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Minutes of North Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends,
Held at New Garden on Second-Day, the Fifth of Eleventh Month, 1866:

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North Carolina Society of Friends (1698-)

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(title page) Minutes of the North Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends, Held at New Garden on Second-Day, the Fifth of Eleventh Month, 1866
North Carolina Society of Friends
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Page 3


        At North Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends, held at New Garden on Second day the 5th of Eleventh Month, 1866,

        The names of the representatives from the Quarters are as follows:

        Eastern.--Aaron Parker, Albert Brown, Albert Sanders, Jonah Nicholson, Eli C. Copeland, William Copeland, Elihu A White, Jas. W. Copeland and Thomas E. Winslow.

        Western.--John Dixon, Nathaniel Woody, Matthew Osborn, John T. Frazier, Nathan D. Woody, H. M. Hockett, Sampson Allen, and Jesse Buckner.

        New Garden.--Thomas Starbuck, Uriah Macy, Thomas J. Benbow, and Joshua Lindley.

        Contentnea.--Jesse Holiowell, Barna E. Perkins, Edwin G. Copeland, Nathan P. Edgerton, John T. Pearson, William Edgerton, and Calvin G. Perkins.

        Lost Creck.--James F. Bales, Daniel Bales, and Thomas Lyle.

        Deep River.--Aaron Elliott, David Henly, Eli Hayworth, Sewell Farlow, William C. Petty, and David Johnson.

        Southern.--Nathan Farlow, Ezra Hammonds, Thomas Hinshaw, Gideon Cox, Azel G. Rush, and Jesse Frazier.

        They were all present except those from Lost Creek, who rendered a reason for their absence, and H. M. Hockett, T. J. Benbow, Eli Hayworth, and David Johnson, who are expected to render reasons to next meeting for their absence.

        David N. Moffatt and Nathaniel Woody were appointed messengers to Women's Meeting.

Page 4

        There were received and read in this meeting a Minute for Eli Jones and his wife Sybil Jones, ministers from New England Yearly Meeting; for Seneca Hazzard of New York Yearly Meeting; for James E. Baily and his companion John H. Pickering; for Daniel H. Martin and his companion William Reece from Iowa Yearly Meeting; for Allen Jay from Western Yearly Meeting; for William Beard and his companion John R. Guyer; for Peter Osborne and his companion Samuel H. Hadley; for Alson R. Wall and companion Isaac Carey; for Thomas Jay, Joseph Moore, Miriam H. Hough and her companions John Henly and wife Naomi B. Henly; for Phariba Toms and husband Joseph Toms, from Indiana Yearly Meeting, and for Francis T. King, of Baltimore.

        There were received and read in this meeting the General printed Epistle from London; also written Epistles from all the Yearly Meetings with which we correspond except Iowa. The christian counsel and sympathy expressed therein were satisfactory and edifying to the meeting.

        Joseph Nicholson, Thomas E. Winslow, Hugh W. Dixon, Nathaniel Woody, Nathan D. Woody, Uriah Macy, Joseph Cox, Ed. G. Copeland, Jesse Hollowell, Jabez R. Mendenhall, Payson Hall, Thomas Hinshaw, Samuel Farlow, Elihu A. White, Jas. W. Copeland, Aaron Elliott, Joel Anderson, B. Y. Edwards, Harrison Allen, Levi Cox, Allen J. Tomlinson and A. M. Elliott, are appointed to prepare essays of Epistles to other Yearly Meetings, (including that to be held in Canada,) and produce them to a future sitting.

        Joseph Brown, Wm. T. Peele, Wm. Copeland, D. N. Stewart, David Farlow, Harrison Allen, Dougan Henly, Payson Hall, John T. Pearson, Albert Brown, H. W. Dixon, Jabez Farlow, Sampson Allen, Charles T. Macon and Joseph Worth are appointed to furnish each of the Quarterly Meetings with a copy of the several written Epistles which have been received from other Yearly meetings.

