, and sending me nice things to tempt my appetite.

        Cousin Jeannie & Clement arrived here on the evening of the 18th. of Feb. The day the permanent Congress met. I was still confined to my bed

Page 70

when they came. Cousin Lawson was also in the city for a few days, on his to Knoxville, Tenn.

March 1st. Saturday. [1862]

        I walked into the parlour this morning for the first time in several weeks.

Sunday 2ond. [March. 1862]

        I went up to Cousin Jeannie's room.

        3rd. I went up there again, played a little on the piano.

March 4th. Tuesday. [1862]

        I had a good deal of company today, a fine bright day it is. My dear brother in twenty one years old today. We received a sweet letter from him, and also the proclamation he translated to the people of New Mexico.

March 5th. Ash Wednesday. [1862]

        I was able yet to go to Church. The Captain and myself took a nice drive for an hour and a half.

Thursday 6th. [March. 1862]

        The Captain hired a carriage and took me to John Purcell's to spend the day. I suffered with toothache nearly all day--was not able to come down to dinner--

Page 71

Friday 7th. [March. 1862]

        I believe it rained. I remained at home all day.

Saturday 8th. [March. 1862]

        Cousin Jeannie went out visiting & I rode in the carriage.

Sunday 9th. [March. 1862]

        My Husband and myself went to Church at eleven, I for the first time in a month. Father Mac preached.


Tuesday 11th. [March. 1862]

        I took a little walk today. Bishop McGill came to see us, also Mrs. and Miss Cowardice, Mrs. Nelson & Miss Greenhow.

        Wednesday I took a music lesson. Mr. Edmundson came around to see us yesterday evening. I walked as far as the Office.

Thursday 13th. [March. 1862]

        We went to Dr. Wayt's to dine. Met Mrs. Wootten, The Misses Jordan & Miss Jones.

Sunday 16. [March. 1862]

        We went to Church and dined at Mr. Purcell's.

        The Blessed Sacrament was exposed & will remain so for three days.

Monday 17. [March.] [1862]

        St. Patrick's day. I went to Church at 9 O'clock. After Mass I went

Page 72

to Confession to Father M.--Redemtorist.

Tuesday 18. [March. 1862]

        Feast of the Arch-Angel Gabrielle. I went to Holy Communion this morning--so did many of my friends. In the afternoon I took a very long walk with Cousin Jeannie.

Wednesday 19. [March. 1862]

        Feast of St. Joseph. We had high Mass and procession at 9 O'clock. After Church I walked to Mrs. Nelson's, where we spent the day. Then went round to dine, we spent a pleasant day.


Friday 21st. [March. 1862]

        I went out shopping and to see Mrs. Chilton. From Mrs. C's I came home and then took a carriage & went up to see Mrs. Walker who has a young baby. Mrs. Williams of leaving for Texas--we remained there until after dinner.

Saturday 22 March. [1862]

        My Angel boy would have been 2 years old today. I took a Music lesson--remained at home all day.

Sunday 23rd. [March. 1862]

        I feel pretty well. The Capt. & myself went to Church at 11 O'clock.

Page 73

Saturday 29th. March. [1862]

        I determined to visit Salisbury--I took my last Music lesson.

March 30th. Sunday. [1862]

        It rained all day yesterday. We went to Church, from there to see Mrs. Walker. Mrs. Williams is going to Charlotte.

Monday 31st. [March. 1862]

        I made a good many calls, in the evening about 2 O'clock I started for Salisbury in company with Mrs. Gen. Winder. I reached Salisbury at 3 O'clock A. M. Captain Winder of the Navy took care of me after I parted with Mrs. W. Capt. & Mrs. Myers were up all night long waiting for me.

Tuesday, 1st. of April. [1862]

        I feel only torably today. I have taken a bad cold, I am quite hoarse.

        We did not breakfast until 10 O'clock. Little Maggie I think has improved very much.

Thursday 3. [April 1862]

        Several called on me today. We took a walk in the morning, I weighed only a hundred & four pounds. Salisbury is a very quiet place, such like the country. I wrote to my old man today.

Page 74

Friday 4th. [April. 1862]

        I coughed a great deal last night. I rather badly this morn--

        The Captain came to see me the morning of the 25th. April, he spent six days in Salisbury very pleasantly. The weather I am sorry to say was disagreeable, raining nearly all the time.

May 1st. 1862.

        Thursday, the Captain left for Richmond this evening. I don't believe I can go to Texas if New Orleans is surrendered.

        The Capt. telegraphed to me on Sunday, June 1st. to go to Rich-- by first opportunity.

        My friends advise me not to leave until we hear of the result of the battle. I feel very anxious about my Husband.

        Capt. Myers is also in Richmond.

May 31st. [1862]


        The battle near Richmond commenced today--as far as we have heard they have continued fighting for three days.

June 2nd. [1862]

        I have written to the Capt. and sent the letter by persons going.

        Mrs. Myers and myself went to the depot this evening to hear the news. They have stopped fighting to bury their dead.

Page 75

June 7th. Saturday. [1862]

        I left Salisbury, Mr. Burke was my escort.

June 8th. [1862]

        I reached Richmond this evening after a fatiguing ride. My Husband was down to the depot to meet me. I went straight to bed with a sick headache. In my old room on the third story again.

June 26th. Thursday. 1862.

        This grand battle near Richmond commenced this morning under command of General R. Lee. Gen. Jackson sent in the rear of the enemy.

        We took Mechanicsville the first day, one of the enemies best positions.

June 27th. [1862]

        The enemy retreated several miles,--it is reported we are whipping them.

June 28th. Saturday. [1862]

        The battle is progressing favourably to us, I understand. We have captured several thousand prisoners, numbers of officers high in rank.

June 29th. Sunday. [1862]

        The Yankees reported running towards the James River, our forces after them. Everything seems pretty quiet in the city today. I went to Church at ten O'clock this morning. Father Andrews preached.

Tuesday July 1st. 1862.

        Mr. Pulaski came in from camp and informed us that poor Mr. Abbot was killed the previous night, soon after this his body was brought to the house in an old wagon covered with straw, he was shot through the head, and of course very much disfigured. No person saw him but the gentlemen. My Husband assisted in dressing and cleaning him. Poor fellow, a nobler heart never lived, he supported his Mother, Wife and child. Little Walter is only thirteen months old. Mrs. Duval has been away during all this sad and distressing time, she went to see her Sisters who have lost their two brothers.

Wednesday 2ond. JuIy. [1862]

        Poor Mr. Abbot was buried this morning at 10 O'clock. It was pouring down raining all day long.

        Mrs. Shober from Salisbury came in to see me, she came to see after her brother's remains, Major Wheat.

        I had a letter from home, poor darling little Maria Gailbeau is dead far away from friends and home, July 3rd, 1862.

        Mrs. Col. Chilton also came in to see, she is just down from Danville.

July 4th. [1862]

        No more news from the enemy except that they are still retreating and we pursuing them.

        The fourth was not celebrated I don't expect by either side.

Page 77

        Dr. Brewer and Cousin Tom Adams came in to see me.

        Mrs. Duval got back home with Miss J. Abbott.

July 5th. Saturday. [1862]

        I took a walk with the Captain in the morning, in the afternoon I went to Confession to Father McMullen. I came home feeling very badly.

Sunday 6th. July. [1862]

        I felt too sick to go to Church and Holy Communion. I have an awful sick headache. I have slept nearly all day long. In the afternoon I went down stairs still feeling quite badly--Very warm.

Monday July 7th. [1862]

        I feel a good deal better this morning. The day is dreadfully hot and sultry.

July 8th. Tuesday. [1862]

        I took a walk in the afternoon, went to see Miss L. Purcell, but she was out, gone to the country. The day is exceedingly warm. I remained at home all the evening.

Wednesday July 9th. [1862]

        The day has been oppressively hot. I walked to the city spring in the evening after Tea.

