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Surat al-Nasr.

FROM the North Carolina Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Call No. VCpB M837k

A brief chapter (Sūrat 110) from the Qur'an, written in Arabic, with an interpolation of Sūrat 61, āyat 13 into the first verse (likely due to misremembering), by Moreau (Omar ibn Said). Explanatory note in English on verso erroneously claiming that the text on the recto is the Lord's Prayer, and stating that the leaf was given to Mary Jones on July 27, 1857 by Gen. James Owen.

[Image of Arabic Script, Attributed to Omar Said]

[Image of the Verso]

The Lord's Prayer written in Arabic by Uncle Moreau (Omar) a native African, now owned by General Owen of Wilming ton N. C. . He is 88 years of age & a devoted Christian.

Given to Mary Jones, at the Rockbridge Alum Springs, Rockbridge Country Va. by Genl Owen July 27, 1857.

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