        Eli Copeland, P. S. Benbow, John Dixon, Moses Hammond,

Page 5

B. Y. Edwards, Asa Knight, Sidney Tomlinson, C. G. Perkins and Thomas Hinshaw are appointed to settle with the different Treasurers of this Meeting, propose a sum to be raised for the use of the Meeting, apportion the same among the Quarters; also to propose the names of some Friends for Treasurers, and to report to a future sitting.

        Paris S. Benbow and Joseph Worth are appointed to have 1,000 copies of the London General Epistle re-printed for distribution, produce them to a future sitting, and draw on the Treasurer for money to defray the expense.

        The Clerks are directed to prepare a Summary of the Answers from the Quarters and produce it to the Meeting to-morrow.

        Then adjourned till 11 o'clock to-morrow.


        Friends met near the time adjourned to. The representatives report that they have conferred together and agreed to propose Nereus Mendenhall for Clerk and Isham Cox for Assistant, of which the Meeting approves, and appoints them accordingly.

        A minute was read for John D. Elliott, a minister from Goshen Monthly Meeting Ohio.

        The Clerks produced the following Summary Answers to the Queries, which were read with the Answers from the Quarters:--


        Ans. 1.--Meetings for worship and discipline well attended by most Friends in all the Quarters. Others are remiss therein, especially in the attendance of meetings held near the middle of the week. A few seldom seen at meeting. Care said to be taken in four of the Quarters, the hour nearly observed, and no unbecoming conduct to report.

        Ans. 2.--Love and Unity are maintained in a good degree with some exceptions in three of the Quarters. Talebearing and detraction discouraged, and care taken to end differences. The rules of discipline mostly put in practice.

        Ans 3.--Plainness and moderation kept to by most

Page 6

Friends, though not so well as is desired. Care is said to be taken in four of the Quarters. Most who have children appear concerned to discharge their duties in the other particulars of that query, though more care is believed to be necessary.

        Ans. 4.--In most of the Quarters, a few Friends use spirituous liquors as a drink. There are two cases of distilling; one of them for medical purposes. No complaints in the other parts of that query.

        Ans. 5.--Friends bear testimony against war, and also against a hireling ministry.

        Ans. 6.--Friends appear clear under the several heads of that query.

        Ans. 7.--Friends appear careful under the heads of that query except in one of the Quarters, one case which is under notice, and in another a fear is expressed that some are not as just in their dealings as they should be.

        Ans. 8.--The necessities of poor Friends relieved when known, and care taken under the other heads of that query, except one case of a child placed from among Friends without consent of the Monthly Meeting, care is said to be taken.

        During the reading of the queries and answers the Meeting was brought under deep exercise, and much salutary counsel and advice were imparted.

        The Clerks with the assistance of William Nicholson are directed, if way open, to produce to next sitting a minute embracing some of the labors of the day.

        The Quarters produced the following Reports of


        Western.--Mary R. Benbow, dec'd 27th of First Month, 1865, aged 42 years, 10 months, 16 days, an elder 17 years.

        Jonathan Hodgin, dec'd 3rd of Eleventh Month, 1865, aged about 88 years, an elder more than 31 years.

        Susannah Macy, dec'd 5th of First Month, 1866, aged 64 years, an elder more than 14 years.

        New Garden--John Russell dec'd 15th of Ninth Month, 1865, aged 66 years, an elder 23 years, 6 months.

        Lost Creek.--Ephraim Lee dec'd, 17th of Third Month, 1866, aged 86 years, 6 months, 18 days, an elder 48 years.

        Southern Quarter.--Rachel Henly dec'd, 12th of Eighth Month, 1865, aged 66 years, 11 months, 15 days, an elder over 20 years.

        Joseph Newlin dec'd 20th of Eighth Month, 1866, aged 68 years, 30 days, an elder over 27 years.

Page 7

        Joseph Stout dec'd, 7th of Fourth Month, 1866, aged 81 years, 25 days, an elder about 16 years.

        Deep River.--Caleb Bales dec'd 9th of Tenth Month, 1864, aged 78 years, 11 days, an elder over 30 years.


Embracing Males and Females over 18 years of age.

