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Levi Branham, 1852-
My Life and Travels
Dalton, Ga.: A.J. Showalter Co. Printers and Publishers, 1929.


Levi Branham was born a slave in 1852 in Murray County, Georgia, and lived in many different places throughout Georgia and Tennessee. Although he had many duties during his childhood as a slave, he did not experience the harsh cruelty that many other ex-slaves relate in their narratives. Rather, he speaks highly of his master's family and the many White people he knew. Because he learned to read and write while a slave, he accepted teaching positions in schools following the Civil War. He was also a Sunday school teacher. Branham published My Life and Travels in 1929, when he was seventy-seven years old. It is a compilation of vignettes about his life and the lives of his acquaintances. The book also describes events in the various Georgia towns he knew during his lifetime.

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