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This section of the bibliography lists biographies published in English before 1940 that were written by or about slaves or former slaves. Much less well known than autobiographical slave narratives, the biographies of slaves or former slaves constitute an abundant resource for the study of the nineteenth-century slave narrative tradition. In addition to book-length biographies, the following listing comprises biographical pamphlets, books of biographical sketches, historical volumes that contain a significant proportion of biographical narratives, and substantial biographical introductions to editions of authors' works. Generally more sermonic than narrative, eulogies are not listed here. Also excluded from this bibliography are various other non-narrative biographical forms, for example, the commemorative speech, the newspaper, magazine, or journal article, and the obituary, even though they were sometimes used for biographical purposes.
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  • Dungy, J. A. A Narrative of the Rev. John Dungy, Who Was Born a Slave. Written by His Daughter. Rochester, NY: The Author, 1866.
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