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Mill News. Vol. XXII, no. 16 (Oct. 14, 1920).
Charlotte, N.C.: Mill News Print. Co., 1920.
List of Illustrations

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[Caption Title] Mill News. The Great Southern Weekly for Textile Workers. Devoted to the Textile Industries.

Hunter Manufacturing and Commission Co.

H. A. METZ & CO., Inc.



Macrodi Fibre Company

Sydnor Pump & Well Co., Inc., Richmond, Va.

Cohoes Iron Foundry & Machine Co. Cohoes, N. Y.

New York & New Jersey Lubricant Co.

National Bank of Commerce in New York

Ivey Mfg. Co.

Atherton Pin Grid Bar Co.

H. A. Metz & Co., Inc.

Dixie Seal & Stamp Co.

Southern Electric Co.


The Greb Co.

Community House, for Employees Only.

Spencer Memorial Church.

An Employe's Home.

One of the Most Modern Mills in the South, Erected 1918.

Residence of J. L. Fonville, Supt.

School House and Playground Under Supervision of the Cheraw City Graded Schools, to Which All Pupils of the Village Have Access.

A Street Scene in Cheraw Cotton Mill Village in Which it Will Be Noted that Ample Room is Given to Each House. Light and City Water in Every Home.

Jackson Mills, Monroe, N. C.

Residence of Supt. O. H. Farr.

[Community Building]

The Tables Are Ready for the Annual Banquet of the Superintendents and Overseers of the Armstrong Mills.

Would You Believe it, the Top Cottage was Made into the Bungalow Below?

Street Scene.--Two Homes Owned by Superintendents.--Community Garage.--Clara Mill Community House (Center).

The Icemorlee Cotton Mills--10,000 Spindles--400 Employes.

In the center front of this group is the office of the Icemorlee Mills, over which are lodge rooms, used free of rent by the several secret societies of the village, and by the Icemorlee Cornet band. At left of this is the residence of Supt. Robt. E. L. Iceman; and the picture on the right is a partial view of one of the village streets.

Some of the Several Bungalows Erected at the Viivan Mill Village.

John J. George, President and
Owner of Vivian Cotton Mill,
Mayor of Cherryville.

(1) Harriet Cotton Mills No. 1.
(3) Harriet Cotton Mills No. 3.

(2) Harriet Cotton Mills No. 2.
(4) Henderson Cotton Mills.

Plants of Standard Processing Co. and Thatcher Spinning Co.--(Center)

Representative Group of Houses for Employes.

Representative Group of Houses for Employes.

Lola Manufacturing Company, Stanley, N. C., Showing Old Mill and the New 10,000-Spindle No. 2 Mill at the Left.

New Types of Bungalos Erected in Lola Village for Employes, and Modernly Equipped.

Carolina Cotton Mills Maiden, N. C.

A Carolina Cotton Mill Home.

The Band and Band Stand.

The Spinning Room of Wymojo Yarn Mills at Rock Hill, S. C.

A Helen Mill Home at Rock Hill.

Another Helen Mill Home.

The Card Room of Wymojo Yarn Mills at Rock Hill.

High Shoals Mill and Dam,--Said to Be the Best Power Development on South Fork River.

Street Scene Showing Cottages and Paved Streets.

Kindergarten Class.

A Few of the Members of the Wide-Awake Club.

The Small Girls' Club at Dunean.

The Living Room in the Dunean Community House.

The Kindergarten at Dunean Mills.

Views of the School, Homes, Office, and Prosperous Workers at Vance Cotton Mills.

Watts Mills, Laurens, S. C.--984 looms Making Satin and Silk Stripe Shirtings, Voiles, Poplin, and Dimity Checks.

The Watts Mill Village School--Making Industrial Leaders for Tomorrow.

Some of the Reasons for the Happy Life of the Workers at Newton Cotton Mills.

Some of the Homes of Employees of Mecklenburg Mfg. Co., at North Charlotte

Phenix Mills Company

The Harden Mfg. Co.'s Mill--The Church--The Village. A Cotton Mill in the Heart of Nature, By Forest, Field and Stream.

The Big Gingham Mill,

the Highland Park School,

and the Company Boarding House at Rock Hill.

Mobile Cotton Mills, Mobile, Ala.

Mobile Cotton Mill Village.

The Meritas Mills, Columbus, Ga.

McComb Cotton Mill, McComb, Miss.

McComb Cotton Mill Village.