QUARTERS. Clear members. Who use spirituous liquors. Not inquired of. Children between 5 and 18.
Eastern, 244 6 7 156
Western, 375 8 10 157
New Garden, 89 4 2 20
Contentnea, 110   5 113
Deep River, 343 14 23 163
Lost Creek, 144 6 14  
Southern, 352 15 14 231

        Subordinate meetings were directed to continue their labors on the subjeet of spirituous liquors, early appointing committees to have charge of the matter, and report to next Yearly Meeting the number of members over 18 years of age who use spirituous liquors as a drink, and those who use them not, also the number of children from 5 to 18 years of age.

        The Meeting then adjourned till 11 o'clock to-morrow.


        Friends met near the time adjourned to.

        The Clerk produced a minute embracing the exercises of the Meeting on Third day, which was read and approved as follows:


        In reading the Queries and Answers, the Meeting was brought into deep exercise for the maintenance of our various christian testimonies. We have believed that these queries were formed in wisdom, and if faithfnlly answered, will do much to bring out to view the condition of our body. When we reflect on that first and greatest of the commandments, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy might, mind, soul and strength, and the second which is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, and couple these with the

Page 8

experience of those who have gone before us, that just in proportion as we are aroused to the importance of these things, will be our desire to meet with our friends in the worship of Almighty God; and yet find that many among us do not faithfully attend, and that some are seldom if ever found at meeting, we must regard this as a sign of disease.

        How is it, that composed as we are, of a mortal and of an immortal part, of bodies requiring daily bread, and of souls equally needing spiritual food, beggars as we are for the one, why are we not equally earnest in our entreaties for the other? The one must soon perish, the other we doubt not must live forever. The things which are seen are temporal, the things which are not seen are eternal. It would seem to require but a small degree of prudence to decide which of them should give way to the other. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. We would then encourage all our members faithfully to attend their meetings, and we would also encourage, not only elders and overseers, but all who feel an interest in the spread of Christ's Kingdom; to lend a helping hand to their brethren in this matter.

        Again, if we love our fellow men as ourselves, we cannot indulge in tale-bearing or detraction. We should be careful of making remarks calculated to wound the feelings of a brother, and while this will not exclude plain dealing, and in case of wrong, it may sometimes be necessary to say as Nathan did to David, "Thou art the man;" yet even here there will be care to inflict no unnecessary pain, and not to spread the matter to the injury of our neighbor. "Let all bitterness and wrath, and anger, and clamor, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice, and be ye kind one to another, tender hearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you."

        As on former occasions, the proper training of children was a subject of deep interest. And while we are ready to cry out who is sufficient for the great work, we are reminded that the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much. Do not hesitate then, dear friends, as you feel the spirit of supplication, to pray for and with your children, for the precious promise is "Ask and ye shall receive."

        The fact that a few of our members still continue to use spirituous liquors as a drink was a source of painful interest to the meeting. We know that thousands who once thought themselves secure have gone down to the drunkard's grave. There is no safety for any man who permits himself thus to indulge. Even in cases of fatigue and exposure to heat or cold, we have the best of medical testimony that it is better

Page 9

to rely on some slight nourishment than on ardent spirits. The matter is reduced to very narrow limits. If we do not drink at all, we are in no danger of becoming drunkards; but however strong we may think ourselves, if we do drink drams we are in danger. Then if we ourselves escape, let us, in view of the awful declaration that no drunkard shall inherit the kingdom of heaven, think of the example we are setting for others.

        The subject of reading the Holy Scriptures claimed the deep and serious consideration of the Meeting, and Friends were earnestly exhorted not to neglect this important duty, but daily to collect their families and work-hands around them, to read a portion of the Holy Scriptures, to wait upon God, and as way opens, to offer to those gathered a word of counsel or encouragement, or to bend the knee in supplication to our Heavenly Father.

        The condition of the Freedmen in our midst claiming the consideration of the Meeting, we appoint Thos. E. Winslow, James W. Copeland, Josiah Nicholson, Hugh W. Dixon, Nathaniel Woody, W. Edgerton, Jesse Hollowell, Allen U. Tomlinson, Elihu Mendenhall, N. F. Spencer, Thos. Hinshaw, and Wm. Lowe, to bring forward to the Meeting to-morrow the names of Friends to constitute a committee, which, as way opens, may collect information on the subject, help the Freedmen to employment and education, and in general labor for the good of these people, and report to next Yearly Meeting.