Page 78

Thursday 10th. [1862]

        Very warm all the morning, but we had a delightful shower by evening that cooled the atmospher--Mrs. Williams has gotten back from Charlotte, we went round to see her last night at Mrs. Nelson's.

        General Winder has left this house.

July 11th. Friday. [1862]

        A cool and pleasant day. I am still working at my tuck skirt, it will look very pretty when it is done up--

        Saturday--We moved downstairs to our old room this morning.

        Capt. Myers came in to see us, he came to the city on business.

Sunday 13th. [July, 1862]

        We went to Church at ten O'clock, we had a beautiful sermon from the Bishop on Charity. In the evening we went round to see Miss L. Purcell.

Monday 14th. [July, 1862]

        I finished my skirt. I sang in the choir this morning, practising to sing a requiem Mass for Mrs. McNulty. Mrs. Stuart played the organ.

        In the evening we went round to Mrs. Maury's and spent the evening. I also called on Miss Blake and Mrs. Anderson.

Tuesday 15th. of July. [1862]

        Today is a very hot day. I walked out to Church at eight o'clock. About 1 O'clock The Capt. came home and brought Gen Hood with him, they

Page 79

took a drink and a little lunch. Capt. Myers came in also.

        We had a delightful shower in the evening--We remained at home.

        We heard that poor old General Twiggs died today in Augusta, Georgia.

Wednesday 16th. [July, 1862]

        The day is very warm--notwithstanding the shower we had last evening.

Thursday 17th. [July, 1862]

        I wrote a letter to Cousin Jeannie about getting Mrs. Abbott some Bombazine.

Friday 18th. [July, 1862]

        Cool and pleasant--

Saturday 19th. [July, 1862]

        A cool day. I called on Mrs. Thomas--We called on Mrs. Davis.

Sunday 20th. [July, 1862]

        We went to Church and heard a french priest preach an excellent sermon. In the evening we went to Mrs. Nelson's.

Monday 21st. [July, 1862]

        Mr. Niendoff and Mr. Snowdon came to see me today. Mr. N. returns to Texas tomorrow, I write to my Mother by him--

        In the evening we went to Mrs. James Purcell's.

Page 80

Tuesday 22nd. July, 1862.

        Rather warm. John Elliot called to see me.

        My Husband was made a Lt. Colonel today which will date from January last. I am thinking about going to the Springs next week with Mrs. Branch.

July 27th. Sunday. [1862]

        We went to Church--Col. Chilton--Gen. Lovell & Mr. Toutant called in the evening. Alcée leave in the morning for Montgomery.

July 28th. Monday. [1862]

        The Capt. had a letter from Cousin Lawson, he and Mr. Tracy have been recommended for Brigadiers. I called on Mrs. Gen. Cooper yesterday, they seemed glad to get back to Richmond.

July 29th. [1862]

        A very warm day--Charlotte is sick since yesterday.

        I am writing a letter to my Uncle Tom. Mr. Caldwell from San Antonio is in town.

July 30th. [1862]

        I am unwell today, suffered with headache all day. We had quite a storm by night, thunder and lightning incessant.

July 31st. [1862]

        I am packing to go to the Springs tomorrow with Mr. Bulkley and Mrs. Branch.

Page 81

        Poor old Dr. Curtis died this morn--and be buried tomorrow at Pacoose.

August 1st. Friday. [1862]

        We started for the Springs this morning, had a most disagreable time, very much crowded until we got to Lynchburg. Mrs. Branch and myself both went to bed with dreadful sick headaches.

August 2ond. Saturday. [1862]

        We reached the Alleghany about one O'clock, very much fatigued. We were all put in one large room, sixteen of us, the place is so dreadfully crowded.

Sunday 3rd. [August, 1862]

        I have met a few acquaintances--The fare is only torable.

        Cousin Edmund is here, he stays a good deal with us. I wrote to my Husband today.

Monday 4th. [August, 1862]

        It is very warm today. I have taken one of Mrs. Morris's rooms for a while. They had dancing last evening. I went into the room for a little while.

August 5th. Tuesday. [1862]

        The day is intensely warm--the nights cool.

Page 82

Saturday 9th. [1862] [August]

        We have been here a week today. I like the place very well. I have made a great many pleasant acquaintances. Cousin Edmund has left me.

        I wrote to my dear Husband today.

Sunday 10th. [August, 1862]

        A very warm day. Mrs. Morris has been so good and kind to me. Mrs. Branch and Mr. Bulkley speak of going away next week--I don't think I shall accompany them.

        Mrs. Branch and party left the Alleghany on Wednesday 13th.

        I moved to No. 51 Thursday. Lucy Fontaine roomed with me for a few days.

        I was taken sick on tuesday 19th. I believe I had a slight chill and fever all the evening--remained in my room several days.

        Dr. Morris came to see his family last week, Mary was sick. Mr. Cranz sent me a little brandy.

Thursday. August 21st. [1862]

        Many of my friends left today. Mrs. & Miss Fontaine and Mrs. Ruffin. I moved again to Mrs. Ruffin's old room. I am very well pleased with it.

        I wrote to my Husband yesterday that I was sick. All my friends have been very kind to me here.

23rd. August. Saturday. [1862]

        We have two splendid singers here, Miss Cabell and Mrs. Lee. Today I feel much better--Rather cloudy. I think we shall have rain.

Page 83

Thursday 28th. [August, 1862]

        My Husband arrived today quite unexpectedly. I was mighty glad to see him. A delightful day it is.

Friday 29th. [August, 1862]

        A pleasant day. We have nice dancing now since the Capt. came to see me. Mrs. Cranz, Kent Fishbourne and myself.

Saturday 30th. [August, 1862]

        A great many persons left today. Mrs. McDaniel, Mrs. Sutton and all that party.

        My husband had a letter from Major Whiting today, he will have to return to Richmond tomorrow, Sunday.

August. 1862. Sunday 31st.

        My Husband is getting ready to leave torectly.

        All have all gone up to the house to preaching. Mr. Wilmer is going to preach.

        We had a letter from my brother the other day, he says he is going to get married very soon to Miss Annette Magoffin.

        My Husband left me on Sunday, 31st. of August.

        A Grand battle fought at Manassas on that day, Gen. Lee in command.

        We came to Coyner's on the 2ond. of September--spent a few days rather pleasantly. T. came with Mr. Webb & Mr. Harrison of Richmond.

Page 84

Sep. 4th. [1862]

        We have Dancing every evening, but it is very quiet in comparison to the Alleghany --there are very few persons here now.

        I wrote to my sister Maria and to Grandpapa by Mr. Ferguson, who is ordered there by our Government.

Sept. 6th. 1862.

        The weather has been very cool up here until the last day or two.

Sept. 8th. [1862]

        I received two letters from my Husband today, and one he sent me from my Uncle Tom.

        the day is very, warm--

        I expect to start for Richmond tomorrow about twelve O'clock.

Sept. 9th. Tuesday. [1862]

        We left Coyners today, we have had quite a pleasant time there--

        We met Mrs. Cranz at the depot, she will go to Richmond with us--by Charlottesville--

        We arrived in Rich-- on Wednesday--about 5 O'clock--my Husband met me at the depot all seemed glad to see me--

Sept. 13th. Saturday. [1862]

        Cousin Clement came to see us and took breakfast with us. Cousin Jeannie is gone to N. Carolina.

Sept. 14th. Sunday. [1862]

        We went to Church--heard father Mullen preach a right good sermon.

Page 85

Monday 15th. [1862]

        My Husband went to the battle field with Mr. Purcell and Menard and spent the day riding about.

        I called on Mrs. Morris & Mrs. Purcell.

Tuesday 16th. [1862]

        A warm day--We've had a fight at Harper's ferry--

Wednesday 17th. [1862]

        I went to Mrs. Wimes to spend the evening with Cousin Jeannie--

        We had a pleasant time, they made me play and sing--

        Gen. and Mrs. Johnston were very cordial--

Thursday. Spt. 18th. [1862]

        Thanksgiving Day. We went to Church, but had no sermon--a very warm day--

        Gen. E. Jones & Major Williams called to see us in the evening.

