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Insane Asylum of North Carolina
Annual Report of the Board of Directors and the Superintendent of the North Carolina Insane Asylum, for the Year Ending November 30,1884
Raleigh: Ashe & Gatling, 1884.


The Insane Asylum of North Carolinas 1884 Annual Report demonstrates the Board of Directors concern about the overall rise in the number of mentally ill individuals in the country and the state. The report cites census data and the increase in the number of patients committed to their own facilities as evidence of the trend. Because of this apparent increase, the board requests funds to expand their existing buildings to make room for new patients. The report also includes copies of paperwork that must be completed prior to an individuals admission into the institution. Following short reports and tables documenting repairs, finances, and expenditures, tabular data relating to the patients make up the remainder of the document. Tables include data about admissions and discharges, social status, diseases, current mental status, and related information.

Monique Prince

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