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North Carolina State Board of Charities and Public Welfare
A Study of Prison Conditions in North Carolina
Raleigh: State Board of Charities and Public Welfare, 1923.


This report from the North Carolina State Board of Charities and Public Welfare contains the papers presented at the first meeting of the Citizens' Committee of One Hundred on Prison Legislation. The first meeting took place in Greensboro in 1922. This report reveals the Citizens' Committee's concerns with existing conditions in county jails and the use of chain gangs. In particular, the committee notes prison employees' ignorance of or disregard for the law. Negligence in health care, sanitation, and privacy, as well as the use of inhumane punishment were reported by the committee. The group cites prison systems in Alexander and Vance counties as positive examples. Also included in the report are tabular data outlining the demographics of a small sampling of the prison population. At the end of the report, the committee lists several recommendations, including new legislation, more funding, and improved health care, education, and treatment of prisoners. To help accomplish their goals, they suggest placing the State Commissioner of Public Welfare and the Secretary of the State Board of Health on the State Prison's board of directors.

Monique Prince

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