Friday 19th. [Sep. 1862]

        An exceedingly hot day--Mrs. Gen. Joe Johnston called to see Mrs. Whiting and myself. Mrs. Walker came on Friday, Sept. 26th.

Sunday 28. [1862]

        We went to Church and heard a rather poor sermon from Father Mullen--

Page 86

        Mrs. Major Williams and her Husband called to see us.

Tuesday. 30th. Sept. [1862]

        My Husband and myself were invited out to tea--to Mrs. Harrison's, we had a delightful time,--met Dr. and Mrs. Mason, Dr. and Mrs. Fishbourne.

October 1st. [1862]

        Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Whiting and myself went visiting--

        it a very warm sultry day--

Thursday 2ond. [Oct. 1862]

        Sophie commenced my bonnet today. A warm day. Her baby Grace is still sick.

        Friday--We went out shopping in the hot sun, and both returned home with a dreadful headache.

        My Husband went to dine at Mr. Menard's--Yesterday evening Sophie and my and Husband spent the evening with Mrs. Clay. Quite a number of Texaans were accidentally collected together.

        I had an awful headache all the evening. Capt. Myers came to see us.

Saturday 4th. [Oct. 1862]

        An exceedingly warm day. Sophie finished my bonnet. Mrs. N. Walker and Mrs. G. Randolp called to see me.

        My Husband and myself walked up to Mrs. Winder's in the evening.

Oct. 5th. Sunday. [1862]

        We had a letter from Joe yesterday in which he mentioned he expected

Page 87

to be married on the 4th. day of September.

        I went to Church early this morning--we had a lovely morning--Sophie's baby is quite sick.

Monday 6th. [Oct. 1862]

        We went round to Mrs. Winder's to spend the evening--the night was beautiful.

Tuesday 7th. [Oct. 1862]

        Sophie and myself were out nearly all the morning shopping, she had her likeness taken for her Husband.

        Wednesday ------

Sunday 12th. [1862][Oct.]

        We had a most disagreeable day, cold and raining. I could not attend Church. My Husband went.

Sunday 19th. [Oct. 1862]

        I went to Church, we had a fine sermon from the Bishop. After Church we went to Mr. James & John Purcell's. We dined at the latter's. In the afternoon Miss Lizzie and myself went to Church, a strange priest preached.

        We went to Mrs. Smith's little girl's funeral on Tuesday 21st. she was burnt to death

Oct. Sunday 26th. [1862]

        It raining today. My Husband would not let me go to Church.

Page 88

November 1st. [1862]

        Feast of All Saints. I went to Church at ten O'clock, and did intend to go to communion but did go.

        In the afternoon I went to see Mrs. Doherty, Dollie O'Reilly that was, and had a long chat with her about Nazareth girls--

        In the evening I went around to Mrs. Nelson's.

        I missed my------this months of Oct.

Sunday. Nov. 2. [1862]

        I went to Church at eight O'clock. The Capt. spent the day in the country at Mr. Grant's.

Monday. Nov. 3. [1862]

        I went out to see poor Mrs. Menard, she look wretchedly thin and sick, still quite cheerful--and resigned to die I think.

Tuesday 4th. [Nov. 1862]

        A pleasant day, in the evening we went to Mrs. Maury's and spent a delightful evening, Sophie, myself and all her family. I had a sick head on yesterday.

Wednesday 5th. [Nov. 1862]

        Dr. Dean came to see me. I did not go out, it rained a little today.

        Thursday--it rained and was disagreeable and windy.

Page 89

Friday 7th. [Nov. 1862]

        A heavy fall of snow fell. My brother Joe, to my great surprise, came to see me to take me home--he look very stout & in fine health & spirits.

Saturday 8th. [Nov. 1862]

        It stopped snowing. Joe and myself made a few calls.

Sunday 9th. [1862][Nov.]

        Joe, myself and the Capt. went to Church--heard a good sermon from a french priest on sin.

        In the afternoon I went to Benediction. After Church we called to see the Bishop.

Sunday 16th. [Nov. 1862]

        I went to Holy communion early this morning. Joe & the Capt. went to Church at 11 O'clock. Father McMullen preached rather a poor sermon.

        In the afternoon I went to Vespers, the Bishop preached.

Monday 17th. [Nov. 1862]

        We went round to see Dr. and Mrs. Wayt, she begged us to stay for all day, we had a nice dinner, they were all very kind to me.

Tuesday. 18th. [Nov. 1862]

        It rained, and so it continued all the rest of the week.

        Joe went up to Gen. Lee's Army--I feel badly nearly all the time.

Page 90

Saturday 22ond. [Nov. 1862]

        This morning we went down to see the Gunboat Richmond. Joe's brothers-in-law have arrived here. Gen. Sibley is soon expected--

        Sunday 23rd.

Sunday 30th. Nov. [1862]

        The Capt. Joe and myself went to Church. Father Hagen preached. A beautiful day.

        Monday--I wrote home.

1st. Dec. [1862]

        Tuesday evening the Capt. and Joe went to Mr. Davis's, the President, had a cup of Tea.

Thursday 4th. December. [1862]

        Joe had his likeness taken. He left us and started for Texas. I wish we could have gone with him.

Friday 5th. Dec. [1862]

        It rained all day long, we could not stir out of the house.

Surturday 6th. [Dec. 1862]

        A cold day. I went to Mrs. Allen's to see about Mrs. Myers bonnet, it was finished and quite pretty, like a perfectly new bonnet. I called on Mr. Harrison and Mrs. Nelson & Maury. Mrs. Whiting sister Nora came today--also Mrs. Govan and Jimmy Duval. The is crowded now.

Page 91

Sunday 7th. [Dec. 1862]

        We went to Church at 11 O'clock--The Bishop gave us a splendid sermon on Miracles.

Wednesday. December 10th. [1862]

        I have a wretched cold in my head. I took a walk in the morning-- it is a beautiful day.

        I have just heard of the death of poor Mrs. Menard, one of the sweetest women in the world.

        I went to bed at four O'clock feeling very badly. My Husband went to dine round to Judge Crump's, I was sorry I could not accompany him.

        Cousin Edmund is quite sick also.

Thursday 11th. [Dec. 1862]

        Mrs. Menard was buried this morning at 11 O'clock. I went to the Church but it was so intensely cold I could not stand it, I had to leave.

        Dr. Dean came to see me today.

        I had a letter from sister Sue urging me to go and pay them a visit.

Friday 12th. [Dec. 1862]

        I went over to Petersburg with cousin Edmund in the evening. The Capt. went over Saturday, remained until Monday with us. I had a very nice time, enjoyed myself in a quiet way--had a splendid appetite, liked the crackling bread particularly well. Mrs. Hinton was very kind to me, invited me to stay with her. Mrs. Brooks and Miss Dunn called on me.

Page 92

        I returned home on Thursday evening with Cousin Edmund.

        I had a letter from Sophie and one from Mrs. Myers asking me to go and spend Christmas with her.

Friday, Dec. 19. [1862]

        We have again whipped the Yankees at Fredericksburg. They are fighting also at Kingston, in N. Carolina.

        Friday 19th. Major Whiting was taken sick. I went out in the morning to see some of my friends.

        Saturday--It was bitter cold--I went visiting.

Sunday 21st. [Dec. 1862]

        We went to Church late. After Church we had a meeting of the ladies. They are organizing a society for the Relief of the poor.

        We had a nice dinner today.

Monday 22nd. [Dec. 1862]

        Dr. Talley and his brother started home this morning, the Dr. quite unwell.

        Major is quite sick, Dr. Talley says he has scarlet fever.

        Tuesday--A very mild day--I made a couple of visits.

