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Nat Love, 1854-1921
Life and Adventures of Nat Love, Better Known in the Cattle Country as "Deadwood Dick," by Himself; a True History of Slavery Days, Life on the Great Cattle Ranges and on the Plains of the "Wild and Woolly" West, Based on Facts, and Personal Experiences of the Author.
Los Angeles, Cal.: s.n., 1907.
List of Illustrations

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Nat Love, Better Known as Deadwood Dick, and His Family

My Old Plantation Home

Mother Ran the Loom

My First Drunk

Mother Making Ashcake

Raising Tobacco

Raising Tobacco—We Knock the Worms Off

I Hunt Rabbits in My Shirt Tail

A Case of Breaking the Horse or Breaking My Neck

Black Highwayman

The Pigs Commit Larceny

We Go to Market

I Win a Horse in a Raffle

Riding the 7YL Steer

After Business Comes Pleasure

A Buffalo Stampede—On They Came, a Maddened, Plunging Snorting,
Bellowing Mass of Horns and Hoofs

Tragic Death of Cal Surcey

A Little Scrap—Hole-in-the-Wall Country

I Lose My Lariat and Saddle—I Hit the Hardest Spot in that Part
of Texas

I Take Charge of My Buffalo and Outfit

I Order a Drink for Myself and Horse

A Close Place in Old Mexico—Knocking a Man Over With Every
Bullet from My Colt's I Cut for the Open Country

The Big Mustang Hunt—We Were Roping and Riding Them in
Fox Canyon

The Roping Contests at Deadwood, S. D.

I Rope, Throw, Saddle, Bridle and Mount My Mustang in Nine

My First Indian Fight

Indian Fight in Yellow Horse Canyon

Crippled But Not Conquered—The Fight with Yellow Dog's Tribe

The Roping Contest at Deadwood, S. D.

I am Adopted by Yellow Dog's Tribe—The War Dance

My Escape—I Ride a Hundred Miles in Twelve Hours Without a

I Rope One of Uncle Sam's Cannon— Fort Dodge, Kan.

I am Captured by the Soldiers

In My Fighting Clothes

I Rope a Narrow Gauge Engine, my Lariat Settled Gracefully Around
the Smokestack and my Trained Horse Set Himself for the Shock,
but the Engine Set Both Myself and my Horse in the Ditch

The First Glimpse of My Spanish Sweetheart

"Does the Wild Cow Boy Work With You?"

My First Experience as a Pullman Porter

This is Where I Shine. Now I am Out for the Money

The Close of My Railroad Career

With Wm. Blood, My Old Cowboy Friend, and Other Friends at the Close of My Railroad Career

With the General Securities Company