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An Appeal for Help to the People of the State
in Behalf of the Colored Orphan Children of North Carolina:

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Colored Orphan Asylum (Oxford, N.C.)

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(caption title) An Appeal for Help to the People of the State in Behalf of the Colored Orphan Children of North Carolina
Colored Orphan Asylum (Oxford, N.C.)
1 p.
Oxford?, North Carolina
The Asylum

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People of the State in Behalf of the Colored Orphan Children
of North Carolina.

Dear Brethren and Friends of this Needy Class:

        We, the members of the Board, have set apart the fifth Sunday in August, 1890, as a day of prayer and offerings for the Colored Orphan Asylum at Oxford, N. C., and earnestly ask that every church, Sunday-school and individual will pray the blessings of God upon the work, and take a collection, or make an offering, the same day, and forward the same to Mr. Henry Hester, Oxford, N. C., who will acknowledge the same on receipt.

        The outlook for the future prosperity of this Institution was never more encouraging than at the present time. We have quite a number of children at present, and they are coming in as rapidly as we can provide for them. Need at present another house for boys and more room for girls, and just as soon as the people will raise the funds we shall take in two or three hundred of this class of our children. We hope to open an industrial department as soon as possible. Rev. Robert Shepard has been appointed Superintendent, and is pushing the work vigorously. Under his management we are hoping for great success.

        We have the poor with us, and while we can let us do them good. Will you, as an individual, pray and give, and urge others to give, considering of ourselves and those who are to come after us. The Scripture says, "He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord, and that which he hath given will He pay him again."--Prov. xix: 17. "He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack, but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse."--Prov. xxviii: 27.

        We have about thirty acres of land, more or less, about one mile from Oxford Courthouse, upon which we have paid $1,200, and still owe about $400.

        If it is not convenient to observe the fifth Sunday, please do so at your earliest convenience. Will all pray and all help?



P. S.--For entering children, and further information regarding the work, address Rev. Robert Shepard, Oxford, N. C.