Wednesday 24th. [Dec. 1862]

        Christmas eve. Major Whiting is dangerously ill. Dr. Dunn & Dr. Peachy are attending him--

Page 93

        Christmas morning at four O'clock Major Whiting died, his wife came down and asked my Husband to go up--when he got there the poor man had expired--he was delerious during his whole sickness--

        Christmas day I went to Church at half past ten. My Husband was busy and could not go--he had to attend to every thing for Mrs. Whiting, her husband had to be buried the same afternoon--

        It was the saddest Christmas I ever spent--no person dined out, though many were invited. We were to have dined at Mr. John Purcell's.

Friday 26th. [Dec. 1862]

        I went up to see Mrs. Whiting, it excited me a good deal--I felt very badly all day.

        Mrs. Doherty and myself went round to see the Bishop.

        By night I felt quite sick, dreadful pains in my limbs. My Husband went round to Major Williams to drink Egg-Nogg, Mrs. Govan and Mrs. Abbott sat with me until ten O'clock.

Saturday 27th. [Dec. 1862]

        I was sick in bed all day, Dr. Dean came to see me. Mrs. Whiting went over to Mrs. Ives this morning.

Sunday 28th. [Dec. 1862]

        I was not well enough to go to Church, although I got up.

Monday 29th. [Dec. 1862]

        I am much better today. It is amost lovely day. In the afternoon

Page 94

my Husband and myself went for Mrs. W. and took her to see her Husband grave.

New Year's day, Jan'y 1st. Thursday. [1863]

        Was a most lovely day. I felt perfectly miserable, as sick as I could be. My Husband took me out riding in the afternoon, Mrs. Govan went with us. Dr. Dean came to see me in the evening--he would not give me any medicine but told me to go out all the time--

Friday, 2 Jan. [1863]

        I am better, walked out to see Mrs. Whiting this morn, told her farewell. I went to see Mrs. Maury, she begged me to stay and spend the day, which I did,--she proposed my going up to see Mrs. Wayt, which think I will do. I wrote to my Mother by Mr. Pierce.

Saturday 3rd. [Jan. 1863]

        I spent the day at Mrs. Nelson's--after that I went to Church, but could not get to confession.

Sunday 4th [Jan. 1863]

        We went to church at half past eight--I got sick and had to leave. My Husband breakfasted at Mr. J. Purcell's--after that they went out to the country and spent the day at Mr. Grant's. I spent the day with the ladies, had a nice dinner. In the afternoon went to Church and confession. Mr. Menard walked home with me.

Page 95

January 5th. [1863]

        My birthday, I am 24 years old today.

        I went to Holy communion early this morning. I came home quite sick-- My Husband gave me a nice large cake and apples. I am going to Dr. Wayt's farm tomorrow.

Tuesday 6th. [Jan. 1863]

        Bettie Greenhow & myself started for Dr. Wayt's--when we reached there it was raining. Bettie had a headache. They were all glad to see us.

Wednesday 7th. [Jan. 1863]

        Not a very fine day. I had a sick head ache all day, I did not even go down to breakfast, I could not retain a thing in my stomach all day.

Thursday 8th. [Jan. 1863]

        I was a little better. Mrs. Wayt is so comfortably fixed.

Friday 9th. [Jan. 1863]

        Miss Jeannie Abbot and Miss Bouldin came over to see us, the former teaches in the country. I am better today. I enjoy everything so much.

Saturday 10th. [Jan. 1863]

        It rained awfully all day. My Husband came over,--we had an elegant dinner.

Page 96

Sunday 11th. [Jan. 1863]

        We did not go to Church--we took a pleasant drive before dinner.

Monday 12th. [Jan. 1863]

        My Husband returned to town. We had a beautiful day.

        Friday we returned, they all thought that I had improved.

Sunday 18th. [Jan. 1863]

        We went to Church at 11 O'clock--Father McMullen preached.

Monday 19th. [Jan. 1863]

        I made several visits in the morning.

        We went to Mr. Maury's and took Tea.

        Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday it rained all day. Feb. 25th. Capt. & Mr. Purcell & Palfrey went out to Mr. Grant's.

February 1st. Sunday. [1863]

        We went to Church at 11ven. Father Mc preached on Sloth.

        Monday 2ond. I made some visits.

        Tuesday 3rd. I went & spent the evening at Dr. Morris'.

        Wednesday it snowed all day.

        Thursday it rained--

        Friday afternoon I went around to Mrs. Nelson's.

Saturday 7th. [Feb. 1863]

        A pleasant day--Mrs. Talley and myself went shopping in the morning.

Page 97

After dinner Capt. and myself went to see Mrs. Grant. Mrs. Dr. Brewer called to see us.

Sunday Feb. 8th. [1863]

        We went to Church at 8 1/2. My husband has gone to dine with Charles Purcell--& cousin Lawson. Cousin Clement & Lawson stay here. Captain Myers is going to dine with me.

Tuesday 10th. February [1863]

        Mrs. Semmes gave a delightful party. We enjoyed it very much, we met all the elit of Richmond there.

Sunday 15th. [Feb. 1863]

        I could not go to Church on account of the rain.

Tuesday 17th. [Feb. 1863]

        Mrs. George Randolp gave a party. I could not go it was raining so hard. The Capt. went and found it quite pleasant.

Wednesday 18th. [Feb. 1863]

        Ash Wed. It was raining and I could not go to Church--

        I will not be able to fast this Lent--

Sunday 22 of Feb. [1863]

        My Husband's birthday. I had nothing to give him. It has been snowing heavily all day long. I could not get to Church.

        I had my mouseline dress dyed for $2. and made it up myself. 23--24 --25th.

Page 98

Wednesday 24th. [1863][Feb.]

        It has been raining nearly all the week.

Saturday 28th. Feb. [1863]

        I called on the Miss Preston's, Mrs. Chesnut, & Miss Wellford. The Capt. went to spend the evening with Mr. & Mrs. Cranz--I could not go with him because I had a headache.

March 1st. Sunday. [1863]

        We went to Church at 11ven. Father Mac preached--from we went to Mr. John Purcell's to dine, it cleared off and is quite mild today.

        Mr. James Grant came to see us.

Monday. [March 2nd. 1863]

        A bright beautiful day, I made several calls--In the evening Dr. and Mrs. Talley and ourselves went to the President's--met Dr. and Mrs. Garnet there--we had a pleasant evening.

Tuesday. [March 3rd. 1863]

        Rather pleasant but cold. I made some visits. In the evening we and Dr. and Mrs. Tally went to tea at Gen. Winder's--my Husband dined with Mr. Menard in the country.

Wednesday 4th. [March 1863]

        A bitter cold day. Mrs. Tally and myself made some visits. In the evening Capt. went to Mrs. Nelson's to spend the evening. Dr. and Mrs.

Page 99

Wayt are down from the country. I did not go because it was too cold. Judge Crump called to see us & Cousin Clement.

Thursday 5th. [March 1863]

        I spent the day at Mrs. Nelson's, had a nice dinner. Went to Church in the afternoon.

        In the evening we went to a party at Dr. Morris's--we had a pleasant time.

        Some of the ladies danced.

Friday 6th. [March 1863]

        I feel pretty well today. I took my breakfast in my room, had a nice cup of chocolate. A cold, windy day--I can't go out.

        Mrs. Duval has raised the board to a hundred dollars.

March 8th. Sunday. [1863]


Thursday 13th. [March 1863]

        Cousin Tom Adams -- John Grammer came to see us in the evening. Capt. went to call on the Misses Preston.

        Saturday--I went to Petersburg--we had very cold weather.

        Sunday we went to Church. Father Mulby gave us a stirring sermon.--15th.

        I spent a very pleasant week in Petersburg--We had a heavy fall of snow, which prevented my returning to Richmond on the day I appointed.

        Mrs. Hinton invited us to dine with her, she is a nice, agreeable little woman.

Page 100

Saturday 21st. [March 1863]

        My Husband to my great surprise came over to Petersburg.

Sunday 22ond. [March 1863]

        The Capt. went out to the country with Cousin Tom. I went to Church in all the snow.