Future Home Makers.--Girls' Cooking Class at Judson Mills

New Type of Homes Erected at Judson Mills.

Making Strong Women.--Out of Door Exercise at Judson Mills.

Joan of Arc Club, a Patriotic Club Started During the War and Continued For Its Good Work During Times of Peace.

The Avondale Mill Band, Birmingham, Ala., in the Parade of the Rainbow Division, in their First Annual Reunion, Birmingham, July 14, 1920.

Columbus Manufacturing Company

A Corner of the Company's Seventy One-Thousand-Spindle Mill.

Glenn-Lowry Inn.

The Glenn-Lowry Y. M. C. A.

The Glenn-Lowry Community Bowling Alleys.

Lakeview Inn at Whitmire.

A Part of the 1,650 Looms.

This is the Warping Room.

A Group of the Girl Workers.

Last Season's 1919 Carolina Champions.

The Community Skating Rink.

The Whitmire Theatre.

The Pool Tables for Glenn-Lowry Men.

The Second Nine.

The Glenn Lowry Y. M. C. A. Band.

Social Center: the Center of our Community Life

Some of the Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills New and Picturesque Bungalows

A Peep at Fulton's Big Play Ground.

Volley Ball Game By Fultonites.

A Fulton Baseball Nine.

The Fulton Cafeteria.

A Happy Group of Vacation School Children.

Mills No. 1, 2 and 3 of the Union-Buffalo Mills Co. at Union, South Carolina.

The New Moving Picture Theater and Community Building of the Union-Buffalo Mills Co.

View of Part of Village of the Union-Buffalo Mills, Union, S. C.

Buffalo Plant of the Union-Buffalo Mills Co. at Buffalo, S. C.

Type of New Five-Room Bungalow at Buffalo Mills.

Babies' Bed Room in Day Nursery at Buffalo.

Section of Mill Village, Buffalo, S. C., Showing Street Paving, Drainage, etc. These Houses, Like All Others at Buffalo, Have All Modern Improvements, Sewerage, Porcelain Baths, Enameled Kitchen Sinks and Hot Water Tanks.

Lanett Cotton Mills

Fairfax Mill

Langdale Mill

Shawmut Mill

Riverdale Cotton Mill

Lanett School; Auditorium Shawmut; Auditorium, Fairfax; Kindergarten; Day Nursery; Kindergarten Interior; Kindergarten, Lanett.

Swimming Pool, Lanett; Methodist Church, Lanett; Christian Church, Lanett; Employes Homes, Fairfax; Langdale Band.

A Street Scene at Mill No. 3.

Main Street of the City of McColl.

The Marlboro Mills Emergency Hospital.

A Street Scene at Mill No. 5.

The Playground at Marlboro Mill No. 1.

The Marlboro Mills Concert Band.

Some Melville Mill Homes, and Uncle Vance, Watchman.

The Melville Mill.

Some of the Homes of the People at the Cherryville and Howell Mills.--Bottom right, that of Secretary and Treasurer C. A. Rudisill; who started as a doffer at 10 cents a day._ $250,000 Recently Spent in Improvements at these mills.

Homes, Church and School at Cross Cotton Mills, in the Mountains of Western North Carolina at Marion.

Oakland Mill Homes.

Oakland Mill Homes.

The Oakland Mill Boarding House.

A Village Street, Exposition Cotton Mills

An Entrance from Marietta Street to Exposition Village

Marietta Street Cottages of Exposition Cotton Mills.

Portion of Original Fair Building, now Used as a Weave Room

The School Children at Play.

Proximity Kindergarten Children.

Some LaFayette Cotton Mill Girls at Play.

The Mill Village Streets are Kept Clean and Neat.

The Plant of LaFayette Cotton Mills.

A LaFayette Mill Playground Scene.

Selma Manufacturing Co.

Graded School

Baptist Church



Swimming Pool

Girls' Club


Medical Dispensary

The Gray-Parkdale Community House
This is a community house being completed in Gastonia for the Gray-Separk organization, especially designed and located for the social and educational activities of the employes of the Gray and Parkdale Mills.

The Arlington Community House
This is being completed by the Gray-Separk interests in Gastonia, N. C., for the employees of Arlington Cotton Mills.

The Flint Community House
The community of Flint Mfg. Co., in Gastonia will soon be using this new building which is erected for their use in a social way.

The New Club Rooms and Recreation Hall of Lancaster Cotton Mills.