        At the close of the winter session the school closed all of its accounts and was clear of debt.

        There has been in the School the past year 72 male students and 54 females, making 126. Of that number 74 were members and 52 were not members of our Society. Average number for the year 50.

        The health of the family has generally been good, and the order of the school has been well observed.

        According to the account rendered by the Superintendent for the summer session the account stands as follows:

Page 10

SEVENTH MONTH, 1st, 1866. Dr  
To amount paid Superintendent in currency, $156.25  
To amount paid Laborers in currency, 160.00  
To amount paid For provisions in currency 1100.00  
Repairs, including $150.00 old debt, 255.75  
Total, $1672.00  
By amount received in currency for board,   $1134.75
Old debts received of Isham Cox,   150.00
Yet due,   36.00
Provisions on hand,   388.00
Making   $1708.75
Showing a balance in favor of the School, $36.75  


Amount received through F. T. King during the past year,   $5 000.00
Paid for repairing buildings, brick-work, beds and general repairs, 1.600.00  
School Apparatus, 569.70  
Education of 36 pupils in whole or in part, 2.830.30  

        We propose that the Yearly Meeting appoint Henry Macy a member of the School Committee to supply the place of Obed Marshburn resigned.



        The Committee appointed to settle with the different Treasurers accountable to this Meeting produced the following Report, which was read and approved, and the Treasurers therein proposed appointed accordingly.

Page 11

        We the Committee appointed to settle with the Treasurers accountable to this Meeting,

Find in the hands of Wm. Hockett, Western Treasurer, $330.15
And there are several accounts yet to pay, perhaps will consume near the whole.
We find due Wm. Nicholson, Eastern Treasurer, after having consumed the total of 1865, 13.10
In the hands of A. U. Tomlinson, Treasurer of the Charity Fund, Notes at interest believed to be good, 419.41
In Notes given for Confederate money in 1863, consequently subject to scaling, 1,000.00
In State Treasury interest bearing notes for 263.94
No interest collected during the past year.
In the hands of Elihu E. Mendenhall, Treasurer of Common Fund, in Bank Notes, 1,515.53
In the hands of Jonathan Harris, Treasurer of Permanent Fund, mostly in Bank Notes, 403.72

        We propose the sum of $600.00 be raised to augment the Yearly Meeting's stock, apportioned thus:

Eastern Quarter's part, $120.00
Western Quarter's part, 105.00
Deep River Quarter's part, 125.00
Southern, Quarter's part, 125.00
Contentnea Quarter's part, 75.00
New Garden Quarter's part, 50.00

        We propose William Hockett for Western Treasurer, William Nicholson for Eastern Treasurer, Allen U. Tomlinson for Treasurer of Charity Fund, Elihu Mendenhall for Treasurer of Common Fund, Jonathan Harris for Treasurer of Permanent Fund. All of which we submit to the Meeting, this 8th Eleventh Month, 1866.

On behalf of the Committee.

        The subject of releasing the Southern Quarter from raising their part of money for discharging the Boarding School debt, being laid before this Meeting, it was agreed to release said Meeting from further payment on that account.

        Eli Copeland, Wm. T. Lindley, U. Macy, Ed. G. Copeland, Enos A. Blair, Ezra Hammond, H. Hockett, Thos. E. Winslow, John Dixon, Jonathan Harris, Newton Newlin,

Page 12

Jeremiah Pickett and Hugh W. Dixon are appointed to bring forward to the Meeting to-morrow the names of Friends to fill vacancies in the Meetings for Sufferings, and also two each from Deep River, New Garden, Western and Southern Quarters, for members of said body.

        John Carter, Elihu Mendenhall, Thomas Hodgin, Joel Anderson, Nathaniel Woody, Allen U. Tomlinson, Nathan F. Spencer, and Seth Barker are appointed to bring forward to the meeting to-morrow the names of Friends to attend the Peace Conference in Baltimore on the 14th inst., in addition to those appointed last year.

        The Meeting then adjourned till 11 o'clock to-morrow.


        Friends met near the time adjourned to.