Monday 23rd. [March 1863]

        We returned to Richmond, father Huber came over with us.

Wednesday 25th. [March 1863]

        Feast of the Annunciation. I went to Church, after that Mrs. James Purcell & myself went to see Mrs. Cranz who is going to Europe, also Mrs. John Purcell.

        Thursday it rained all day.

        Friday--a day of fasting & prayer. We went to Church at nine O'clock--about one we went out and made several calls. A most beautiful day. In the evening we went around to Mr. Maury's, spent a pleasant time.

Saturday 28th. [March 1863]

        It rained all day long. The Capt. and Mrs. Duval had a few warm words between them. I don't expect we will stay here much longer. I am trying to induce my Husband to try and get ordered to Texas.

March 29th. [1863]

        Palm Sunday. Father Huber preached a good sermon. After dinner I

Page 101

sat in the parlour.

        After Tea I called Mrs. Duval to my room & the Capt. and herself fixed the matter satisfactorily.

March 30th. Monday. [1863]

        A pleasant day. In the evening the Capt. and myself went to Mrs. Nelson's and spent a pleasant evening. Mrs. Capt. Wayt was there.

        Tuesday it rained, I believe.

Wednesday the 1st. April. [1863]

        I went to Church early. In the afternoon I went to Mr. Cook's to say Adieu to Mrs. Cranz who starts for Germany tomorrow.

        Holy Thursday I went to Church at 8 O'clock & remained until 11 1/2-- they had a riot in the city this morn--men & women broke into stores & robbed.

        After tea we went to Church again & heard a splendid sermon from the Bishop on the Eucharist, the Church was crowded.

        Good Friday--I went to Church again. We had today the Adoration of the Cross. After Tea my Husband and myself went the stations of the Cross, after which we had a few feeling words from the Bishop.

        Cousin Jeannie and Celeste came this evening.

        Holy Saturday I went to Church at 8 O'clock, we had the blessing of the Holy Water.

Sunday. April 5th. Easter [1863]

        It is a very disagreable day, snowing & raining. I went out to

Page 102

Church at 8--went to Holy communion and returned at nine and half.

April 12th. Sunday. [1863]

        A pretty day. We went to Church at ten O'clock, the Bishop was away for a little while, Father Andrews said Mass and preached.

        We have had most beautiful weather lately. I made several visits this week.

Monday 13th. [April 1863]

        I have engaged a monthly nurse here for July.

        Miss Saunders, Mrs. Skinker and cousins spent the evening with us Monday.

Thursday April 16th. [1863]

        Mrs. Pulaski spent the evening with us. Miss Morgan was to have come round but disappointed us. Cousin Jeannie and Celeste were dressed very prettily.

April 17th. Friday. [1863]

        We all went to the Theatre much to my dislike. The house is much prettier than I expected to find--the performance torably good. They played The Carpenter of Rouen.

        We had a letter from Joe, they were all well at home, when he wrote March 11th--

Saturday 18th. [April 1863]

        We have a most delightful day--I have been disappointed about the bonnet and hat--

Page 103

        In the evening we all went around to Mr. Cook's boarding house to spend the evening with Mrs. Saunders, she had invited several girls to meet us.

Sunday, April 19th. [1863]

        A most lovely day. My Husband and myself got up early and went to Church at 8 O'clock. After that he went to Chapman's bluff with Major Williams for the day. In the evening we went around to Mrs. Nelson's.

Tuesday 21st. [April 1863]

        We went around to Mrs. Maury's to spend the evening. Belle Maury made me some collars.

        I bought me a straw hat and trimmed it very prettily.

Wednesday 22ond. [April 1863]

        A pleasant day. In the afternoon my Husband and myself walked to see Mrs. Col. Gorgas.

        We spent the evening with Mrs. James Purcell.

        I received an English barege, shoes, corset and fine flannel from Maryland.

Sunday 26th. [April 1863]

        We went to Church at ten O'clock. Father Andrews preached a good sermon.

Page 104

Teusday 28th. [April 1863 ]

        It rained nearly all day. My bonnet is finished, black lace, it cost $25. I furnished everything but the frame.

Wednesday 29th. [April 1863]

        Gloomy in the morning. In the afternoon the Capt. got a buggy & we went out to Mrs. Pelaski's, It rained whilst we were on the road, but fortunately we did not get wet. I wrote home to Joe by Col. Wilcox.

Thursday 30th. April. [1863]

        It poured down all night long, we remained at Mrs. P--'s. Capt. came into town about 10 O'clock and left me--

Friday 1st. May. [1863]

        A most lovely day. The enemy crossed, and were fighting near Fredericksburg yesterday. I came into town with Mrs. Pelaski. We had some delicious Ice cream & cake for dinner, it was the Anniversary of Mrs. Duval's wedding.

        After dinner I made several visits. The Capt. and Mrs. Garnet went out to the country to see a place where they offer us board--

Saturday 2nd. [May.][1863]

        I went to Church early. I went out calling with Cousin Jeannie, came home quite tired.

        Gen. Lee's Army has defeated the Yankees again near Fredericksburg-- May 4th. & 5th.

        I again went to Church at 5 O'clock. After Tea the Capt. went round to the President's--

Page 105

Sunday 3rd. May. [1863]

        We went to Church, after which I went home with Mrs. James Purcell. We came home at 4 O'clock, took a nap. In the evening we heard a hundred rumours about the Yankees coming to Richmond, only 15 miles from here, it is reported,--the people all seem to be very much excited. Cousin Jeannie speaks of going home day after tomorrow.

Thursday 7th. [May 1863]

        We made some calls. In the evening we went around to Mrs. Nelson's.

        I have been quite busy all the week preparing for summer.

Sunday 10th. [May 1863]

        General Jackson died of his wounds and pneumonia. The great and noble hero will be a great loss to our country. Stonewall Jackson's remains will be brought down today, Monday.

Tuesday 12th. [May 1863]

        Cousin Jeannie & Clement left here for Macon.

        Gen. Jackson's remains were removed, they had an immense military procession through the streets, the stores and offices were all closed.

        Wednesday I went to see Cousin Celeste, she was in bed--from there I went to Harriet Coleman's to have some sewing done.

Thursday 14th. [May 1863]

        It rained and turned quite cool again--

Page 106

Friday 15th. [May 1863]

        I made some visits. In the evening we went around to Major Williams to spend the evening--

Saturday 16th. [May 1863]

        A pleasant day. I made several visits this morning, and in the afternoon I went to see Mrs. Stuart & Mrs. Brewer.

Sunday 17th. [May 1863]

        We went to Church at 8 O'clock. I have been to see Mrs. John Purcell who has a young baby.

        It is reported that Jackson, Missis. has fallen.

Tuesday 19 May. [1863]

        We went around to Mrs. Nelson's and spent the evening.

        Mrs. Robert Maury started South this morn for a few weeks.

        The weather is a little cool.

Wednesday 20th. [1863][May]

        My Husband got a buggy and took me to see Cousin Mary Grammer, Mrs. Stevens, and Gilmer,--in the afternoon after Tea we walked around to Dr. Harall's to sit with cousin John Grammer--

        Capt. Semmes family of the Alabama are staying here. Mr. Buxton is very attentive to Miss Kate, sends her bouquets and all sorts of nice things every day.

Page 107

Saturday 23rd. [May 1863]

        I did not walk out all day until evening. I dressed up and we went around to call on Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Tom Semmes came to see us.

Sunday 24th. [May 1863]

        My Husband and myself got up early and went to early Church--he has gone out to Mrs. Grant's with other gentlemen to spend the day.

        It has been intensely warm all day. Mr. Buxton got some ice after dinner and gave us all some.

        The Bishop has returned from the South.

        I am thinking of going up to Halifax on a visit in a few days.

May 28th. Thursday. [1863]

        I started up to Halifax early in the morning with Uncle John Grammer & Cousin Mary Green, they were all very kind to me up there. I really enjoyed the change, the country was cool and delightful, plenty of ice and buttermilk. I wish I could have remained all the summer.

