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Ebenezer Emmons, 1799-1863
Geological Report of the Midland Counties of North Carolina.
New York: George P. Putnam & Co., 1856.
List of Illustrations

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FIG. 1 [Pyrocrystalline rocks]

FIG. 2 [Pyroplastic rocks]

FIGS. 3, 4, AND 5. [Coral]

FIG. 6. FIG. 7. [Coral]

FIG. 8. [Brecciated Conglomerate]

FIG. 9. [Vein Fissure]

FIG. 10. [Granite vein]

FIG. 11. [Parallel ore and vein stone]

FIG. 12. [Ore and vein stone]

FIG. 13. [Pipe vein]

FIG. 14. [Elevated or shifted fissure]

FIG. 15. [Trap dyke]

FIG. 16. [Quartz vein]

FIG. 17.

Pl. 13. [Plan of the veins of the Conrad Hill mine, Davidson county.]

Pl. 10. Plan showing the arrangement of the pockets, as they are called, in the Gold Hill mine, and on the left the regular off sets of the vein as it descends.

Pl. 9. Plan of the veins at Gold Hill, showing their relations and directions.

FIG. 18. [Vein from Gardener mine]

Pl. 12. [The underground workings of the Rudersill mine at Charlotte, Mecklenburgh county.]

FIG. 19. [Hedrick copper mine]

Pl. 14. [Sec. 1. Extending from Lincolnton to Wadesboro]

Pl. 11. [Exhibits a plan of the working of the North Carolina copper mine of Guilford county.]

FIG. 20. [Ripple Marks]


FIG. 21. [Tooth]

FIG. A. [RUTIODON teeth]

FIG. C. [Rutiodon tooth structure]

FIG. 22. [Thecodont vertebra]

FIG. M. [Dorsal vertebra]

FIG. F. [Palaeosaurus teeth]

FIG. G. [Palaeosaurus teeth]

FIG. H. [Palaeosaurus tooth]

FIG. I. [Palaeosaurus tooth]

FIG. N. [Palaeosaurus Sulcatus tooth]

FIG. No. 3. FIG. No. 4. [Palaeosaurus Sulcatus tooth]

Plate 9. [Figs. 1 and 2. Dictyopyge from the Richmond coal formation.]

FIG. P. [Defensive bone]

FIG. W. [Posidonia ovalis]

FIG. X. [Posidonia multicostata]

FIG. V. [Posidonia triangularis]

FIG. E. [Clepsisaurus Pennsylvanicus tooth]









Sec. 1. Showing the series of sandstones and slates with the coal seams at the Gulf.
Sec. 2. The same section prolonged north-west, showing the relations and position of the veins of iron ore in the Taconic series, together with the position of the brecciated conglomerates. S. I., specular iron. H. I., hæmatitic iron at ore knob. Con., conglomerate. T. S., Taconic slates.
Sec. 3, extends across the coal series at Murchisons, Moore county. F. C., fire clay.
Sec. 4, extends across the coal series at Evander McIver's. The Salines consist of drab colored sandstanes, which, in dry weather, are coated with salt. The Breccia marks the boundary here between the Keuper sandstone and the coal measures, though the term breccia would be more properly replaced by the term conglomerate.

Map of the Deep River Coal Field.