        The Committee appointed last year to take into consideration the propriety of changing the place of holding the Yearly Meeting of Ministers and Elders and the Meeting for Sufferings, Report, that they do not recommend any change at present, but that two Friends who live in the vicinity of Jamestown be appointed to make the necessary arrangements for the entertainment at that place of such Friends as come by railroad to attend this Meeting, and for their transportation to Deep River and to New Garden--which we submit.

On behalf of the Committee.


        Of which the Meeting approves, and E. E. Mendenhall and Aaron Elliott are appointed accordingly for the purpose mentioned.

        Jonathan E. Cox, Nathaniel Woody, Obed Osborne, Jonah Nicholson, Sewel Farlow, Wm. Nicholson, A. U. Tomlinson, H. Hockett, J. Copeland, Ed. G. Copeland, J. G. Anderson, Thos. E. Winslow, Lewis Starbuck, Joseph Farlow and J. Dixon are appointed to take into consideration the preparing further accommodations for Friends in attendance at Yearly Meeting and report to next Meeting.

        The Committee appointed to attend the First Day School Convention, which met in New York in the Eleventh Month last, report, That we attended the various sittings thereof, where we met with delegates from all the Yearly Meetings

Page 13

on the American Continent except lowa. The interest manifested by Friends in all the Yearly Meetings was truly animating and encouraging. The various subjects that were brought before the Convention for discussion were treated upon with great ability, and to much satisfaction, which are all laid down in the printed Reports which are herewith submitted.



        Which is satisfactory to the Meeting. The representatives are directed to distribute the printed Reports among the Quarters.

        The following Report on the subject of Education was read, and was satisfactory to the Meeting:

        During the past year there have been in operation, in all, something over 30 Schools, all of which have either received aid or entire support from the Baltimore Association, through their Superintendent. These schools have been kept up from 2½ to 7 months previous to the Normal School for Teachers in the Seventh and Eighth months. The average time was about 4 months. The total No. in attendance was 940, 580 of which were Friends' children, and 360 not Friends. The daily average attendance was about 24. There has been a marked progress in the schools throughout the Yearly Meeting, and the schools have been re-opened since the Normal School with an increased attendance and interest. We would gratefully acknowledge the kind interest and aid of our brethren of other Yearly Meetings on this continent and those of London and Dublin, through our Baltimore Friends, and doubt not that it will be a lasting benefit to the cause of Education within our limits. We would also thankfully acknowledge the timely aid rendered us by our brethren of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

Signed on behalf of the Board of Education by


        The Friends' First day School Association made the following Report, which was satisfactory:


        At the Annual Meeting of Friends' First day School Association, the following summary of facts was elicited:

Page 14

Eastern Quarter reports 3 schools, 253 scholars, 161 are members.
Contentnea Quarter reports 2 schools, 177 scholars, 67 are members.
New Garden Quarter reports 2 schools, 162 scholars, -- are members.
Deep River Quarter reports 5 schools, 542 scholars, 267 are members.
Southern Quarter reports 9 schools, 549 scholars, 293 are members.
Western Quarter reports 7 schools, 358 scholars, 174 are members.
Lost Creek Quarter reports 2 schools, 75 scholars, 30 are members.
Total, 30 2116 992

        In which were engaged 18 Superintendents and 133 Teachers. Schools in operation from 3 to 20 months, 2 hours a day. All the Schools report cleanliness and orderly deportment.


New Garden, Eleventh Month, 8th, 1866.


        The Friends appointed at a former sitting to select names to constitute a Committee for the benefit of the Freedmen, propose the following:--E. G. Copeland, Barney Perkins, William Cox, Jesse Hollowell, William. Lowe, Samuel A. Henly, Samuel Farlow, Isaac Lee, Thomas Hinshaw, Levi Cox, Himelius M. Hockett, Obed Marshburn, Henry Macy, Nathaniel Woody, Jesse Buckner, Milton Woody, Elihu E. Mendenhall, Caleb Barker, Joel G. Anderson, David V. Moffitt, Solomon Frazer, Uriah Macy, Joshua Lindley, Thos. Benbow, Lewis Starbuck, Thomas E. Winslow, Josiah Nicholson, Peter Lee, and Eli Copeland.