        I received letters from my Husband nearly every day. Cousin Celeste was extremely ill whilst I was gone.

Friday 12th. [June, 1863]

        I came to Richmond with Dr. T. Green. The Capt. met me at the Depot. I was really glad to get back, found Cousin Celeste much improved.

        Capt. Myers arrived here from Salisbury the same evening.

Page 108

Saturday 13th. [June, 1863]

        A pleasant day. I walked around to see Cousin Celeste and Jeannie.

Sunday 14th. [June, 1863]

        The Capt. went to breakfast at Mr. Menard's & remained there until 1 O'clock. I went to Church at 10--Father Hagan preached. The Capt. went out again to dine at Judge Crump's, several gentlemen were invited-- Mrs. Crump has had a mishap--In the evening Dr. Brewer walked around to see us & invited us to dine at his house the next day.

Monday 15th. June. [1863]

        We have been married four years today. I walked up to Dr. Brewer's about 12 O'clock. Capt. Myers and my Husband dined with us, we had a delicious dinner we an enjoyed it.

        In the evening Capt. Myers took Cousin Jeannie and myself to Pezzinis--

        I have had delightful news from home today, John Elliot has written to my Husband saying that Maria, my sister, was expected in San Antonio daily from Europe. It seems Father Dubuis has been made Bishop and brought her out.

        Capt. Ingraham stayed in my room during my absence, he says Mrs. Whiting expects to be confined next month.

Tuesday 16th. [June, 1863]

        I did not go out in the morning. In the afternoon the Capt. took to Mr. Menard's to see Lucy Gwinn. In the evening Capt. Myers and John Mitchell called.

Page 109

        A friend sent us a little box full of splendid Strawberries which we enjoyed.

Wednesday 17th. [June, 1863]

        A warm day. I walked to see Mrs. Nelson & Cousin Celeste this morning. In the evening I went to see Mrs. Chilton and from we walked to Major Williams and took Tea. On our return Capt. Myers took us to Antonis and treated us to ice cream.

Thursday 18th. [June, 1863]

        An intensely hot day. I did not venture out at all. Capt. Myers sent me an excellent Julep about 1 O'clock.

        In the evening we had a delightful rain.

        Alcée Toutant called to see me twice, but found me out both times. Gen. Lovell also called.

Sunday 21st. [June, 1863]

        We went to early Church.

        Monday I went to Mrs. Greenhow's to spend the evening.

Tuesday 23rd. [June, 1863]

        We went out to the country to see Mrs. Randolp. We did not return until after dark--took Tea there.

Wednesday 24th. [June, 1863]

        We walked around to see Cousin Jeannie who is going to leave for

Page 110

Macon this evening.

        Poor Cousin Edmund lost his little twin daughter Bettie & Robert is also at the point of death.

Thursday 25th. [June, 1863]

        It rained all day long. I received some few things from Maryland today.

Friday 26th. [June, 1863]

        A gloomy day. General Lee's Army is in Maryland.

        In the morning I walked.

        In the afternoon I made one or two visits--spent the evening at Mrs. Grant's--The Yankees have made another cavalry raid.

Sunday 28th. June. [1863]

        I went to Church at 8 O'clock-- received Holy communion. After Church and breakfast the Captain went out to Camp to quiet some Mississippi troops that became insurbordinate--

        In the afternoon we walked around to John Purcell's and remained until after Tea.

        Monday it rained nearly all day.

Tuesday 30th. June. [1863]

        Capt. and I went around to see the Bishop--

        In the evening we called around at Mrs. Nelson's.

Page 111

July 1st. Wednesday. [1863]

        We received a letter from Angel--they were all torably well at home when he wrote.

        I got up this morning feeling a little badly--walked out and remained all day at Mrs. James Purcell's, spent a pleasant day and had a good dinner.

        I came home and found a number of presents from friends--

Thursday 2 July. [1863]

        There has been a deal of excitement in the city about Yankees coming. The Militia has been ordered out.

        Mrs. John Purcell called on me.

        In the evening we walked out to Antonis and had some delicious ice cream.

        The weather is intensely hot--

July 3rd. [1863]

        A very hot day. The Militia is out again today. I felt very badly all the evening, retired about ten O'clock.

July 4th. 1863.

        Last night I did not rest well, I felt uncomfortable all night long,-- waked up very early, sent for Dr. Dean before breakfast, he said there was no doubt but that I was in labour. Aunt Sally, the nurse, Mrs. Duval and my Husband were with me--the baby was born about a 15 minutes after

Page 112

eleven--not a Doctor was near me, Dr. Dean being engaged with Mr. Wall's wife who had a daughter on the same day.

        Dr. Cunningham can to see me the first day--Dr. Talley was also sent for but was too late.

        Our dear little Johnny is a fine little fellow, weighed nearly eight lbs. My friends were exceedingly kind to me, sending me nice things, and coming to see me. I had company nearly every day until I left Mrs. Duval's.

        The Semmes left whilst we were there. The house was exceedingly noisy and disagreeable during my confinement, if it had not been for Mrs. Duval kindness we could have stood it.

        Mrs. Tom Williams had a boy born on the same day as mine--likewise called after his Father.--

        I heard my brother had a daughter born a month previous to mine.

        We moved up to Mr. Starke's on the 1st. August, Saturday, we had an exceedingly hot spell when we first went up, however the change was pleasant, we live a good deal better. Mrs. Starke is very kind--the water we have up here is delightful.

August 15th. Saturday. [1863]

        I had my baby christened today by the Bishop, who stood as god-father, and Miss Emily Mason God-Mother. We returned home and had some champagne and cake--

        Mrs. Gen. Cooper came around.

        Vicksburg fell on the day the baby was born--

Page 113

September 1st. [1863]

        We find it very pleasant at Mr. Starke's--

        Tuesday we spent the day at Mrs. Tom Williams' very pleasantly. My boy is much larger than hers, fatter although born on the same day. Capt. Myers sent us a box of peaches.

        The second Wed--We went to see Mrs. Duval and Mrs. Hall--Charlotte went back and Pattie came.

Thursday Sep. 3rd. [1863]

        I find Pattie a most excellent servant & useful.

        We rode down to see Mrs. Nelson and Maury in the afternoon.

Saturday 5th. [September, 1863]

        I went to Confession and Communion on Sunday.

Sep'r 8th. Tuesday. [1863]

        We spent a very pleasant day at Mrs. John Purcell's--had a nice dinner and enjoyed everything--

September 29th. [1863]

        I had to send Pattie home, she was threatened with a miscarriage.

October 1st. Thursday. [1863]

        We hired a girl that belonged to Col. Garnett to nurse Johnnie, Louisa is just from the country and seems to be a good servant--We have had a

Page 114

great deal of trouble with servants, I have been worried to death--

October 3rd. Saturday. [1863]

        We moved to Mrs. Nelson's--we are elegantly fixed--better off than we ever have been in Richmond, in every respect. We occupy the whole of the third floor.

        Mr. Menard was married on Monday 5th.--Capt. attended his wedding.

        We have just received a box from sister with some wine and other little things--

        Mr. Buxton, I understand, has been arrested.

Saturday 17th. [October, 1863]

        Mrs. Williams went up to Dr. Wayt's farm this morning.

        We are very pleasantly fixed at Mrs. Nelson's. I went around to Mrs. Duval's and saw them all there. I took little Johnny there, nicely dressed, they all made a great fuss over him.

        In the evening we went to Mr. Greenhow's.

        There is a report that they are fighting up in the army.

Sunday, October 18th. [1863]

        I have just returned from Church. The Capt. I believe has gone to the country with Mr. Grant. A great many rumours on the street, the Militia is going up to Western Virginia.

        I have not heard from my home for months.

Page 115

October 23rd. Friday. [1863]

        Rather pleasant. I received three letters from home, one from Maria-- all well. Joe has a boy named Edward, Concion one called Eugene. Grand doings at home--I wish I was at home. I feel very homesick.

