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The Story of a Slave. A Realistic Revelation of a Social Relation of Slave Times--Hitherto Unwritten--From the Pen of One Who Has Felt Both the Lash and the Caress of a Mistress.
[Chicago]: Wesley, Elmore & Benson, 1894.
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"Oh, Miss Jinny, please do--doan be too hahd on me."--Page 49.

"No, no, carry her to my room--to my bed."--Page 76.

I carried it with a steady step and without quivering a muscle.--Page 75.

My features must speak for themselves.--Page 102.

I took the book, and settling myself at her feet, I read the spirited poem.--Page 130.

The gallop back home was in silence, but not with fltutering fears.--Page 159