On behalf of the Committee


        Which is approved and they are appointed accordingly.

        The Committee appointed to bring forward names for members for Meeting for Sufferings, report as follows:

        We propose to fill vacancies in the Meeting for Sufferings, and to add thereto the following names:

        Western Quarter--Nathan D. Woody, in place of Jose Hobson, removed; William T. Lindley, in place of John Newlin debilitated. Additional, Hugh W. Dixon and Himelius M. Hockett.

        New Garden--Jonathan E. Cox, in place of John Russell, dec'd; Joshua Lindley, in place of Samuel D. Coffin, removed. Additional, Kelita Stanley and Lewis Starbuck.

        Contentnea--Edw. G. Copeland, in place of Thomas L. Hollowell, dec'd.

        Deep River--Aaron Elliott, in place of Amos Stewart, removed; David Wheeler, in place of Charles Starbuck, removed; Moses Hammond, in place of William Gardner, removed. Additional, Joel G. Anderson and Benjiman F. Blair.

Page 15

        Southern Quarter--Newton Newlin, in place of Joseph Newlin, dec'd; Isaac Lee, in place of Wm. Clark, removed; Samuel A. Henly, in place of Nathan B. Hitl, removed; Levi Cox, in place of Elihu Barker, removed; and Jesse Frazier and William Lowe, additional members.

        For corresponding members at Lost Creek, Daniel Bales, Jos. F. and F. Wooten.

        Which we submit to the Meeting.

On behalf of the Committee.

        Of which the Meeting approves, and makes the appointments accordingly.

        The Committee appointed by our last Yearly Meeting, to visit Meetings' families and schools, for their help and encouragement, report, That we have endeavored to attend to this service as we had ability; that all of our Meetings, and the larger part of our families and schools have been visited by some portion or other of our Committee; that our sense of the importance and necessity of this work has deepened as we have proceeded, and unworthy as we have felt ourselves to be thus set apart "to wash the brethren's feet," we have thankfully to acknowledge the assistance of our Heavenly Father in our time of need, and do now desire his blessing to rest upon the service.

On behalf of the Committee.


        Which is satisfactory to the Meeting.

        The proposition from Western Quarter that the Yearly Meeting consider the propriety of revising our Discipline being laid before us, we appoint Wm. Nicholson, Eli Copeland, Elihu A. White, Nathan D. Woody, P. S. Benbow, Isham Cox, H. Frazier. E. E. Mendenhall, Uriah Macy, Jesse Hollowell, Jonathan Harris, Daniel Barker, David Henly, Allen U. Tomlinson, Wm. Lowe, and Wm. Stout, to take the matter into consideration, and report to next Meeting.


        We the Committee appointed to propose the names of suitable Friends to attend the approaching Peace Conference at Baltimore, recommend Isham Gox and Allen U. Tomlinson in place of those who declined, and we further propose as additional delegates John Carter and Seth Barker.

On behalf of the Committee.

Page 16

        Of which the Meeting approves, and appoints them accordingly.

        Returning Minutes for Friends in attendance with us from other Yearly Meetings were approved and directed to be signed by the Clerk.

        Paris S. Benbow and Nereus Mendenhall were appointed to have 1200 copies of the Minutes of the Meeting printed, forward them to the Quarters, and draw on the Treasurer for money to defray the expense.

        The Committee appointed to have the London General Epistle re-printed, have produced them. The representatives are directed to apportion them among the Quarters.

        An Epistle from the Yearly Meeting of Ministers and Elders to subordinate Meetings was read and approved. And the Committee appointed by said Meeting to visit Meetings and families are encouraged, as truth may open the way, faithfully to attend to the service laid upon them.

        The Committee on Essays produced Epistles to all the Yearly Meetings with which we hold epistolary correspondence, except Indiana, which were read. William Nicholson and Robert White are appointed to correct and transcribe them and prepare one for Indiana, and forward them.

        The Meeting having been favored to bring its deliberations to a close in harmony and brotherly love, under a sense of humble thankfulness to our Father in Heaven, solemnly concludes to meet at the usual time and place next year, if the Lord permit.