        Mrs. Williams child Tom was christianed today--she had several friends around there.

        Mrs. Dangerfield finished my light poplin today--it wants altering very much. Dear little Johnny was sick yesterday, but better today--he has taken cold.

Sunday, November 1st. 1863.

        Feast of All Saints. A beautiful day. The Capt. is going out to the country to Mr. Grant's to spend the day.

        We bought a servant yesterday, I trust she may suit us. Susan seems to be a good natured women, and says she is only eighteen--

        I had several letters from home a few days ago, they were all well there.

        Johnny is a fine healthy little boy--the poor little fellow will have to part with his nurse Louisa--

Nov. 28th. [1863]

        Susan seems to get along pretty well. Johnny knows her already. I have had one of my dreadful sick headaches lately, I feel very weak from it.

        I have Just been around to call on Mrs. Semmes who is our neighbor.

Page 116

        Mrs. & Captain Myers came from Salisbury to stay with us on 19th. December. We had a very pleasant time together, going every day.

        On Christmas day Col. Williams & his family, Capt. Wade & Capt. Myers & wife dined with us. We had a mighty nice dinner--cake, Jelly, Blanc Mange and many nice things.

        The gentlemen gave several parties. My Husband was invited to Mr. Grant's, Maury's and Dr. Cabell's.

        Capt. and Mrs. Myers left us on the 4th. January, they hated to leave us and Richmond.

January 4th. [1864]

        Johnny was six months old today.

January 5th. [1864]

        I am twenty five years old today. I had some cake and wine handed round.

        Mr. Bunting from San Antonio called to see me. In the evening Myer Myers came to see us--

January 6th. [1864]

        Feast of the Epiphany. I went to Church at 10 O'clock--It is exceedingly cold today & snowing very fast. We are invited around to Mrs. Semmes this evening, they are going to have chirades.

January 20th. [1864]

        We have had a most delightful spell of weather for two weeks past,

Page 117

mild & balmy & springlike, very unusual for this place at this season of the year--

        Poor Mrs. Govan lost her only son, & Mrs. Branch her brother Mr. Bulkley. I attend the former funeral.

Feb. 1st. 1864.

        The President and the Gov. both have been giving receptions for the last month--both places, I understand, have been well attended.

        Mrs. Capt. Myers Sisters came a few days since. Maria and Martha are stay on Ross Street at the Myers'.

Feb. 4th. [1864]

        Johnny was seven months old today, he cannot sit alone yet--nor has he got a single tooth--the poor little follow has taken a most wretched cold and cough & has been very restless at night.

        Susan, I am afraid, is going to have a baby before very long--

        The Capt. attended a play at Colonel Ives the other evening--Cousin Virginia and Celeste took part and acted their parts admirably well I am told. I could not go, not being very well, nor the baby well enough for me to leave him--

Feb. 8th. [1864]

        I attended a party at Mr. Sam Harrison's, it was very pleasant. We had an elegant supper. I was suffering with a bad cold then, and by the next day it was much worse--

Page 118

Feb. 15th. Monday. [1864]

        Rather cold and damp we had a fall of snow. My cold is still quite bad. I have suffered a great deal with earache--a sort of neuralgia, I believe. Yesterday I was not well enough to go to Church even. Poor Colonel Wilcox died on Sunday last--Feb. 7th.--

Feb. 17th. [1864]

        Mr. Greenhow's little Samy died this morning. A bitter cold day it is. Last night the Capt. made me some strange disclosures.

February 25th. Thursday. [1864]

        A rather mild but a windy and disagreeable day--Dr. Dean came to see me this morning, he advises me to wean Johnnie and get a wet nurse if possible. I dislike it greatly, but I expect will have to do it.

        Mrs. Myers sisters are coming around to spend this evening with us.

        Johnny has cut his first two front tooth without any sickness, I am happy to say. We found them for the first time on Sunday last, the twenty first.

        I would give a great deal to see my dear Mother, and relations once more, but I fear I will not be able until after the war.

March 1st. 1864. Tuesday.

        It rained the two first days of the month.

Thursday, 3rd. March [1864]

        The Yankees made a grand raid near Richmond, expected to have captured

Page 119

and hung Jeff Davis and Cabinet, and set fire to Richmond. Their expedition failed altogether, thank God, and about three hundred of them were captured.

        I went to see Mrs. George and John Maynard, Mrs. Major Norris, Mrs. Chilton.

Friday 4th. [March, 1864]

        My Johnny is eight months old today, he has been quite unwell for the last two days cutting teeth. I went to see Mrs. Finch, Mrs. Harrison, & Miss Webb.

        I fear we will have to move again before long. Mrs. Nelson says she finds it very difficult to get provisions.

March 8th. Tuesday. [1864]

        The girl Mary came today, through all the rain, it made her quite sick for a day or two. Dr. Dean came to see her--

March 9th. [1864]

        We blind folded Johnny the first day and he nursed, but it frightened him--

March 10th. [1864]

        We can't coax Johnny to nurse--he won't do it.

March 13th. Sunday. [1864]

        Johnny nursed at last today. The Capt. went out to Mr. Grant to

Page 120

spend the day. Maria McRorie spend the day and went to Church with me.

        Miss Saunders married Capt. Contri.

Tuesday March 15th. 1864.

        They are exchanging all of our prisoners--

        Poor Susan, Johnny's nurse left us today. I felt sorry for her.

Sunday 19th. [March, 1864]

        Martha McRorie spent the day with me. In the afternoon I was taken sick with headache--the ladies went around to the square to see our returned prisoners. Johnny seem to enjoy it. I weaned my darling boy about the fifteenth & was taken sick at the same time.

Monday 21st. [March, 1864]

        Johnny was taken sick--I believe from his teeth.

Tuesday 22ond. [March, 1864]

        A dreadful day, snowing hard. Miss Page Waller was married to Major Page--I could not go to the Reception.

Wednesday. [March, 1864]

        Johnny continued sick, and would not stay with anybody but me.

Friday 25th. [March, 1864]

        Good Friday. I went to Church. When I returned I heard Tommy Williams

Page 121

was extremely ill--Mrs. Ann Williams and myself went to see him & found him very low and suffering agony apparently. The little fellow died on Saturday & was buried on Easter Sunday, a beautiful day it was.

        My little darling has gotten quite well again.

        Easter Sunday I went to Holy communion--In the evening Major Dashiel from Texas spent the evening with us.

Easter Monday 28th. [March, 1864]

        A pleasant day. We went out to Major Menard's & had an elegant lunch & delightful company--we did not return until nearly six.

April 1st. [1864]

        We have had a great deal of rain all this month. The rivers rose very high.

        We went over to Petersburg about the 18th. and remained there about ten days--I was sick nearly all the time, but notwithstanding all, I enjoyed my visit. Cousin Jeannie was so kind and sweet to me. We were invited out several times to spend the evening--and had splendid suppers. We had a time getting back to R.

        Johnnie improved very much, gained several lbs.

        Major Dashiels left for Texas about three weeks ago.

        Poor Mrs. Brewer has lost her beautiful and only child. I feel deeply for her in her affliction.

April 30th. [1864]

        A terrible accident occurred yesterday--The President's little boy

Page 122

Joe was killed--fell from up stairs down in the erea, a servant found the child first but already life had left him. His Mother and Father had walked out--

May 1st. 1864. Sunday.

        We went to Church although it was raining. Father Huber preached about the blessed Virgin.

        The President's child will be buried this evening.

May 12th. Thursday. [1864]

        I left Richmond for Mecklenburg with Mr. R. Russell. I did not intend going to the country until June, but the great excitement in Richmond, and my being sick, determined my Husband to send me sooner.

        Mrs. Nelson left the day before for Dr. Wayt's, who was ill and gone deranged.

        Gen. Lee's Army had been fighting Grant's for about a week before I left, and is still fighting I believe.