The Sewing Class of Miss Perry, the Welfare Director.

Some of the Operating Heads in Lancaster Cotton Mills.
1--F. Gordon Cobb, general superintendent. 2--B. L. Still, superintendent No. 1 and 3 Mills. 3--L. T. Curry, overseer No. 2 weaving. 4--O. J. Whitehead, general overseer of power. 5--J. O. Edwards, general overseer No. 2 carding. 6--C. C. Brigman, overseer No. 2 spinning. 7--L. F. Hilton, overseer slashing, tyeing-in, etc. 8--C. R. Harris, night superintendent No. 3 mill. 9--O. T. Hayes, secretary to the general superintendent. Other overseers not shown in group are J. G. Brown, weaving No. 1; J. W. Mehaffey, cloth room.

At Recreation Park.

Superintendent W. P. Lee.

Supt. Lee and his assistants and overseers at Pinkney, Ridge and Rankin Mills.

The 1920 Baseball Team of Pinkney Mills.

A McAdenville Street Scene.

A South Fork River Scene at the Dam Near McAden Mills.

The Pomona Mills Baseball Team of 1920.

One of the Pomona Mills' Ready-Cut Bungalows, Furnace-Heated and Modernly Equipped.

A Caswell Mill Cottage Home.

Another Caswell Mill Home.

Park, Fountain and Playground in Front of the Mill.

The Company Office.

The Y. M. C. A. Building at Victor-Monaghan Mill in Greenville.

Girls' Class in Cooking at Victor-Monaghan Mills.

Boys' Class in Wood-Carving, at Victor-Monaghan Mills.

R. N. Rhodes at Kinston Cotton Mills, and His Giant Princess Feather, Eighteen Inches in Diameter.

Some of the Kinston Cotton Mill Homes.

A Flower Yard at a Kinston Mill Home.

A Kinston Cotton Mill Street Scene, Showing the Interest the Employes Take in Flower Culture.

Some of the Orion Mill Homes.

An Orion Home With Modern Conveniences on Asphalt Street

Supt. H. P. Fort (center); Z. L. Canady and E. C. Lanier at left and right of Mr. Fort; and Some of the Expert Workers in Orion Knitting Mills.

Completed Plant of the American Processing Company at Mt. Holly, N. C.

Baseball Team--The Pride of the People of Hutchison Mills.

The Revolution Cotton Mills Stores and Lodge Room.

A Corner of Revolution Park.

Peace and Prosperity Are Evident Throughout the Community

No Mill Company Lays More Stress Upon the Musical Feature Than the Carolina Cotton & Woolen Mills. A Few of the Many Musical Clubs Organized in the Musical Department and Not Confined to the Employes of the Mills Alone.

Views on This Page Handsome Bungalows in Carolina Heights--A Modern Residential Development.

Views on This Page Handsome Bungalows in Carolina Heights--A Modern Residential Development.

Views on This Page Handsome Bungalows in Carolina Heights--A Modern Residential Development.

Superior Yarn Mills.

Types of the Homes of the Workers in Superior Yarn Mills at East Monbo.

Types of the Homes of the Workers in Superior Yarn Mills at East Monbo.

The Water Power Development on Catawba River for Superior Yarn Mills.

A Group of the Girl Employes.

Making Future Citizens--Some of the Work in the Schools, Welfare and Y. M. C. A.

After Study Play. Some Scenes in Schoolfield, Va., at the May Day Festival, and the Mammoth Christmas Tree in the Center, Which is an Annual Feature of the Holiday Season.

Gingham Dress Party, Spray, N. C.--An Economical Movement of the Young People of Spray.

Production Class, Which Was Composed of Overseers and Superintendents of the Mills of Spray, N. C.

Type of Bungalow Erected by Catawba Spinning Company at Mt. Holly.

Home Owned by Miss Etta Cavin, Employe of Catawba Spinning Co. She Has Been With the Mill for More Than Thirty Years.

Employe's Home at Catawba Spinning Company. Outside it Would Rent for $20.00 a Month.





United States Color and Chemical Co., Inc. Office and Laboratories



National Paper Tube Co.

J. S. Schofield's Sons Co.


Rogers Fibre Co.

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Benjamin Franklin Inn, the attractive and comfortable boarding home for men, at LaGrange, Ga. This was built by Hillside Cotton Mills, and is conducted by the company for the employees.

BOSSON & LANE Manufacturers