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William J. Allinson, 1810-1874
Memoir of Quamino Buccau, a Pious Methodist
Philadelphia: Henry Longstreth, 1851.


Quamino Buccau (1762-1842) was born near Brunswick, New Jersey in 1762 and lived in New Jersey throughout his life. He was a slave for several masters until William Griffith granted freedom to Buccau and his wife, Sarah, in 1806. The couple then became involved in the Methodist Episcopal Society and often hosted gatherings at their house. After Sarah died in 1842, Quamino was cared for by friends and family, and often had visitors interested in discussing topics of religion with him. He died of heart failure in 1842.

William J. Allinson's brief biography of Quamino Buccau begins shortly before his conversion to Christianity, while he was still enslaved, and ends with a brief description of his funeral. Although the work portrays Quamino's experience in slavery as comparatively mild, due to the favored position he held with each of his masters, Quamino still expresses genuine surprise and excitement upon being emancipated. Much of the work demonstrates Quamino's Christian faith and wisdom, despite his lack of education.

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