        The Yankees attempted to advance on R--by different directions. Beauregard whipped them or checked them near Drery Bluff--

        Poor Gen. J. E. B. Stuart was wounded on the 11th. and died on the 12th May. I feel so much for his poor wife.

May 21st. [1864]

        I have been at Mrs. Russell's for about ten days. I like it very much, they are all very kind to me. It is a sweet place--beautiful scenery

Page 123

all around. I have not heard from the Capt. but once since I came.

        Johnny is getting along finely, I put short clothes on him on the 10th. May--he did not take any cold from it.

June 20th. [1864]

        The Capt. came up to see us--having been sick he succeeded in getting a Furlough for six weeks.

June 25th. Saturday. [1864]

        The Capt. had not been with me many days when he an Mr. Russell had to go down to Roanoke bridge to defend it. The Yankees having made a raid advanced in large force to take it. The Capt. remained with the men during the fight, they repulsed the Yankees handsomely.

        The Enemy came within ten or eleven miles of Mr. Russell's place. A great many of the neighbours went on the other side of the river for safety. We were not much alarmed.

        The gentlemen returned on Sunday 26th all safe and sound. I felt uneasy about them although I never dreamed that they had an engagement. We have had intensely hot weather.

July 1st [1864]

        A very warm day. We had a delightful little shower in the evening.

        Johnny commenced to walk several days ago--and can say several words.

        We have had a pleasant time at Mr. Russell's, all are very kind to us. We expect to go to Halifax on a little trip about Tuesday the 5th. I am anxious for our cousins to see Johnny.

Page 124

July 4th. [1864]

        My boy is a year old today, he can walk a little, and has said a few words. We spent his birthday at Mr. Russell's.

Tuesday 5th. [July, 1864]

        We were invited to Dr. Venable's we spent quite a pleasant day.

July 6th. Wednesday. [1864]

        We went over to Halifax--found them all well and glad to see us, they were all mighty pleased with Johnny--he was not at all well when there, was threatened with croup, one night we were up with him nearly all night.

        We remained in Halifax only about eight or nine days, as we had promised to visit Major & Mrs. Myers. On our way there we stopped to see Col. Withers family, they all treated me as as a relative right away--

        The Myers and McRories were glad to see us. We stayed with them a fortnight--returned to Mr. Russell about the 5th August. My Husband remained with me until the 12th, he then returned to Richmond to his business, suffering very much with boils.

        Mrs. Ann Williams and Col. Williams came to Mr. R. about the 19th. of August, the Col. enjoyed the country exceedingly, but was obliged to return before his furlough expired on account of his wife, who was dissatisfied. I have enjoyed Mrs. Williams company very much.

        Mrs. Nelson came up on the 9th. Sept. I only heard of the death of my sweet sister about a week before Mrs. Nelson came up. It is a great

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comfort for me to know that my darling Maria died so happy and resigned to the Will of God, and cherishing such a sweet remembrance of her sister Anita.

        My Husband knew of my sister's death two months before I heard of it-- he feared I would grieve too much, and thereby injure my health.

        The Capt. came up for us on the 17th, Saturday, and we returned on the 19th. Sept. from Mr. Russell's to Richmond. Mrs. Nelson & Williams remained at Mr. Crowders.

Sept. 22ond. [1864]

        I am now keeping house, Judy and myself make out pretty well at cooking--the Capt. seems well pleased.

        Some of my friends have already called on me.

        Mrs. Maury is going up to Dr. Wayt's tomorrow--

Oct. 5th. [1864]

        They some fighting near Richmond about the 4th. & 5th. My Husband has gotten uneasy and determined to send me away again. Cousin John Brodnax has kindly invited me to his house in N. Carolina.

        I concluded to send for Dr. Hughes, he prescribed for me. I was right in thinking I was more delicate than my friends imagined.

        I started to Danville on the 12th. Oct.--exactly six months before I started for Meckenlenburg Co. I was very much opposed to leaving Richmond or rather my Husband, but he thought it the wisest course to pursue.

        I remained in Danville only a week. Col. Withers family were all

Page 126

exceedingly kind to me--I was there when they moved to the bank--

        I started for Cousin John's on the 20th. October--I have been here ten today--I am very much pleased, I like the household very much-- Cousin Bettie is one of the sweetest women I ever saw. I have two servants here, Susan and Mary--

        Mary was taken sick on Sunday 6th so I concluded it was a good time to wean Johnnie. I made Easter, one of the servants here, stay in my room at night. I had not had near as much trouble as I anticipated. Johnny cries for me nearly all the time.

Sunday Nov. 13th. [1864]

        I have been here nearly four weeks. I have enjoyed my stay here very well.

        I have taken Dr. Hughes medicine very regularly, I think it has done me some good.

        Cousin John's Mother has been very ill since I came.

April 1st. 1865.

        Saturday--A pleasant day. I exchanged nurses, I got Mary Heane from the sisters of Charity.

        The 2ond. Sunday we went to Church, the Capt. went to Mr. Grant's farm afterwards. About two o'clock in the day Mr. Myers came around to Mrs. Nelson to inform the Capt. that Richmond was to be evacuated that afternoon.

        Gen. Lee telegraphed Mr. Davis that the Yankees had broken through his lines in two different places and he feared would be compelled to give

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up Richmond & Petersburg.

        My Husband did not return from the country until about 5 1/2, he left me about seven & half.

        The President, Cabinet and all the officers belonging to the different departments started on the Cars for Danville, Va. expecting to remain some there and defend that country. My Husband sometimes advised me to go to North Carolina or some other part of the Confederacy, but I refused, believing it best to remain in Richmond, thinking it would be the easiest way I could reach my home.

        I never spent two such nights in my life as I did the one of the evacuation and the one following, such fright, anxiety and dread I never before experienced. I felt sick for a week afterwards.

April 3rd. [1865]

        The Yankees came into Richmond about nine O'clock in the morning. I moved up to Mr. Myer Myers the same day, they were all exceedingly kind to me, particularly Mr. Sol Myers. The Benjamins & The Crenshaws also invited me to stay with them. Mrs. Houseright stayed at the B. for some time.

        My friends were all very kind in coming to see me. Mr. L. Crenshaw proved to be a good friend of ours.

        Gen. Lee surrendered his army on the ninth of April, we southerners could scarcely believe it possible.

        I heard from my dear Husband only once after we parted in Rich-- he tells me to go home as soon as practicable. I started three weeks after

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the evacuation. Mr. G. T. Williams was my escort as far as New York, he was very attentive. We reached the city of N. York the very day that President Lincoln's remains passed through the city, the place seemed gayer and more crowded than ever. I saw Mr. & Mrs. Roumage several times.

        I remained in New Orleans two weeks waiting to see if they would allow me to go by Galveston,--through the kindness of Gen'l Wilcox and Judge Hancock I succeeded in getting permission.

        I remained in Houston about ten days waiting for my brother to come for me. I stayed at the McGreal's, they were very kind to me.

Sunday June 4th. [1865]

        I reached my dear home, my Mother of course was delighted to see me once more after a separation of nearly five years, she has given me a great many articles of clothing of hers & what belonged to my sweet sister.

June 8th. [1865]

        A great many old friends have come to see me. I find my Uncle Tom very much altered, looks about fifteen years older than when I last saw him. Joe and Annette are staying out at the Ranch with Mr. & Mrs. Joe Magoffin.

        I have not heard one word from my dear Husband, I trust he may soon get here.

June 18th. Sunday. [1865]

        Joe, Annette and I went to the old church at ten o'clock. We had a

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good rain on our return home. Catarina & Carolina spent the day with us.

        Poor Gen. Wilcox came to say farewell to me, he is about to start for Mexico with several other officers--they flee from their country on account of President Johnston proclamation--

        My return to the Lone Star State dated June fourth 1865.

        My Husband returned August 14th. '65.

        Josephine was born Sept. 7th. 1865.

        Poor Grandpapa died on the 6th. August.

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